7/27/2016 Take Your Pants for a Walk Day

When they have holidays like “Take Your Pants for a Walk Day” that are passed along although they are clearly typos or derivative (not that Take Your House Plants for a Walk Day makes much more sense), I am reminded of why I enjoy holidays. They are such expressions of the irrepressible whimsy of humans. It’s also Scotch Day and Walk on Stilts Day.

OK, weather. It’s hot. It’s been uncomfortably hot. I wonder how people live in places like Florida. I understand why many tribes wore only loin cloths. (“I declare it’s no-pants o’clock!”) There are flowers outside, but I don’t go out to look at them. (I did notice some pink and white lilies I don’t remember putting in, but they’re very pretty.) We have fans all over the house, and keep it closed up during the day, and open it at night to suck the cooler air in. Willow got some glow-in-the-dark tape to rim the attic door so we could open it at night, but she’d be warned and not walk into it if she went to the bathroom in the dark. This is not interesting, it is just context for the rest of the week.
I finished up the antibiotic, but worried that I might be relapsing (something I didn’t want to do at Pennsic), but Liz reassured me that it is normal to get a yeast infection after a run of anti-biotics (despite my taking yogurt and pro-biotics in between the doses). What a relief. I went to the doctor on Monday and he confirmed it, and I’m using the Monistat both the doctor and my sister suggested. I don’t remember having had one before, so it never occurred to me. I’m glad it’s an easy fix.
I felt well enough to help John and Kat take the tent in and put it into the Great Hall. I’ll admit that John did the heavy lifting, and Kat was there to remember how the roof folds best. John also helped pick up the laundry when the clothesline died and the two sides were down in the weeds below. It’s tied together (as it had stretched a lot), but really needs a replacement rope. Ah, well, after the war.
Jane and I blew off the CTCW Planning Committee Meeting, and the July Newsletter, but I’ve checked to make sure all the blog posts are in the queue. Saturday I remembered that September is coming and sent out applications for the Pagan Pride Days in Massachusetts and NH. I have written the producer of the New Normal several times to try to get him to play archived shows while I’m gone, but he’s not responding. Someone passed along the news that the Magic Mirror (the internet cafe) that’s served Pennsic for several years isn’t going to be there this year. I always wondered why they did it- what a way to spend your Pennsic! Clearly they saw a service that was needed and provided it, but I don’t think they charged enough to make enough money to justify the effort it took. They were really nice people. I hope they are having fun this year.
Market Basket had $1.99 a pound roast beef again, so I made another $15 worth of Jerky. Kat’s been using it as a way to keep her strength up. Steve came up on Sunday. We had glorified “Glop” (tuna, velvetta and rice cassarolle). I added sautéd onions and mushrooms, it was pretty good. I am still not cooking much, it’s too hot, and standing by the stove is hard. Maybe this is what it’s like for other people.
My brain function started returning as soon as I finished the Cipro (Friday?). Sadly, I did lose about two weeks to the infection, so at this point we are scrambling to catch up. One thing I did was to decide NOT to make booklets for my classes this years, simply prepare class notes and one-page handouts. I’ve got two of five done, but this is Wednesday and we wanted to leave Friday morning, and we’ve still got a lot of packing to do. Luckily I seem to have a lot of garb, so all I have to do is make sure it’s in good repair and in my chest. Willow didn’t manage to get a new chest made- she’ll look around the war and see if there’s one we can buy.
Kat’s been jeweling a girdle (something that goes around your waist- on the outside) for three years and has discovered that her hips have grown and she needs to find some of the fabric to put in gussets! She and Willow have sorted their garb, I still need to do mine.

Willow’s car is still at the shop. The last estimate was “end of the week”. The parts only came in on Monday. Luckily I was too weak to go anywhere. The progression went from I could get up and do stuff for five minutes before I had to sit down and rest, then the next day I could work for 15 minutes, the next day 30, the next day an hour and a half (two if I pushed it).  Friday I was able to go to the grocery store with the girls, but it wiped me out. At this point I’m doing just about everything I’d want to do, it’s just harder and I’m slower. I’ll admit that Willow has been trying to fill in as much as she can, and I worry about how exhausted she’s getting.  But not going out, I didn’t notice that apparently my debit card got turned off Sunday before last. When I finally went out last Monday and it was refused, I went to the bank and they said there was a fraud signal on it. Really? Was I informed of this? When? How? I’ll admit that I haven’t been up to checking my email every day or opening the mail consistently, but how about a phone call? I suppose they figure that you’ll call them if it isn’t accepted. Whoever “compromised” the card tried an 67 cent charge to a spa in Minnesota, and then a large charge at a grocery store over in New York State. They caught it, so I guess I’ll be less critical when they stop the card when we travel (except that mostly these days we remember to tell them). As soon as I’m done with writing the letter, I have to run out and get a new card. [done!] Luckily they have the ability to generate them at one of the Milford branches. I’m sure we’d have caught it earlier had I been out and about. And if Willow’s car isn’t done by tomorrow, they can just keep it until we get back!

Willow has been making herbals to sell to Auntie Arwen’s. We had to send for more bottles, and labels, and materials. She uses a few drops of Pennyroyal oil in the bug off mixture. We know pennyroyal is powerful. I first heard of it when Honour was using a few drops in a bag with a whole fleece to kill any bugs in it. Good stuff, but Willow’s stuff is clearly labeled (in red this year) to put on a cloth, not on your skin. But try to get some? No one has it! The tea alone is an abortifacient, the oil if ingested a deadly poison. I do think people in general need to learn to be more cautious with “natural” products.
Speaking of people in general, politics has gotten depressing. It’s hard to avoid talking about it, but as the cartoon says “My urge to stay informed is at odds with my urge to stay sane.” I would SO love to vote for Sanders, and I do think Clinton is a political creature, first, second and all the way through. Still, better than Trump. If by some miracle, come election day, it looks like Sanders has a real chance of winning, I’d vote for him, but I think beating Trump- AND getting as many of the Republicans out of Congress as possible, is the most important thing. I wish I knew how to heal the problems that have created so many Trump supporters. Clearly they are scared and angry, and I have no idea how to soothe them. Trump doesn’t want to, scared and angry they are more easily led, and then he will screw them, like he’s done everyone else all his life. I don’t want to call them stupid, so I’ll say distracted. It’s very sad. I wish there were a way to filter all political posts out of my fb.

Days since I’ve gotten better are filled with pre-trip stuff, like trying to figure out how far we can drive on Friday and reserving a hotel to stay at. Last year when we got to Coopers Lake we spent about 2-3 hours baking in the line to check in, so we are going to try to get closer this year- about a half hour (well, plus breakfast) out from Pennsic. That means probably 12 hours driving on Friday (because the trailer slows us down, and we like to stop to eat). That means we need to get the trailer packed today and the car tomorrow, or first thing Friday.
This is the first time in YEARS that Willow’s birthday hasn’t been either at Pennsic or traveling to it. She’s hoping to be able to take a bit of time off and see her friends for her birthday. I hope so too, she’s been working SO hard. On top of that, she has the stress of trying NOT to stress. That’s just not fair! But it’s true. Where is the logic of people telling you to relax and not stress. That’s like hanging by a rope and letting people know that your shoulders are about to give out, and their saying “just let go”. How is that going to improve the situation? If you have a ton of stuff that needs doing, and other people aren’t going to do it, you have to figure out how to do it yourself, and that’s stressful. I hope she can get this break- although I will miss our traditional “night before leaving” Chinese food. (If she’s got the only car, I can’t go get it.)

I hadn’t found a guest for the New Normal and then yesterday a lovely lady I met up at A Sacred Place called, and she’ll be coming on tonight. Her name is Kim Snowhawk Hart, (which is a little confusing because I already knew a Kim Hart). I feel blessed! We’ll be talking about how people can act like you’re crazy when you are calm about psychic things happening. I wish people would just accept that it’s real and happens occasionally, and isn’t risky.

Liz tells me that after the crowded weekend there were septic problems at Clearwater, and the technician recommended shorter showers, not using the washer often, and only flushing when absolutely necessary. Since we have a well and don’t want to run out of water, this is how we live. I’m not sure why one needs a shower when there’s a perfectly good lake right out front- and it’s so clean. Maybe to keep shampoo out of the lake.  Kitty has apparently been spending most of her time trying to get the boats in the water- the sailboat is in now. Because of PopCultAnimeCon, the girls and their friends won’t be going up until after Labor Day, and Liz had wanted to close up after Kitty went back to school. That seems early to me, September is the best month! Warm water, less people. I hope I can get up there!

I did finish the first season of Penny Dreadful. I am turning over in my mind whether to watch the next season. It does have a LOT of unnecessary sex and violence, and many of the characters seem to be without redeeming merit. Still, the story is good, an the sets and costumes are wonderful. Mark brought over an old SF movie from the 80s (although I’ve forgotten the name) My reading has all been for the workshops I’m doing at the war, and I really need to get back to doing the handouts. And pack my garb. And 2 weeks of vitamins for everyone. And my art supplies. And…

At least I can assure you that if I am not “well”, I am much “better”. There will be no letter for the next couple of weeks, but maybe I’ll send postcards- IF I have physical addresses. I STILL haven’t got them for most people since the computer crash two years ago! If I remember to keep the phone charged, I may be able to message people through fb, although I’d rather not.


“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.” Mark Twain