7-25-2007 Off to Pennsic

Obviously we have been doing Pennsic prep. Kat and Willow have been sewing garb. Willow did a batch of dyeing. We’ve made Jerky, and I’ve been writing the booklets to go with the classes I’ll be teaching.
In theory we will be leaving Saturday morning, having spent Friday packing, which means that tomorrow is the last day to print out the booklets, go to the dump, buy anything we need, make sure the bills are caught up, feed and food stockpiled for the animals and Star, the cars in shape. Dan sent up some cartoons for Stupidity in Magic as Willow won’t be able to update while we’re gone. Very funny. Kat’s been doing “research assistant” work for me- downloading the images for my booklets- over 150 so far. Thank goodness.
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Friday Kat and I went to the midnight sale for the last Potter book. I was one of 4 fortune tellers, a juggler, a balloon twister and other entertainment they had from 11:30 to 1:30. I got a free book out of it. This book is better than the last couple- I hope that the movies of 5 and 6 don’t bomb so they don’t get to that one.

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Alex quit working at Alene candles a week early so he could concentrate on the roof. Yesterday he used up the last of the undercoating, and we had to go buy more. Today he ran out of shingles, so tomorrow morning we go out to get more. Wish I’d known, we went out today to pick up the clapboards to take down to Pennsic, because they don’t have them down there, and I probably could have gotten the shingles there. But it is getting done. Rachel (Kuberry, Alex’s sister-in-law- yeah, I know, too many Alexs) came up and helped yesterday.
We also pick up Willow’s car tomorrow morning, and have to stop by the DMV because the plate seems to have fallen off on the trip to GNEW.
The big news this week is that Alex and Zon Jaruk- Honour’s son, had their baby. Yes, he was six weeks early, but I’ve only known they were expecting for a month and I didn’t have permission to mention it yet. They named him Nicholas Alexander- after his father and Ælfwine. Apparently despite an emergency C section, Zon’s already left the hospital. In theory it’s safer because of the dangerous infections available in the hospital.
Anyway, I’ve got to go to bed. You’ll hear from me in a few weeks.
Right- Willow’s birthday is the 28th. We’ll be on the road (which is a real bummer), so if you want to send her messages, it’s going to have to be e-mail, or cell phone: 603-318-9177
If you need to get in touch with us while we’re gone, use her number, my cell phone is shot.
And Star’s going to be on his own here for the next two weeks- he might appreciate a call or e-mail. (or he may be deep in some computer program and be mono-syllabic- who knows?)
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