7-11-2007 Anti-Boredom Month

I’m feeling better. Today I just got the house insured again (Phew!). Of course, it has to be inspected again. But the loan inspector came by today and if the home improvement loan comes through, we’ll be able to hire people to fix the things that bother the insurance people. The inspector says that the town values our home at over $200K. Well, that would account for the taxes being so huge. Shouldn’t be too hard to get a $50K loan. We’ve been cleaning to get the house looking nice. (Kat scrubbed the kitchen floor on her hands an knees.) It’s nice to have it cleaner, but I figure it just looks more “normal”. In truth I tend not to even notice clutter until I suddenly realize someone else is coming in. Oh well.
The best news is that the new insurance policy from Allstate is much less expensive than the one we had from Formost, and it looks like better coverage. I checked to make sure the animals are OK. Liability of course, and I pushed up the value of the possessions to cover our books, in case we ever need it. The agent says it’s replacement insurance- they use the same materials to replace stuff. That’s cool. It’s also got something I never heard of but makes sense these days-if your house needs work to meet code changes, that’s covered. I’d never have thought of anything like that.

Because of the discomfort I had on Independence Day, I called the doctor Thursday, and Friday he got back to me. Apparently because I haven’t seen him in the last five years, Dr. Q figured I might as well go directly to the emergency room- because all the technology for testing is there anyway. So Dennis drove me in, (they were headed into Nashua anyway- they are planning on building a Gypsy Bardo to sell out of Renn Fairs from.) Kat went with me to be my spare set of ears, and we spent from one thirty to about 6 at the emergency room. Most of that time was waiting for Dennis and Megan to get done over with their meeting. Me, I went in, they took a history, went to take blood for tests- I asked to wait to find out what tests were required, they had no problem with that. The doctor came in, listened to my bowel sounds, said that there were two kinds of obstruction and I didn’t have either, and blood tests, MRI, X-ray and anything else that was non-invasive wouldn’t tell us anything he didn’t already know, so I should go home and follow up with Dr. Q later. I liked this guy. He said he could give me a laxative if I wanted, or something for stress, since I’d asked if it could be caused by stress- which it could.
Willow’s friend Alan from RI had invited her down for the weekend. I enjoyed her story, so I asked her to write it up for us.

On Friday Trevor gave me a ride, and I took a train down to Providence, since Alan, a freind from Nero who remains very fond of me offered to not only give me a chance to sell my silks, but to pay for my ticket there and back.

We tend to be a bit compulsive about taking any opportunity to sell our stuff. Apparently Alan runs a club in Providence, RI, and once a month they get together for a “fetish night”. Hey, free transport, and wouldn’t you think people who’d go to a fetish night would all want silk scarves? She also took some of her jewelry.

So what the hey, I went. I like trains.
I don’t like whips, rubber things, or loud music though. I didn’t sell any silks, either, though I did get an amulet into the hands of someone who it was perfect for. And everyone was nice, and I ran into someone I knew form VT faire, which is cool.

We tend to think that when something we’ve made that is gorgeous doesn’t sell for a long time, it’s because there is someone specific it’s “waiting for”- this was one of those cases. As soon as he saw it, he “had to have it”!

That was Friday night. Saterday we hung around with Alan and some of his friends, all of whom seemed to think I was pretty cool, and then we played lazer tag. My gun didn’t work in the first round, and in the second, I fell down a ramp, but I still had fun.

Alan didn’t seem to understand that hanging around people in an apartment was something I enjoyed a great deal, wanting to “show me a good time”. (he suggested going to 6 flags, but Willow was concerned that she’d get so tired it would leave her too tired to what she needed to do when she got home.) Sunday we didn’t really do anything ,and Monday morning, I took trains home, though I didn’t get home untill the evening. But yeah. that’s what I did.

Trevor dropped Willow at the commuter rail in Fitchburg Friday morning, but he was working when she was due back Monday, so I met her in Lowell (since Lowell had more options than Fitchburg). On the way back we stopped at the Cingular/AT&T store to get another battery for my phone because it won’t hold a charge anymore. I had it fully charged, made a 7 second call, and it was down to 2/3s of it’s charge the other day. Sadly, as could have been predicted, they don’t carry that one anymore, and I’m not eligible for a new phone until December. Feh. They suggested Radio Shack, and we checked there- and I met one of the guys Willow shared a room with at Portcon. He works at RS. They had a really cool toy there- it’s a radio controlled dragonfly, that really flies. (They sometimes play with it out in the mall, but the mall director doesn’t like that- I’d think it could be considered free entertainment!) Anyway, he checked and the battery isn’t even available to be sent away for. But I did get a $20 speaker for my computer so one doesn’t need earphones to listen to the music on it.
I wanted to pick her up a speaker for her MP3 player which she’s been wanting (for her birthday which is coming up on the 28th), but she couldn’t find one she wanted. I was able to get her to pick up some manga at the bookstore, but she’s kind of bummed about her birthday because we’re going to be headed down to Pennsic- not much fun- because of their moving it up a week earlier.
We’ve got a lot of stuff to do before the war, but mostly I’ve been preoccupied with all the insurance/repairs/loan stuff. Tomorrow we’ll be packing for the Great Northeastern War. I’ve made some charts for the Runic Palmistry class I’ll be teaching, and when I’m done with this I have to finish the flyers for Magic in the Middle Ages. (I also wrote an article for a magazine- one of these days I’ll write for a magazine that actually pays me!) I made some jerky for the war, and cut my thumb while sharpening the knife- not cutting anything. It bled a lot, but I Reiki’d it, and it was healed the next day.
Cathrine du Fay mentioned that she was going to be reading palms at her local Borders for the big midnight Harry Potter sales- so since we haven’t got a show that weekend, I called Toadstool, and I’ll be soothsaying there for ours. Cathy’s getting a free copy of the book, I’m not sure if I’m getting anything but the opportunity to advertise. I’ve got to come up with a good small flyer.

Last night Rachel and Morgan got back from their honeymoon in Scotland, so Alex went down to drive them back from the airport, and took Saba back with him. The other cats are going to be really happy to have her gone. They didn’t like her when she lived here before we gave her to Rachel, and they still don’t. Freya was so cross about her being here, she urinated all over Kat’s bed- while she was watching!
Mostly Saba hung out in my room. A weird thing happened though- Saba has on a collar with a bell and I noticed that it was missing the other day, and figured we have to go looking for it before we sent her back. But when I was picking out a skirt a day or two later, I discovered the collar, neatly hung around the top of one of my skirt hangers. I could understand if it were caught on the front part of the hook, if she’d leapt or crawled onto the shelf in the closet, and gotten the collar stuck on the hanger hook- but how would she get it past the closet rod? Luckily I just ignore that kind of thing. It could drive you crazy if you let it. Meanwhile, Freya is missing since Kat yelled at her, and Kat’s feeling guilty, and will be worried until she shows up again because last night there was some sort of horrible animal noise outside in the middle of the night.

Willow remembered to get her car inspected at the beginning of the month this year, which is good because it needed both body work and something with the brakes- which requires visits to two different shops. We picked it up from the first today, and were pleased that it was less expensive than expected.
When we cleaned we moved the umbrella stand from beside the front door which is the Feng shui position for prosperity, and replaced it with a small table where we put Willow’s lucky bamboo- Kat’s little lucky cats, and some coins. We’ll see whether it helps or not.

The hollyhock is gorgeous- black and red are blooming, and the pink mallows, and the bee balm in the back yard is in full bloom. I transplanted some daisies into the front plot. so maybe I’ll have some there next year. Willow’s rose “Miles” has started blooming. She’d wondered if she’d cut it back too much last fall, but it’s grown long stems from the base, so I guess not. I love the way that one smells.
It has rained every day this week, so we haven’t gotten any roofing done. Very frustrating.

Weird and interesting Holidays this week:
Thursday: Hot Dog Day and Video Games Day
Friday: French Fries and Ice Cream Day & Fools Paradise Day
Saturday: Natl. Nude Day & Pandemonium Day (connection?)
Sunday: Gummi Worm Day and Be a Dork Day
Monday: Intntl. Juggling Day National Get Out of the Doghouse Day
Tuesday: Crank Call Day and Feast of the Clockless Nowever
Wednesday: Anti-Bigot Day and National Caviar Day

Until next week.

“We are continually faced with great opportunities which are

brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems.” — Margaret Mead

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