7-25-2018 Act like a Caveman Day!

It’s been hot, and it’s been raining off and on (since St. Swithin’s Day? I’m not sure.) I have hardly gotten out, but another week has passed… Kat and I saw a deer in the back yard, and we got a picture, but since I haven’t left the mountain, it hasn’t gotten to fb yet, which is the only way I know to get pictures from my phone to my computer. The picture of the Cobb salad I made last week did load. It’s pretty, but wasn’t exciting. Someone pointed out I’d forgotten the bacon, which might have helped.

I have to admit that this week is a big blur. Could be the heat, could be the trying to get out. I have done almost nothing but work on the Witch Hunts booklet, which means there will be no Vampires Booklet (unless I buckle down and do it after Pennsic, which I didn’t with the Werewolves last year).

Willow’s car is fixed and redeemed. She maxed out her credit card to do it, but that’s a slow problem not a crisis, and Robert kept it under $2K. When we went over to pick it up, we saw a car that wasn’t flattened, but was rather U shaped- with a huge tree running down the middle. Do you remember there were some heavy storms a week ago Monday? Apparently just as Robert was pulling out to go home, a downburst (I forget what he called it, but he explained it’s like a tornado only with the wind going down instead of up) hit the tree (I’m going to say it was at least a meter in diameter) and brought it down right in front of him- crushing that car to his right, and the top landing on the school bus on the other side of the driveway, yes, parts of it touching and the trunk totally blocking his car. I really wish I could show you the picture, it’s alarming. Of course after he could breathe again, he called his wife, got his chainsaw down there and cut it up enough that he could get home and they could do business the next day.

Aside from being a wonderful mechanic, his sideline is firewood, and he’s been saving me the short ends (that will fit in my stove). He brought a load up on Saturday- John will have to get it into the woodshed over Pennsic, which doesn’t please him. Let’s face it. The reason Robert gives me a discount on these pieces is because people don’t want them because they are hard to stack! Perhaps what we need is to make a crib from some pallets and just toss them in and forget stacking!

I’m going to grouse a little about the anti-flea and tick drops we use on the cats and I finally broke down and got the next dose (Willow hugged her cat and found a tick on her chest), and it’s nearly $20 a dose! It is important, I can remember coming back from Pennsic to a house hopping with fleas, so we had to flea bomb before unpacking the car, and Liz actually knows someone who got bitten by the Lone Star Tick (it’s not just Lyme disease, although that’s the big fear), and who is now allergic to meat! We think because we live in the modern world that we are “above all that” disease stuff and only have modern ailments brought on by our poor lifestyle choices, but there are diseases out there, and we can get them. $57 for three ampules is a lot, but better than adding another debilitation to what we already have to deal with!

Just as the girls were heading to the dump Saturday I tripped over the bucket in the kitchen door (the roof leaks where the two roofs meet, and we’ve had it “fixed” a half dozen times, we’re going to have to wait until it’s time to get a new roof and then have them take extra care about the valleys (places where two roofs meet). Anyway, I fell down and bruised and skinned both my knee and elbow. I was also rather shaken as I realized that now that I’m over 65, I’m entering that time of life when a fall like that is not just painful, embarrassing, or inconvenient, but can be dangerous. I could have broken a wrist, or hip or something, and that would have screwed our schedule and finances up worse!

Willow bandaged me up (the scrapes were too big for bandaids) and put on her oops ointment. That stuff is great and I’m mostly healed up now, but I will say that until I did that I wasn’t aware of how often I touch things like walls or tables with my elbow! It’s still tender.

Willow spent most of the weekend making and packaging her herbal stuff to sell to Auntie Arwen’s. In THEORY the labels will arrive today! She commented that she’s glad she doesn’t have to make more than she does. There are several boxes stacked up in the pantry.

I got reminded of the Arts war point and that as a Companion of the Laurel I should go distribute tokens to the incredible artists at the Arts and Sciences display. It’s not like I don’t always mean to go down and see it anyway, I just tend to space it! But I took some ribbon and sealing wax and made some cute little seals- I have a stamp with a Laurel wreath, and Willow picked me up a pack of gold wax, with red ribbon that’s reminiscent of my arms. Frankly it’s the things people say to you about your work that mean the most, much more than the beads and trinkets. (Which is not to say that I don’t still have the whisk I got as a prize “from the Queens own hand” over 40 years ago.)

Mark came over sometime last week, and Steve came up on Sunday. He brought a copy he’d made of that mystery he tried to share last week, but my player didn’t like the copies.

I feel like everything’s chaotic. I should have finished the booklets already, I owe several portraits, I missed the deadlines for all the Pagan Pride Days, Twilight Covening, and all the fall events this year, and I fear we’ll be taken off the announcement lists. Liz mentioned that she’d gotten her invitation to Kate’s Wedding (in September), and I wondered where mine was. Apparently it got to me before Liz got hers and I immediately returned the RSVP card, and had totally forgotten doing it. I would have expected to have put the invitation up on the calendar, and it wasn’t there, so I assumed it hadn’t come. (Did it fall down somewhere?) I am feeling terribly brain fogged (would that be the cause or the effect of taking so long on the Trials booklet?) and I worry about dementia. Willow says of course not, we all do it. But this often?

The usual little crises keep happening. As Kat went through her garb she thought it looked dingy, so put it through the wash with TSP and other brighteners. Apparently they did something to release the dyes in the clothes. Most of them are several years old and have been washer repeatedly, but this time one of them bled- green spots on purple and white gowns- almost her whole wardrobe. One does not want to try to remake a complete Pennsic wardrobe in three days! Luckily Kat is pretty good with stains and laundry challenges, after some appropriate tears, she washes, pretreated, over-dyed, and when Willow went out the next day and got color remover, got the stains out of- or dealt with most of them. We can cope, but we wish we didn’t have to.

Last night I changed my sheets, and discovered that the ones we’d washed hadn’t come upstairs, and when I looked in the linen closet, I discovered that the roof had leaked there too, and the towels and sheets were damp and smelled of mildew. So today, as I write, I am running the whole supply of sheets etc (except what was down in the clean laundry) through the washer and dryer. In this heat I am NOT thrilled with running the dryer, but the weather is too chancy for the line, and I’m not good at running if it starts raining. (I probably wouldn’t notice until it was too late.) No, the plantar fasciitis is still with me. I guess I won’t be going to any more classes than I have to.

I figure that’s just the way life is- like Steve and his hedgehogs. They are gone now, he never saw them, but was told they were hedgehogs. I’ve been following adventures of friends on Facebook who are having medical issues, so that makes me feel lucky. Liz told me that her friend who was working with her at the fund raiser they did last week’s daughter had gone into labor as they went to blow up the balloons, and then she got a call that the birth was imminent- a short labor is so unexpected with a first time mother! So she dashed off and Liz had to fill and tie all the balloons herself- and abraded a patch of skin off her finger where she’d tied so many!  That IS life, the unexpected and inconvenient, but with good stuff too.

That’s about it. We plan to get everything into the car by tomorrow evening, (at least we are no longer driving at night because we have no AC and so the kids can sleep through most of the trip!) and leaving first thing Friday.

We are caravanning with Mike (the gentleman who towed the shop trailer down to Pennsic for us ten (more?) years ago, because he needs a driver to spell him. Speaking of Chaos, when I said going down Friday, he thought I meant arriving Friday, and said he’d pick me up Thursday. He’s having to scramble too. Better communication would help. But we always THINK we know what the other one said and it’s not always what we think.

I lost a day to reading Pandora’s Boy, the latest Lindsay Davis Roman mystery, which I rather expected. It sucks me along, one chapter at a time. (I was pleased to see Flavia Albia’s husband recovering from getting hit by lightening.) I did think I should hurry since I’m sure other fans are in a queue at the library to get at it.  I’ll get a copy when it comes out in paperback so it matches the rest of the series (and is cheaper).

I watched another Howard Keel movie Pagan Love Song, also with Esther Williams, so some lovely underwater ballet, although it’s one of the musicals that when you compare them to it shows why the greats are great. I still have one movie (and three books) to go back to the library. If I can get packed, I can watch it while I slice the jerky today. I feel guilty because Willow, with her CFS and day job, is doing so much of the Pennsic Prep. I am not consoled that I did it when the kids were young, I feel like I’m dropping the ball now. But I am SO close to finishing the booklet, I hope I can manage. (We can print it at the Staples down there)  It would be frustrating to have done this much and not gotten it ready in time!

No letter next week,  we should be back around the 12th or 13th.


It’s supposed to be Easy.

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