6/23/2016 Onion Rings Day

Summer hit this week (right on schedule- Solstice was the 20th), with lots of hot weather. We broke down and got Kat an air conditioners for her room, turned on the attic fan, and started the “doors closed in the day, open at night” routine. Last night I boiled potatoes so we could have a salad today- and today it’s 65°, and we don’t need cold collations, but I’ve stocked up on sandwich meats and lavash, ice-cream and frozen berries for shakes, and lots of fruit and salad stuff.

The gardens are burgeoning. Willow’s rose “Miles” is blooming (and in front of it, my comfrey is too). The Iris have passed, but the day lilies are beginning to come in.The wild herbs are beginning to show up: campion, mullien, dock, and yarrow. The white rose bush out front was gorgeous all week, but when I finally got the camera out, is beginning to look a bit blown. The plantain is doing well; there’s a gallon of plantain oil infusing around here somewhere. The calendula flowers arrived, so Willow has started her burn balm. She made it alternating layers of aloe gel and flowers, so it looked like a parfait- before she swished it all together with the lavender oil.DSC02580

Willow has been amazingly productive this week. She has babysat for Avi’s kids a couple of days. Today she sent off another blanket, and cut out several more. I came in and caught her at it. She draws the design free hand (I think) on the fleece, then runs the roller cutter along her design, much faster than I would have thought possible!  I admired her technique, suggesting that that would make a great clip for Kat’s year end video. So she took a film of the last one (a mudkip) and is putting music behind it. (link- not in original letter)

DSC02584I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything this week- although I have done a couple of batches of jerky. I also finally got a couple of summer-weight skirts made. Willow and I looked at an old pattern that turns out to be from Lisa. While it’s missing a waistband piece, the skirt is nice, with a couple of big pockets as the key design features.
The other night I had a pork roast in the oven and was doing the finally “pull together” of the meal and must have pushed the wrong button on the stove. I was aiming for low broil, as I’d cooked the roast slowly, but that doesn’t brown it. When I went to take it out, I discovered that I’d pushed “self clean”- right beside it. Our last button wouldn’t go on self-clean until you flipped the locking mechanism for the door. This one, being “fully automatic” does that all by itself. Tough luck if you change your mind. See you in four hours! (I can only imagine what a self cleaned roast would look like- I doubt grains of paradise would help!) I could find no way to cancel it, and before I tried the next thing: pulling it out from the wall to unplug it, Willow went downstairs to flip the breaker!  (“Everyone turn off your computers!” the breakers are labeled, but there’s been so much re-wiring we don’t trust the labels anymore.) I was able to open the door and remove the roast- but the mechanism re-locked- so it wouldn’t close. Eventually Willow managed to fix it. That was more excitement than I wanted!DSC02583
She decided to celebrate Father’s Day by doing stuff her father would have done- like making a couple of new clothing chests for her and Kat, and a new box in which to transport and on which to sit the propane stove. She is not happy with it. Luckily she was able to find most of the lumber she needed in Ælfwine’s shop. Unhappily, the lights aren’t working, and will need to be checked by someone who knows more than we do. Given the condition of the shop, we are not eager to have anyone see it. She also got out the ladder and installed some brackets under the Air Conditioner in Kat’s window. In theory they aren’t required, but we feel better with them there. She is seriously dissatisfied with her carpentry, but I think Ælfwine would be proud- and he had a learning curve as well!DSC02591

I feel like all I’ve been doing is spending money. After getting the new tires last week, we dropped the Caravan at Winkles for the pre-summer check Thursday. They found something that needed fixing- something with shoes or boots… (not my area of expertise). Got it back, Friday and Willow took it to the dump Saturday- but the dashboard went dead. You may be able to fudge the speedometer by going with the flow of traffic, but how are you going to know how much gas is in the tank. So we took it back to Winkles, and picked it back up today.  Since it wasn’t doing anything wrong when he turned it on, he poked with the electronics for three hours and says that if it does it again, bring it back. Sigh. When he gets the parts in, he’ll call us and it goes back in again. Deep sigh.
I went to the eye doctor today.  My left contact has been feeling itchy for the last month so I’ve only worn it when I really needed it. The good news is that bits were flaking off the edge of it.. This is the best news because it means the problem is fixable and my eye is working as it should.
I pre-registered for Pennsic (more spending), and I’ve been

[…losing track of what I was writing….oops]

Thursday evening I invited Brian and Mark over for supper- Brian was coming anyway to help with the CTCW website, and since the price of roast beef is low, I figured I had something that would appeal to men. After dinner, I had another CTCW meeting- this one was the committee on panels trying to pick some so we can start getting panelists in a timely fashion (which we haven’t managed yet!). We did pick 15 topics and divided the responsibility for writing the descriptions between the committee members. I felt really good! I was getting the hang of delegating (even if I did take more panels than others did). The next morning I wrote them and posted them…. and am still waiting for everyone else’s. oops. Then on Solstice I wrote the June newsletter- in order to have something to put in it other than deadlines and dry facts. I even remembered to get Jane to check it for me- and made 3 of the 4 corrections, but missed the big ones, and got one point totally backwards! Argh! Since then others have caught a couple of other mistakes (I missed two vendors. This is what comes of not doing everything myself, I need to learn to check with those to whom I have delegated the other duties!)
This year the full moon fell on the night of the Solstice (a “once in a lifetime” event- it happened in ’67, but won’t happen again until 2062), and some of us did a working for the conference on that night. Also, Willow got home from Avi’s and had been admiring the rising moon, and took us out to look at it. It was still mostly in the trees, but we got to see a lot of fireflies floating out in our back yard. I remember there being more when I was a kid, but Willow says that there were more than she remembers recently. They were really pretty!

Saturday I was bummed most of the time (quite aside from the car) because it was Dan’s 40th birthday, and he’s still not talking to us. I really thought that he’d had a happy childhood (except for school). It’s hard not to feel I must have done something wrong.
diana listmaker and Master TerranThe SCA 50th year Celebration started and I’ve been enjoying the pictures and stories that people are posting to facebook. Pennsic is not missable because it’s our community- we know the people there better than the denizens of Lyndeboro’. This week we picked up some rugs for Master Tristram’s floor because Willow found them on sale at one of our local shops. These are the people we’ve spent the last 30-40 years with. The 50 Year is a once-off. I might see some folks I haven’t seen for a while, but frankly, it’s a party, not a “living” situation. I’d love to see some of the stuff they’ve got on display, but I find myself contented to see it at a distance.
This week I tried another recipe from the internet. Fry some chicken bits, then put in some teriaki sauce, a bit of honey and brown sugar, and let it cook until the chicken has become coated with and absorbed the sauce. Throw in some sesame seeds. Crazy easy! I couldn’t help fooling with it though- I added some sliced fresh ginger and chopped garlic, because it’s Stormgard, and then we decided it needed broccolli florets, so I made it again and added them. Served with rice of course. That I didn’t get a picture of, but may get one eventually because it takes about 20 minutes to make.

Kat’s been doing research in Roman costuming. She’s working on a paper for some Dr. Who venue. I have quite a fellow feeling for it, and luckily had books she could use. As much as we would like to think so, all the information in the world isn’t available on the internet! Books! Books are required! She’s also working on assorted products like trimmed bonnets, decorated petticoats and other accessories, and has discovered that sewing can be relaxing after intense research. I’m not sure what brought it up, but today she remarked to me that “We know that Nominative Determinism is a thing in the Harry Potter Universe.” (I can’t tell you how pleased I am that my children consider this sort of thing a reasonable type of discussion!) What she’d done was to consider that if Lily and Petunia were sisters, and Lily is for purity (also associated with death) what is the meaning of Petunia? Anger and Resentment.
Well done Rowlings! The positive spin on a Petunia meaning is “your company suits me”, which can go with the intolerance of being different. Interestingly, Vernon means alder, and the symbolism of alder is “protection during transition”. At some point I’m going to have to go through the various other names and see what their hidden meanings may be.

Another witticism from Kat today was “American Politics isn’t so much a two party system as a three ring circus.” I have been attempting (with poor success) to avoid politics- trying to keep my blood pressure down, don’t you know. I’ve noticed that the “news sources” are a lot slower than the internet with the news. Orlando was about a day later, I don’t think I heard anything about the Paris riots except by internet. I heard there was a “news blackout”. Come on! Do they not realize that people have cell phones and internet everywhere? I am reminded of Pulitzer in Newsies saying that if he didn’t print it, it didn’t happen. I suppose it may work that way for some people. In the waiting room today I got exposed to “normal” TV news, and it was mostly violent and pointless. Possibly the people who use that to get their news think that they must have heard it all because there’s so much, but it was so much pointless garbage! A man got bitten by a crocodile, a woman got savaged by a dog. How about thousands rioting in Paris because humanitarian aid to refugees is being turned away?  No, better I minimize my exposure to the news.
Pretty soon they’ll have the party conventions and I am waiting to see what new foolishness will happen. Anti-Clinton people are saying that she will be indicted for a half dozen things, but the Republicans have been trying to get rid of Obama that way for 8 years. She spent over a year being groomed for this by the DMC, they aren’t going to give up on her now. I sort of wonder if Trump will get to the Conference and say “ha! fooled you!” or if he really has convinced himself that he can be President. I was reminded that the term mugwump came from the 1884 campaign when when enough Republicans refused to support the official Republican candidate that Cleveland won the election. On the other hand, I’m pretty darned sure that they wouldn’t support Clinton- and they may think that at least they can control Trump (snort!) and get him to do what they want- ban birth control, give the rich tax breaks, allow them to put in discriminatory rules about race, religion, sexual preference, etc. But while there’s discomfort in change, I don’t think they can push back that much. I think some of them may try to field a less crazy candidate. I don’t know if Sanders supporters can be convinced to support Clinton even to defeat Trump. They were fighting for change, and she’s so much “politics as usual.” Frankly, it’s easier to look away from this train wreck (keeping one eye on it in case I have to try to dodge some flying wreckage).DSC02586

While I was out taking pictures of the garden today I saw a pink rose on the ground- one of the fallen “climbing roses”. Suddenly I realized there was something else down there. I zoomed in and got this great picture of Peri. I always wondered what calico was good camouflage for.
I have been trying to get to bed earlier, so I’m not going to talk about what I read and watched this week. Sleep is important. Why don’t you write me and tell me what you’ve been reading?
Sending fond thoughts your way.
Tchipakkan/ Virginia

“The first principle [of science] is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool.” – Richard Feynman

Postscript- or rather pre-script since I took it out of a file:
This is what I spend about two hours a day doing. It shouldn’t take that long to check and make sure they haven’t changed from last year to this, but I’ve also been finding references to them, to put on the HolidaysthatmightgetOverlooked page on fb. Since it’s taking that much of my time, I’m trying to figure out a way of cutting back, but I do enjoy it, and have a hard time deciding which to drop. Or maybe not- there was a PILE of holidays associated with the Solstice (over 30, as opposed to the more usual around 10-12) so it took longer than usual.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016, is National Chocolate Eclair Day, National Onion Rings Day, No Panties Day, Global Smurfs Day, Zeppelin Day, Be Kind to Stuffed Animals Day?, Stupid Guy Thing Day ©, Festival of 1 Lithe (The Hobbit), Midsummer’s Eve continues (Sweden), the First Day of Cancer . This is the feast day of Saints Acacius (patron against headaches), Alban, (patron converts, refugees, torture victims), and Thomas More (Day (patron of civil servants, lawyers).

Thursday, June 23, 2016, will be  National Pecan Sandies Day, Pink Day, Pink Flamingo Day (Lawn Ornaments), National Fink Day (I’m wondering about typos), International Widows’ Day, Public Service Day, Audi Murphy Day, Baby Boomer’s Recognition Day, Runner’s Selfie Day, SAT Math Day, Typewriter Day, Let It Go Day©, and Discovery Day (Canada). It’s St. John’s Eve (Old Midsummer), Midsummer’s Night’s Eve (Sweden) Jonsok / Sankthansaften (Danish)/ Midsummer’s Eve (Norway) /Ligo Day (Latvia), Tatar Festival of the Plow/ Sabantuy  (USSR) , VooDoo Ceremonies (NO), Feast Day of Saints Agrippina (patron against bacterial infections, evil spirits, leprosy, thunder), Audrey’s Day (patron against neck pain. throat disease), Ethelreda (patron of neck and throat ailments, widows). In Boothbay Harbor, Maine, they celebrate Windjammer Days the 23rd and 24th.

Friday, June 24, 2016 will be National Pralines Day/Creamy Pralines Day,  Flying Saucer Day, Celebration of the Senses, Inti Raymi, (winter solstice festival Andies), Papa Ogu Ferraile (Voudon), Sunrise Rituals (Stonehenge, UK), Windjammer Days 23-24 (ME) Zuni Corn Dance begins. Midsummer Day (Scandanavia, UK) /St Han’s Day/ Jonsokdag/ Enyovden (Bulgaria)/ Jaanipäev (Estonia)/ Jāņi (Latvia)/ Jónsmessa (Iceland)/ Joninės (Lithuania)/ Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day (Quebec)/ Sânziene (western Carpathian Mountains of Romania). Saint John the Baptist is (patron of auto routes, baptism, bird dealer, candlemakers,  converts, convulsive children,  cutters, epileptics, farriers, French Canadians, health spas, Knights Hospitaller, Knights of Malta,  lambs, monastic life, motorways, printers, road workers, tailors, wool workers  against convulsions, epilepsy, hailstorms, spasms). It is Take Your Dog To Work Day/ Take Your Pet to Work Day which is held the last Friday of June, or the Friday after Father’s Day.  If you want to have one at your workplace, you should probably already have made arrangements. The last Friday in June is Drive Your Corvette to Work Day. In India the Car Festival Festival of Jagannath  Puri Rath Yatra takes place today.

Saturday, June 25, 2016 is National Strawberry Parfait Day, Global Beatles Day, National Catfish Day, Please Take My Children To Work Day, and Color TV Day (CBS), Day of The Seafarer, and the feast day of Saints Eurosia (patron of crops; against storms) & Molaug (patron against headaches, insanity). The fourth full Weekend is ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 will be is National  Chocolate Pudding Day, National Bomb pop day, National Beautician’s Day, National Canoe Day, International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2015 theme: Let’s Develop Our Lives, Our Communities, Our Identities Without Drugs, International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, Festival of Ranting & Vaporing (Internet), and Rat Catcher’s Day (the anniversary of the Hamlin debacle 1376, there’s another in July). The Iroquois Green Corn Festival takes place around now. It’s the feast day of Saints Pelayo (patron of torture abuse victims), and Vigiius of Trenth (patron of mining and Mines). The fourth Sunday of June is America’s Kids Day; and the last Sunday is Log Cabin Day and Descendants Day (the 4th is the last this year). The last full weekend is Water Ski Days.

Monday, June 27, 2016 will be National  Orange Blossom Day, National Tapioca Day, National  HIV Testing Day, National PTSD Awareness Day, /National Sun Glasses Day,  Industrial Workers of The World Day, National Decide to Be Married Day, Happy Birthday Birthday Song Day/ aka Happy Birthday To You” Day, Festival of Neither Nor, Captain Kangaroo’s Birthday, Helen Keller Birthday, Sun Dance (varies locally), and was the Roman Festival of Initium Aestatis, Aretophoria (Greek), The Fourth Tuesday of June is National Columnists Day.Canadian Multiculturalism Day (Canada), and Festival of Lares/ Jupiter Stator. Dia del Indio (Day of the Indian; Latin America) changed to Inti Raymi (Incan).The fourth Full Weekend of June is the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day. Please Take My Children To Work Day: 29 (Last Monday) and the fourth Saturday of June is the Great American Backyard Campout.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 will be National Tapioca Day,, International Body Piercing Day, Ceviche Day, Insurance Awareness Day, Paul Bunyan Day, Festival of Terrible Poetry (may no longer be happening), Gettysbburg Civil War Heritage Day, World War 1 Day, Stonewall Riot Day. A few other mixed holidays include the feast day of St. Basildes (patron of prison guards), Hemera (Greek),  Vidovdan ( Serbian), it may be the Birthday of Kuan Kung (God of War). It’s the Feast Day of St. Basildes (patron of prison guards). Ramadan continues and Runic New Year’s Eve. The fourth full Weekend of June is the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day; the fourth Sunday of June is America’s Kids Day, and unofficial Stepfather’s Day; and the last Sunday of June is Descendants Day and Log Cabin Day.

Wednesday , June 29, 2016, will be National Almond Butter Crunch Day, National Camera Day, Waffle Iron Day, Hug Holiday Day, Wrong Trousers Day (UK), This is the Feast of Ogun (Santeria), Papa Legba’s Day, Hercules Musarum (Roman),  and Funeral of Kostrama, as well as the Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul & Rushbearing Festivals, the Day of the Haro Wine Festival, . Paul is (patron of rope makers, tentmakers, upholsterers), Peter is (patron of clockmakers, fishermen, Russia; against fever, foot trouble, wolves). Under probably spurious but fun internet holidays there’s the Sacrament of the Silicon Host. Runic half-month of Feoh (wealth) begins, this is the beginning of the Runic calendar. The last Monday of June is Please Take My Children To Work Day, and the Skirophoria: festival dedicated to Athena Polias is the 18th day of Skirophorion.