9-16-2016 Thank you day

September 15th, is National Thank You Day, Linguini Day, Dot Day, Born to be Wild Day, International Coastal Cleanup, LGBT Center Awareness Day, International Day of Democracy, Crème de Menthe Day, National Someday, and Felt Hat Day – (On this day, men traditionally put away their summer straw hats and took out their felt hats). It’s also Google Day, and Greenpeace Day. Mostly to me it feels like OMG, it’s half past September and I have done nothing in two months!

I’ve hardly noticed the weather- except that it hasn’t rained. I don’t go out much. First, I’m supposed to avoid the sun, and mostly, I don’t have the energy to garden or walk, yet. YET. I will. The well is still dry- I think, we haven’t gone out and looked in recently. But since it hasn’t rained, so I doubt it could recover much. I’m sure that like my strength, the water will return. We have a nasturtium today. The occasional flower that manages to make it to bloom gets great admiration.  I finally threw away the last of the carnations from the flowers Liz sent me when I first was diagnosed. Willow got me a bunch of carnations. Not only do they smell good, but they last, bless them.

My “get well” balloon has also fallen. These markers indicate that I should be well by now, and perhaps also mark my innocence and impatience. To be honest, I am feeling better. Progress is happening, incrementally, and not linearly. Monday I felt so well I did some dishes, and attacked paperwork. Yesterday, I only felt well enough to fill the vitamin boxes, and that took a couple hours, not the usual one (when I’m well)… we take a LOT of vitamin supplements between the four of us!  I would love for it to be linear progress; I think it feels worse to feel badly after feeling so much better.

Eating is still an issue for me. Not having things taste good doesn’t help, not being able to open my mouth very much (do to the Bells), and not having a lot of energy to chew- much less cook is also an issue. I have cooked a couple of times- or rather contributed, chopped ingredients, while others did the stove watching and stirring. Sadly, the hyper acute senses (and maybe not washing dishes) allowed the onion smell to stay on my hands for DAYS, which wasn’t pleasant. I also usually smell the toilets which aren’t flushed any more than they must be, since John has to fill buckets to do it. When we accumulate enough dishes to wash, the dishwater is used to flush. We are terribly efficient, and getting by on about 15-20 gallons a day. I am SO looking forward to getting the well up to normal again. Eating is still overshadowed by the “Milk/no milk” divisions. It’s hard to avoid not just milk, but cheese, sour cream, cream cheese yogurt, ice cream, and all the other wonderful foods with milk in them. Did I also mention that when this started we stocked up on things like soy/almond/rice milk and other alternatives, only to discover that they naturally or artificially are full of calcium, and that’s what I have to avoid. Oh, well. I’m getting by on V8, watered fruit juices, broth, and tea. And I can have milk most of the day.

The girls got back from Maine on Saturday night. Sadly, they had to go to the South Eastern Mass Pagan Pride Day the next morning (leaving at 6:30 otherwise known as “0 dark thirty”) This weekend is Eastern Mass PPD, to which I will also not be going. It feels weird. Saturday was the NH Pagan Pride Day, and afterwards Debbi Leavitt came by with some cookies sent to me by Zoe (who always makes and brings some). The girls had left around noon, (Kitty and Eddie were up there stowing away the smaller boats for the winter), and dropped Joanie and Raye at their place before coming home. I wish I could say that the week of R&R had renewed their strength, but so far it doesn’t seem to have done much good. They both still seem exhausted.
Yesterday Willow took Kat over to an appointment at Monadock Behavioral Health to discover it had been cancelled. By voicemail. They do their reminders by recording as well. “To confirm, press 1” I have spoken to them several times telling them that our phone doesn’t have the tone/number option (it actually clicks as if you were using a dial when you push the buttons- weird!), and we can’t do that- but clearly they don’t give a damn. And apparently are fine with telling you that the appointment isn’t happening if the answering machine picks up. Or we may have simply figured it was one of their recorded reminders and not listened to the end of their tape. In my opinion, this is NOT acceptable procedure for a health practice! If an appointment needs changing make phone contact with a person. Some contact anyway!
Willow also took me over to my acupuncture appointment and this week we added electricity to the fun. I cannot usually even tell when an acupuncture needle goes in, but this week he attached wires to the ones on my face and ran some pulses of electricity to them. He started with barely detectable levels and had me tell him when it was as much as I could deal with. I don’t think I’d have gone quite that high if I knew what was coming next. Leaving it pulsing for 5 minutes. The jolts were somewhere between the shock you get when you rub your feet on a carpet, and touching the goat fence. I didn’t like it, but it’s supposed to stimulate the nerves or exercise the muscles or something good for me. I am SO looking forward to being able to spit (when I brush my teeth) again. And smile. And open my mouth. Soon I hope. It occurred to me this week that it may take me longer because my immune system has two problems to deal with at once.

Tuesday I made my first “public appearance”- it was voting day in Lyndeboro. I wasn’t having a great day and was a bit nervous about the long stairs up to the hall in Citizen’s hall, but we remembered the door in the back and found that not only is there a door, but an entire, if small parking area with access to the ramp. Given how many people are older, I daresay it’s very useful. This was mostly town offices, but if you don’t vote for those, you aren’t participating. I am still not really comfortable going out not being able to speak well, and without a bra. Willow’s been so tired I haven’t dared ask her to help me find fabric for a bust band yet. I’m really worried about her.

Well, that’s it. If we don’t do anything, I have nothing to write about. I do look forward to reporting signs of healing and getting the well on line again. Until then, here’s what I’ve been filling my time with (other than napping- I’m still napping a lot).

This week I watched more of the first season of Man From UNCLE, what fun! I also watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 which the trailer had made it look like it was going to be about her daughter, but was about her parents. It was funny, but not as good as the first movie. It was cool that they did manage to bring together so much of the original cast.
I have been reading the Miss Fisher Mysteries that Mark got me started on. When I’d finished the omnibus of the first three that he’d loaned me, he brought me a collection of short stories, and I started getting them from the library. I’ve now read the second three, and am waiting for Willow to pick up the next three. They are quick, easy reads- just perfect for a brain that is still a bit soggy, and beautifully written. (I think. My judgement may be a bit off.) Meanwhile, I’m loving the books.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead