8-22-2007 Friendship Week

Not much is happening this week. I could wax rhapsodic about the current wildflower display: the Jewelweed is gorgeous this year (which implies that the poison ivy is as well). Willow actually glanced out the back window and saw a hummingbird sipping from the jewelweed flowers in the back yard- what eyes she has! Me, I see the goldenrod, which is gorgeous, even the purple loosestrife is gorgeous, even though I hate it for being an invasive weed. Kat is noting the first red leaves- she is SO eager for the fall! During this latest “cool snap” we’ve dressed the altar in the first few fall leaves. The herb garden is decked in the purple cone-flowers (echnacia) and the bumble bees are dancing about the last hollyhocks and mint flowers. (I pruned the mallows after they bloomed fairly severely and got a second bloom out of them- I hope I didn’t damage them.) There are also mullein and Queen Anne’s lace and ladies thumb all over.
The cool weather is more comfortable than the heat of dog days for some of us- (Willow liked the heat, as I suppose most people with arthritis or other aches do.)
Kat actually hurt herself at Pagan Pride Day in Maine- she’s guessing from lifting the ceramics chest with her back not her legs, but we aren’t sure. Still, she spent Sunday and most of monday in considerable discomfort from back spasms. I hope it heals well and she learns from it.
Willow didn’t feel up to it, so Kat and I went alone. When we got there we were offered choice of a couple places, and chose the far corner away from where the drum merchant was setting up. Sadly, a half hour later, the performers came in and set up their speakers right beside us- Murphy strikes! The event opened at 10, and we weren’t quite set up. At eleven I had my first class: a history of Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism (hope I dispelled some of the sillier ideas out there), and at noon I did the intro to Runes. Later I met one of the women from the first workshop in the book booth picking up a copy of the book I’d recommended as a good overview- cool to know I’m trusted. Nice that the book guy got to see that I was sending customers his way. He knows me anyway because of my buying habits. Sadly, at one the concerts started, and they were very loud. I felt really sorry for whoever was still trying to teach! I’d been hoping to hit a couple of the other workshops, but while the music was blasting like that, I cut Kat loose (she went around to the other side of the church where there was a playground until the rock group was done) and held down the shop. There were belly dancers after the rock- I am a bit sick of belly dancers, but the young ones were cute, and I liked the one who danced with a snake and a sword and some flaming thingees on her fingers. Kat tried to get pictures of the dancer with the snake, but they don’t seem to have come out.
As usual we put in some stuff into the fund raising raffle, and bought $5 worth of tickets. I like the cup raffles where you can put in for the ones you want and not the ones you don’t. With my 6 tries I got two gift certificates- one for the guy who does woodworking- but this fall he’s got a new book out, so I got that instead, and he gave me two “one for your lovely daughter”. And the other for a seashell reading from the Michelle- I’ll probably get it at some other PPD. I asked Kat if she wanted any tickets and she looked at the table and said there was nothing she wanted- so I asked what about the TV? (A local store had donated a small TV/VCR). So she got $5 worth of tickets, put them all in the TV cup- and won it! (you saw that coming, didn’t you? Why else would I give it such a build-up?) Not bad for $10!
I also got a reading from a psychic who specializes in business. He said that he’d never read for anyone who was so scattered in all directions (I told him I didn’t need a psychic to tell me that!) and I could make money with almost any of my talents, but I had to just choose and stop trying to do it all. So I have to decide what to give up. I can happily let Willow have Cabochons since I stink at selling, and she seems to like it. I never really wanted to hang a shingle out as a healer, so I can give that one up. I think I can give up being a portrait artist except as a hobby. So that leaves the question if I can combine being a speaker and writer/illustrator. I really, really hate to give anything up (which is why the house is so full).
On the way home we got off at the wrong exit and found a lovely Chinese restaurant to eat, and we made some money (although never as much as we’d like).

I think I mentioned that the notary came by to do the closing of the loan last Friday. Monday through today was our “cooling off” period to decide whether I really wanted to have the loan or not. I got a good deal of “sticker shock” when I realized that I was paying nearly $4K in various fees to borrow $50K. I suppose that’s how they make their money. I toyed with the idea of “playing hardball” and trying to get a lower rate or some better deal- but that’s just not one of my talents. I am good at many things, but bargaining over money is not one, so I’ll just get the loan and start looking for contractors to get the house fixed up. I just hope I got the right sized loan. Does 7.5% sound reasonable to you? I’m told I can re-negotiate if it’s high, but I’m not sure whether it is or not. I AM sure that I’m not the person to negotiate. I did go to the lawyer and have him go over it page by page with me, and he said it looked a bit high to him, but he wasn’t sure either- but all the papers were normal.

This week I’ve been going over the books for the workshops I’ll be doing this weekend: Anglo-Saxon Dress, Anglo-Saxon Herbs, Anglo-Saxon Women, and Anglo-Saxon Magick. I’ve gotten so used to having booklets to go with each of my lectures it’s strange for me to be working without one. I did add some illos to the old herbal handout to pad it out a bit.

This cold snap has been inspiring Kat especially to get into the mood for fall- specifically Halloween. This week we’ve watched more horror movies than I can remember seeing recently. We watched the Haunting, (and I picked up a copy of Haunting of Hill House from the Library for the girls to read down at the East Coast Thing so they don’t go into withdrawals- I should have picked up Turn of the Screw too), Dead Silence, The Grudge, Ringu and Ju-on. Ringu is the Japanese movie that inspired the American movie the Ring, and Ju-on is the Japanese movie that inspired the Grudge. When those go back, we’ve ordered a bunch for Star, since we’ll be gone for four days, then I expect it’s back to horror again. Before these we saw some recent movies: Little Miss Sunshine, which was a sweet little movie, not great, but nice, about a little girl in a kid beauty pageant. It was kind of creepy to see all the little Jon Benet’s she was competing against. Kinky Boots was a fairly typical underdog trying a different angle type movie. I liked it enough that I’d have gotten it if it were still available for $5, which wasn’t true of LM Sunshine. One Night with the King was a nice biblical romance- I’m not sure about the Esther story being attached to Darius, I think I’d have remembered that. Nice costumes though, and Jon Rhys-Davies is always fun to watch- he played Mordicai. Kind of bugged me though that Haman never appeared with a triangular hat. Not once.

I’ve been waiting to hear from Honour as I write. Her mother has had a stroke so she’s flown over today, and there was a possibility she might be staying with us, but I know we’re a long way from the Maine hospital where her mother is, so I expect we’ll hear later. Of course, we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning first thing, so we may miss her entirely.

Oh well. Got to get everything done before we leave for the East Coast Thing. (yes, that’s the name of the event)


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