7-15-2015 Gummi Worms Day!

DSC02066Dear Liz,
I finally went out and picked wildflowers. It’s been either too hot or too wet, so finally, I went out and picked some anyway (got rather wet). There was only one monarda and one mallow I could find, so there’s not much color. I got some mint flowers (catnip I think), that looked blue in a mass, but pale against the bright gold of the black eyed Susans and day lilies. There wasn’t as much Queen Anne’s lace either, so I put in some daisies. I would add purple loosestrife if I could find any. It’s beautiful, of course, but I like more colors. Ah well.

This week was too much of an adventure. (I don’t like the writers for this week’s script!) You may remember that we were headed up for the Great Northeastern War, a fairly large SCA event in Hebron Maine, that has expanded to Thursday so there can be two full days, as Sunday is pretty much used for packing out, and nothing happens. We used to DO things on Sunday. If people had to leave early, they just missed them. (Grump, grump) So we packed the van and trailer on Wednesday, added food, bedding and last minute stuff Thursday morning and did actually get out a few minutes past noon. With no trailer, the trip should have taken three hours. With the trailer, and gassing up, and stopping for food, it was around  three when Willow noticed white clouds coming from the hood, and pulled over. The inside of the engine was wet, and it seemed to be water rather than smoke, and the needle was all the way in the “too hot” range, so we figured we’d overheated. Flashbacks to year before last.
This time we were careful to explain to Triple A that no, we couldn’t just “leave the trailer” on the highway. We hoped that whoever came might be able to top up some fluid or something. It was especially annoying that they wanted to know what town we were in. We told them we were on I-95 right before exit 19. Willow walked the half mile back to look at the sign to read Wells-Sanford. Come on! When you are on a highway you don’t know the name of each town you are passing! I’m not sure they aren’t using mapquest or Googlemap! For goodness sakes, in Maine that tells you that you’re 19 miles up from the border! So they sent someone, and an hour later the most useless person I’ve ever seen associated with AAA showed up, glanced at it, suggested that we were probably right, but since we had a trailer, he couldn’t tow us, and told us to drive to the Transmission place just off the highway and get some coolant. He mumbled, and wouldn’t even speak up to be heard over the traffic.  I am trying NOT to hold him against AAA who are usually pretty good.  After an hour of cooling off, we figured we might risk it, found the place, but not only did they not have any coolant, they were closing- it was “after 4”, and they closed at 4:30. They sent us to the “Variety” up the road, apparently local dialect for the Shell Station. Not recognizing it, we passed it, turned around, (stalling), limped back and the van gave up and Willow rolled it to a wide space across the road from the gas station.  I got some coolant, but the reservoir was full. We called AAA again. They apologized and we spent about an hour convincing them that we couldn’t just leave the trailer on the side of the road (It’s illegal!) and that we needed to find a way to rent something that could pull it. Enterprise will come to you, but they don’t rent trucks, and besides, they close at 5. (On a weekday!), Also, as we learned last time, we made it clear that we had three passengers. Luckily this time we were (just) within the 100 mile tow you home range. As last time (did you remember that the van broke down on the way to GNEW in 2013?), this is the week our Mechanics take their vacation. Willow had an appointment to get her car inspected on Monday, but last time they came home to our van (full of camping gear) in their driveway.
Finally, a local tow company sent two trucks- a flatbed with an extended cab to take us and the van home, and another to tow the trailer to their lot. They’d store it for up to a week for $85, which is pretty nice considering it’s usually $50 a day. Coincidentally, if we had left the trailer by the road, they are the company that picks them up and stores them for the town; but legal is better.
I continue to be impressed by the clever engineering in flatbed trucks to move dead cars, and the extended cab was pretty comfortable. The gentleman who drove us down was really nice. We were 85 miles from Winkles but 99 from our driveway, and knowing how full Winkles driveway gets (and having had a tow truck guy complain about it when he had to wiggle in), we had him take the van to our place. When you have a great mechanic, you don’t want to alienate them. I was a trifle put out to discover on the road that we had to have the money for the tolls in cash, luckily, between us we had enough. We have really gotten out of the habit of carrying much cash. On the other hand I was more disturbed to discover that the towing is only paid for one way. When they drop you off, they have to eat the tolls and gas for the way home. I have to assume that this is built into their fee structure, but I certainly understand why they don’t leave their own area. Our driver mentioned that he often gets woken up by calls asking him to leave the area, even though AAA knows what their range is and that they don’t leave it. Apparently they have a 24 hours on call, so sleeping may be optional. That doesn’t seem quite right for me. We tipped him enough to cover the tolls on the way back.
While on the phone with AAA my mobile battery discharged. Willow took over. When we’d gotten the towing settled, we called Megan, who is really good at networking. We figured that if she and Dennis were already there, there would probably have been other people who had brought trailers, and one of them might be willing to come an hour down the road to rescue our trailer. Once it was at the campground I was fairly certain we could store it there until we found something that could pull it home. Sadly, she wasn’t going up until the next day, but she posted help requests on various pages, and called all over looking for something that would pull a trailer. She found one through U-haul, and even offered to pay for it to make sure we made it! She said it was a Peer style largess, and that she was inspired by me and Aelfwine. (blush) I suppose we all just keep paying it forward! They found one if we could pick it up in Portland (oops, we’d just passed Portland) and continued looking. Found a truck with tow ball available the next day. Somehow she managed to make it a conference call with Willow, U-haul and her. They worked it all out- Willow got directions, and we were set. Whew! We got home around 8:30, and honestly, all turned to our computers for unwinding our stress. We alarmed poor Star because Willow’s phone ran out of charge too, and she was functioning on those back-up “charging sticks” and wasn’t sure she wouldn’t need them for other calls, so we didn’t warn him we were coming back early.

Willow had cleverly, when told we could pick the truck up at 7, she told them 8 would probably be as early as we could manage.  This meant we did have to get out around seven to get to Nashua by eight. She’d been told “near the Walmart”, so we headed for the one in Nashua, trying to remember a U-haul near that Walmart. Sadly I am pretty pathetic at trying to use Willow’s smart phone, and she’s no longer allowed to program her GPS while driving, so eventually we pulled over- only to discover it was OUR Walmart (we knew where that U-haul was), and had to turn back. Worse, when we got there, the order on the computer was messed up. They had everything write except “van” not “truck”. The poor gentleman got on the phone and found another available in Manchester, so we headed up there. Manchester is bigger, and busier, (and I suppose that by this time it was 9), but eventually we got the truck. We also discovered why Willow hadn’t gotten the confirmation email- her email address had been mis-spelled. This is hardly a surprise since it was transcribed while she was riding in the back of a truck and on a conference call.  (I wonder if that had something to do with the van mixup as well, but I heard her repeating “truck with 2 inch tow ball that will seat three” several times. And technically, it DID seat three. Had Kat been a kid, we’d have fit better, because she was on the fold down thing between us. As this raised her a bit, it allowed our arms to “nest” better, mine under hers, but it was TIGHT.
On the other hand, the truck was in great shape- so quiet! On the way home we got to a two lane stop light and I rolled down the window to yell to Willow “I love this truck!” If there were only two of us, it would have been an option for getting to the war. As it is, we are still nervous about how we’re going to get us and our trailer to the war, since Winkles couldn’t fit the van in until tomorrow. Wish us luck on that. Car shopping is much better when you don’t have a deadline! I will admit that I’m beginning to feel the frustration of not having a car to just go out when I want to. I prefer not to leave the house more than once a week, but it feels like incarceration when even when you’re doing what you want to do, but you have no choice about it.
Let me brag: We got home at 10:10 and everything was transferred from the van to the truck (including packing and loading the cooler chest) by 10:30! We are SO good! We still didn’t get into the site until 3 because we had to stop at Grondin, in Sanford, and get the trailer.
Anyway, once there we set up with nearly our usual speed. We slow down when it’s in the 90ºs as it was. There were bits when one or the other of us had to just sit down and drink something.  We did get the tent up and most of the stuff out of truck and trailer by 4- which was when the first class I was teaching was scheduled. A couple young men helped us pound stakes and lift- I remember one was called Basil (or some other herb), and he carried my chest of feast gear over to the Class Tents for me. That class was on Anglo-Saxon eating, and I showed them our tableware, and discussed other options. When I got back at 5, everything was (pretty much) set up.
We did decide to go out for the “one or two things” we’d forgotten (thank goodness, NOT the keys to the trailer, which Willow grabbed from the van at the last minute- although not our ez pass). This has almost become a tradition with us, and we went to the Denny’s for supper, part of the tradition. This contributes to another tradition we are working to break- taking food home because we don’t get to it, so had packed light and planned to happily take advantage of the pub and other food vendors. I was so busy that I never did find Lorelie’s bakery, but a couple tents down some marvelous people were selling iced drinks- they’d made dozens of syrups: lemon, basil, rose, apple, lavender, cherry, elderflower, pomegranite, licorice, spiced mint, quince, plum, raisin, saffron (I didn’t get to that in time), and sekanjabin. (I know the list because I wrote it down for Kat who pretty much stayed in the shop in the shade). They also sold various tarts, breads, comfits, wafers and some fresh fried meat and cheese pastries. We went there a LOT. We had cheese and fruit and some drinks- which we used up. Thank goodness for the drink seller! Sadly, we sort of blew it on the last night, because Gillian closed up the pub (probably so she wouldn’t be the last one packing up as last year) before we thought of Saturday supper. Luckily, Shannon and Anjuli both had some leftovers, and we were fine. Shannon’s was a chicken in mustard that was incredibly good. I was able to share some of the feta/garlic spread I’d made from Julia’s recipe last year with her and Ekke this year. Taking less food is a good idea, but I still haven’t had a chance to play with my new toy (propane oven). I feel a little badly because Gillian gave us the sausages that burned because she was chatting with us, they’d been planned for another customer. Being a publican isn’t as easy as it looks!
Saturday I had two classes- Merovingian Ladies, for which I felt horribly unprepared. I had no hand-out and my lack of ability to remember names extends to historical characters. I had amusing stories, and could give an idea of the environment, but wish I could have been able to say who did what to whom; the other class was on divination in the Dark Ages, about which I could ramble on for hours, without repetition. That’s only two hours, but I also had to go to courts. OK, I’ll be honest, I’ve never particularly liked Darius as king. He’s the one who rode the “Short Chariot” at the War a few years ago, and frankly, has always seemed to have some impulse issues. This time around he’s calling himself Omega, because, as I hear it, his wife has told him that this is the Last Time he’s allowed to be king. (I think he’s done it six or seven times.) This time there’s another lady, a friend, who is reigning with him, and she may be a good influence on him. At any rate, they had over 80 awards to present over the weekend, so they broke them up into seven different courts. This makes sense. The Kingdom takes SO much work to organize events, and there are SO many talented people doing SO much cool stuff, that it’s quite a job to recognize all this work and talent. I approve of that. I have no idea how many people are in the East Kingdom these days, but there were 1008 at this event, and there is a lot worthy of praise and recognition out there.
For example, Deirdre was recognized for her work in the Exchequer’s office (tracking money) by being elevated to the Order of the Pelican. I was really proud to be asked to speak for her at Court. These days they like to have a representative from each of the Orders speak. It takes a long time, but it’s lovely, and it’s nice to make a big deal when one is warranted. Kiaya organized everything: vigil, regalia, she made an amazing silk banner, with the motto in Latin that I think means “to work is to love”. Usually I avoid courts, but this is one I was NOT going to miss! Willow Herald
Embarrassingly, I had agreed to represent the Ladies of the Rose for another lady as well (being elevated to the Order of the Laurel), speaking for the courtesy of one of those who were being elevated to the peerage- and I couldn’t remember her name! I cleverly figured that if I went to court, I could catch it when she was called to sit vigil. So I attended the court Friday night on the battlefield (although I watched from the “misting tent”- a pop-up with perforated tubing so a mist fills it, and fighters and others can go into it to cool off). Then I attended the morning court on the battlefield. Willow went first because she had volunteered to be one of the court heralds reading scrolls (so no one’s voice gives out). I had both straw hat and wet veil, but when she saw me coming, she borrowed my hat. By the way, did I mention it was really hot all weekend? Not that I’m complaining, hot is better than rainy, but I kept having to soak my veil to keep my head cool; thank goodness I know that trick! (especially as the color I’d put in my hair in March is still there, and while fun, I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 7th century lady). Sadly, after an hour it got bone dry again, so I slipped off to re=soak it at a nearby spigot, and when I came back, I’d missed it, and they were also leading Deirdre away to her vigil. What timing! Those were the final bits of court and I went straight to the two vigils. Lady Astrida has the most incredible round pavilion painted all over with ornamental vines, and even has matching painted privacy screens. It was so hot that they moved her outside the tent to the shade of a tree, so she wouldn’t suffer while greeting her friends. She invited me to come see the pavilion at the war when the canopy bed and all the fancy furniture is up in it. I wish I’d taken a picture of it to show you!Vigil foodOmega and me
Next I went over to Stonemarche for Deirdre’s vigil. I’d hoped to make some pelican cookies for it, but when I saw them having a very hard time fitting all the donated food onto two tables, I felt better about not getting to it. I gave her one of the cookie stamps, and called it good. Apparently the King and Queen had a few minutes before their next court (at the archery field I think), and stopped in at the vigil. The queen was elegant in brocade, but the King looked like a villain from Xena. (Snark) I suppose he deserves to have fun. That’s me next to him, and I’m hardly the epitome of sartorial splendor!
After I spoke to Deirdre, I went back to our booth, drank, and checked the schedule- which was good because I thought my classes were at three and four, but they were at two and three. I’d have missed the first one. I was able to stay long enough for the girls to go out and look at some of the other shops.  I want to tell you another cool thing. The Malagentians have come up with an innovation- they had a QR code you could scan with your smart phone, and have the site book (with schedules) in your divice. Since so many people carry theirs all the time, that seems pretty brilliant to me! It may not be “period” but it saves resources, and puts the information at their fingertips.
I did the next two classes, which were well attended, and they didn’t seem to mind that I couldn’t remember the Merovingian names, and I’d thought I heard a herald announcing that the great court was moved up from five until six. I was wrong. About five thirty someone came after me, telling me Deirdre’s investiture was already underway. I got to court as fast as I could- only a little out of breath, and told everyone how wonderful I thought she was, because really it’s hard to be courteous and noble when your job is to get paperwork done and you have to chase people down to get it from them. I’m a little sorry I missed what other people said first, but I got to see her being invested with the scroll they read out, the cloak, the medallion (Megan had searched london to find the perfect rock crystal to mount the miniature painting she made), the banner, and the cap of maintenance.Dierdre fealty
I don’t know who decided that Pelicans should wear caps, they have their pendants (all we used to do in the old days), and I am always stunned when the Pelicans gather in court because nearly all of them wears a cloak with a Pelican in it’s Piety done in various forms of embroidery or embellishment, and they are incredibly beautiful, really art,  as well as representing thousands of hours of effort, and when massed like that, it’s impressive. The caps on the other hand tend to be ugly. They are like the cloth bags with an ermine trim that are worn under coronets in England to pad the really ugly crowns that became fashionable in the tudor period, and sadly the fashion got stuck there- like Beefeater’s uniforms. Kiaya brilliantly found one that her mother will be able to wear while she’s doing archery, and is attractive and practical. She did the embroidery on that too.Pelican cloak
There were several other peers made, including Astrida, (I have to admit that having heard more lengthy speeches, I indulged myself and read the description of the Peerage Virtues that Tara Sandra had calligraphed for us when we were on the throne, and I’d tripped over recently. No one seemed to think it was too long, and I saw many people nodding as I spoke, ticking off in their heads how this lady measured up to this list. The general levels of skill have improved so much that this thing that was so incredible 25 years ago seems a bit shabby now. If we were to pass them out again, we’d probably have to redo the scrolls. But the core values still ring true, and there’s nothing wrong with skill levels rising, as long as we nurture those on the way up. It’s sort of funny, Harold had to remind me again when they called the Laurels into court that I am one now. This is going to take some getting used to.
As I said, I usually avoid courts, but it’s something like watching the fighting, when I do, I remember how cool it is. Each of the recipients is excited, their friends are proud of them, the work they’ve done is amazing, I mist up just thinking about it. There was a knight made who was actually older. Apparently he made his name in the arts, then turned to fighting, reversing the usual pattern. But it’s nice to see knights with a little grey in their beards, even if traditionally knights were young men. Knights, like all people, age, and we have. The SCA looks so much better now that when I joined. Occasionally I need reminding that there are SO many things to do at events outside the market area: fighting, fencing, archery, thrown weapons, the kids list, the dancing, the arts displays, courts, the various parties…. I’m not sure whether they had the Baconalia this year, but House Strangeways had their piñata party. The girls went, but are out right now and I forget what the theme was this year, even though Willow posted pictures of the piñatas on her facebook page. Strangeways fills them with candy and liquor nips, and this year at least padded them with Twinkies wrapped as minions. (So I’m not the only one to see that resemblance!)
All in all, I was so glad that we were able to get up there, despite losing the car (and very grateful to Megan!). And I heard of three or four other people who lost their cars on the way to GNEW too. I wonder what’s going on astrologically? We donated to one of them who was busking (playing bagpipes with his hat out to cover his repairs). Most groups form close-knit communities, but I think the SCA is enhanced by the fact that the base motivation for joining is that we all have the romance of Chivalry in our souls, and it seems to me that that enhances our level of behavior. I’m still here, right?

IMG_1221As I mentioned, Sunday is mostly breakdown- I think there may be some minor events- perhaps they say who won the War. Teaching and attending classes and shopping contribute to the points that decide which side wins, not just the combats, so I’m at least a little curious who won. The kids were moving slowly so I went over to talk to folks in Stonemarche. I had no idea that the Baroness (Jocelyn) comes to events on a huge motorcycle! She showed me some toys she made- balls with additions so they look like the Haley’s Comet on the Bayeux Tapestry, very fun! corwin at GNEWCorwyn and Felicia came by as we were taking the tent down and helped with that and loading. Either the heat was getting to me, or (really likely) I am way out of shape, and we were really grateful for the help. (Really missed being able to  go over and buy iced drinks as I’d been doing all weekend!)

When we got home Willow pointed out that although we were allowed to drop the truck off in the morning, if we dropped it off Sunday night, we could sleep in on Monday. So we quickly unloaded, started laundry, cleaned ourselves up a bit, and after dropping it off went to the Manchester Buffet just across the parking lot. Got home, did more laundry, and showered, and switched back to Pennsic Prep!
I suppose we should call them to find out how much we eventually spent. The $19.95 (for a local one day rental) jumps when you add the milage. It’s about 150 miles up there, so when they asked how many miles do you need, we said, “300, no make it 400 for side trips”. “OK, 700 miles” they said. If we didn’t go any 700 miles, I want the difference back!
Sadly, when I put in the laundry, I neglected to extract one of Willow’s pink linen under-gowns from the leaf green gown she’d worn with it. Clearly they should have been washed in separate loads- blotchy pink got on the green (also on one of my yellow gowns). A mistake I am WAY too old to have made! We sent for some color remover, but it just made all the dye lighter, it’s still blotchy. Willow has decided to make it into a work tunic and make a new good gown. I suppose that wouldn’t have happened if we were beating it on a rock in the stream, but I feel badly about it- it was embroidered very nicely in dark green (which is now yellow).
My garb is all over the dining-room as I try to pre-pack. I have to figure out what still fits, catch what might need repairs or be too stained, do the repairs, and figure out if I need to make anything else. It seems unlikely after all these years and with huge piles of garb, but I am much heavier than I’ve been before, so everything has to be checked.  I like having the table to spread it on. Kat’s doing her packing in her room, and Willow does it in the great hall where we store our garb to reduce lugging.
I tried to make the replacement booklet stand, but still need to smooth the edges and drill the holes for the dowels. I didn’t get the holes drilled before we left so we took an auger, but I never found time to work on it. We might have been able to get help from the woodworker who’s tent was next to us- he had some marvelous items- like wooden knives that he had to warn people not to try on themselves to see if they’d cut (they do), and “retirement” clocks (no numbers). We also had some fun “the customer is often a doofus” talks. I daresay he could have sped up the process.
I’m not doing any new booklets as such this year, but I am doing handouts for the series of classes I’m doing: The Anglo-Saxon Context. You can’t understand a culture without looking at the ones before them and after them, the ones nearby with whom they interacted. So I’m covering the Celts, (and can I mention the Picts in with them?), the Romans who went before, and Roman survivals including Byzantium, in with which I’m probably including their enemies the Huns, and the Arabs. I’m doing one on the Vikings, of course the Vendals came before them (and I might throw in something about the Slavs as long as I’m up there). Finally the Franks are right across the channel, and the Visigoths and Lombards have to be covered as well. Since the classes are only an hour long, I can just barely cover the most important bits- concentrating on how they interacted with the Anglo-Saxons of course, so it “should” be easy. The handouts is where I stick the names and dates (“school facts”) so that I can talk about the stories and  fun stuff in the workshops.  Since I feel I need the handouts, and I’ll have them, I figure I’ll just bind them all together and make them into a “booklet” for this year. Two down (plus the introductory page), two to go. And I haven’t yet started the portraits. Got to get going on that!DSC02065
My to-do list just keeps growing! In theory these projects are quite do-able, but I’m figuring out that they are quite possible, if I drop everything else. Sadly, someone still has to do the cooking, and errands and laundry, and all the things that fill up days the rest of the year. I guess I should figure that I have a certain amount of time (four hours?) for projects, and there are no new projects during pre Pennsic Prep, because they use it up. For example, while I really enjoyed the on-line courses during the spring I had only one going through July. Selina Rifkin was teaching it through Cherry Hill, and it’s wonderful, but I spaced two of four of the Skype “classes”, and keep forgetting to check the discussion boards. I hate blowing the class, both because I’d probably have enjoyed it more if I’d plunged in properly, and also because I have some pretty heavy emotional issues leftover from having had so many Incompletes in college. I still have nightmares about going back to school and making the same mistakes. This feels a lot like that. When I come up with new things that require time, I guess I need to learn to put aside things to make the time, not just try and squeeze everything in. I’m frustrated because we’ve had some medical appointment nearly every day! I had a follow up to the depression diagnosis this spring, Kat had a filling as a follow up to her tooth cleaning last week, and a therapists appointment, Willow had to go out to get her car inspected. And while we can piggyback things like weekly errands onto these excursions, we don’t need that many. We chose to move out into the boonies, and while one of these appointments may only be 15 minutes for the doctor, but we have to add a half hour each way, which takes a block of time out of the day that can’t be used for anything else. Feh.
One packing challenge we have is making sure that we have warm clothes even though the weather is currently beastly hot. Internet scuttlebutt is that it’s going to be a rainy Pennsic (it’s an El Niño year), so we will need something that we can wear on hot days where storms may sweep through every afternoon. Early scouts say there’s more mud there already (which is always bad for parking on grassy hills), and the Coopers are not going to let people camp in the lowest areas that might flood. (I bet some people will camp there anyway “It’s empty, and it’s flat!”). Summerweight wool is my friend. I wish I still fit in some of my old gowns.
Not surprisingly, I’ve mostly been reading books about Franks, Vikings, Celts and Romans. I am increasingly fond of the “a very short introduction” series. Sadly, these are about what I wish my booklets would be. I think the last movie I’m going to watch for a while was Vanilla Sky. It was down as an afterlife movie, but (Spoiler alert- skip if I wasn’t the last person who hadn’t seen it yet) it turns out that it was all a dream he had while in cryogenic sleep. I think the most telling moment was when he woke up and pulled out a grey hair. At 33 he was supposed to be that worried about looking young? No wonder he couldn’t hack being pretty. They talked about his having headaches that kept him from thinking, but only barely- mostly he wanted his looks back. I have very little sympathy for that. For being able to think, sure, but looking good when you’re past 30? Give me a break! At this point I still have a bunch of movies out from the library and am considering sending them back and taking them out again when I get back, because I don’t think I have time to watch anything for the next two weeks! (I’ve even stopped watching the Midsomer Murders- I’m up to season 10. The last one I think was in a village with a WWII airfield, and they had a swing dance with people “doing” the era- costumes and all. I’ve been jonesing over  40’s music ever since. “But not for me”, “Where or When”, “Goodnight Sweetheart”… luckily I’ve got quite a collection of 40s music available.

What else?
John has been playing some sort of video game that is punctuated by a string of “encouraging remarks” such as “you’re a world leader!” or “World Famous!”.  For weeks I’ve been wondering why “Volume menthol! ” was included in that random collection, but finally asked and was told that the voice is really saying “Monumental”. That explains it (although not the pronunciation), and why ANYONE thinks that these meaningless parroted phrases should have a positive impact, whether recorded, as on these games, or even in person (the impression I got in Special Ed).
Willow has discovered on the internet that Nestles is stealing water to bottle from under Native American lands, and it seems to be true, so I guess we’re back to boycotting them. Didn’t they learn with the baby formula thing? Admittedly, they make very few products that we use anyway, but Hot Pockets have been our go-to easy lunch for a while. I tend to think that they sound better than they actually taste, but I do understand that sometimes there is no energy to chew much less cook, so we’ll have to deal with it somehow. It is totally immoral to put profit above protecting the aquifer.

Ah well, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get another handout done along with the letter today- too many adventures to talk (gripe) about. Actually, we did have a good time. I just wish we’d had a longer good time, and less expensive good time. Gratitude spilling over on Megan for making it possible, and taking much of the sting out.  I’m also grateful for JoAnn for stepping in and being my guest on the New Normal tonight. We’re going to be talking about medieval myths and monsters. Sounds like fun.  I hope I line someone up with more lead-time next week.


“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation” Mark Twain

A few final pictures because I couldn’t fit them in up above.
Waiting for Arastorm to show up….                        oh, there she is!

Where's ArastormRepresenting the LotRs






Dignity always dignity Gnew court







Dignity, always Dignity!

That’s Baroness Twit, ?, Aquel, Joanna, and me (sigh, one hopes no one is looking).

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