8-27-2014 Be kind to humankind Week

It’ll have to be a short letter this week, I am trying to do too many things today, and also, not much happened this past week. OK, stuff happened, but not fun exciting stuff.
The weather last week got chilly- I even turned off the fan sucking cooler air in at night. I rather liked it. But it’s hot again. The garden flowers right now are the old fashioned phlox (and the morning glory- purple this year, and nasturtium). I was impressed that the white phlox we cut for the table lasted about ten days, maybe that’s why they were so popular. And they bloomed in the spring and came back, which is also nice. I have both the white and pink on the table now. I mean to go out and pick some purple loose-strife to add to the arrangement, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Remember last week the girls spent in Maine at the lake with their friends. They actually spent an extra day up there, artists make their own schedules, and got back Saturday evening. They’ve taken to sharing the cooking, so they can each get a chance to share talent, and went to see Guardians of the Galaxy. One day some men came and leveled the camp. Thiscamp footingphoto

is before and after pictures. I was confused because I thought the chimney went down to the dirt, but apparently at some point it got crooked enough that Dad has it floating on a couple of i-beams. But the ground keeps going down toward the lake and it needed to be fixed. For a while anyway. What Willow noticed afterwards was that now the chimney was straight, there’s a bit more gap between it at the loft floor.dad's stairs

Mostly what I did while they were gone was first- roll stockings, which I told you about last week, then next I started working on the pattern for my new banner. I decided that making a stencil was worth it rather than drawing each of 15 motifs one at a time, but finding something to make the stencil with has been a problem. I picked up a piece of plastic window-“glass” which I was able to cut with the dremel tool, but I’m worried about whether it’s going to break (again) once I get it all cut out. Given that I need it on the 20th, it had better not take more than one day to couch the gold cord on per motif! DSC01504
But it’s going to look spectacular. (If I have any energy after the letter and podcast today, I’m going to see if I can cut a stencil from the craft foam Willow used for the Alexander armor.)
Sigh, I didn’t find a guest for the show tonight and am worried that I’ll spend the hour just blithering on my own. We’re also trying to find ways to promote it (free) and get the panels posted. Every year I intend to get everything done earlier, and each year I don’t manage. Feh!
I’m also starting on the new gown (only two projects before the ceremony, but I’m sure that’s enough. After all, while it’s 24 days away, 5 days will be unavailable because we’ll be at Harpers, and Pagan Pride Days.
DSC01505   Can you see the pattern on the fabric? I never know if people can zoom on their computers. It’s very lovely and soft.
While working I listened to all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, and now am cycling through the LoTR movies. I also took out High Wind in Jamaica, (pirate movies advertise pirate movies) which looked like your basic comedy that a bunch of pirates accidentally get children on their ship, who make them look like idiots and reform them. This was not like that. The children were little animals, and the ending was depressing. [spoiler warning] Chavez (Anthony Quinn) doesn’t tell the court that the little girl had actually (mostly accidentally) killed the man they were accused of murdering. (It’s possible that he knew they wouldn’t believe him anyway.) His mate, James Coburn objectes to being hanged for a crime he hadn’t committed, and Chavez consoled him: “Zac, you must be guilty of something!”
As more and more “this happened to me” stories circulate about black men being horribly treated by police, I am reminded that the law, and life not being fair is just the way it is. As with the phrase “whether the pitcher hits the stone, or the stone hits the pitcher, it’s going to be bad for the pitcher.” The system is flawed to the point that the rights of minorities are seriously fragile, and avoidance seems the best way to escape damage. I have great hope that this will focus awareness and we will work on the system, because if we don’t the prognosis is just scary. (Speaking of scary, is it that I don’t have TV, or are they not talking much about the ebola outbreak in Africa, or the volcano risk up in Iceland? I am happy that they worked out a cease fire in Gaza, but know that so many people have been hurt over the last century, healing is going to be nearly impossible.
My brother and sister-in-law, Steve and Vicki have headed over to the Middle East again, and will help as much as foreigners are allowed to. I am in awe of their choice to do this.

guardians34x448    What else? When we heard all the good things about the Guardians movie, Jon and I went to see it on Sunday. It really is all that (and a bag of popcorn)! I never actually read that comic, but now will look for it. It was at the drive-in with the reboot of TMNT, but I opted for air-conditioning and a matinee. (Are Groot and Rocket everyone’s favorites?)

The kids took the van up to Maine so they could all ride together, and I had to use Willow’s Kia (a standard) while they were gone. I can, but I don’t like it. Monday we dropped the van off to get the leaf spring replaced, then yesterday we took Kat to a doctor’s appointment and it wouldn’t start. The AAA guy couldn’t get it started, and they had to have a tow truck. I do want to heap extravagant praise on Avalon who came out and got us (because the tow truck can only take two), so she and Bianca missed the Ice Cream Social the night before the first day of school  (so they went to Wendy’s after to console the kids). Friends who actually show up when you need them, even when they have to skip something are really good friends! (I’m not sure I’ve been that good a friend to people recently.)
Luckily, the van was almost fixed and I was able to get out by 5:30. (Then I went over to Shaws to return some cream that smelled like skunk when I opened it. Weird. All I can think of is that a skunk “went off” in a warehouse or parking lot near that batch and the scent got through the cardboard. It was quite distinctive, and bizarre.)
Ah well, things to do- I really wish it was easier to think of things I’ve done more than things I still need to do (still haven’t cleaned the fridge since we got back from Pennsic- scary!) But since Harpers is this weekend, I hope to have some fun stuff to report next week!

The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.

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