9-27-2006 Last week of September

Willow went over to Keene and picked up my computer Monday, and it broke again Tuesday and she took it back. The guy at the store said it may have something to do with having too many things on one outlet, which seems unlikely to me. The electricity comes in from the wires on the street, to the house, out of the wall, and into the computer. Why it going through one of those surge protector bars would screw up the computer I can’t imagine. Feh.
Thank goodness the old computer still works. I didn’t spot anything lost the first time around, but still worry they may lose information this time. I must learn how to back up.
Last week I spent Tuesday and Wednesday up in Maine with my father. He is looking well (actually, he’s lost weight and now weighs less than me, which is disorienting), and he’s recovering from his back surgery well. He went up and down the stairs to Uncle Charlie’s and Pat Robert’s houses with care, but not too much difficulty, and only use the walker at the fair- as much for a take along seat as anything else. (We watched the ox pulling- fascinating.)
It seems that the main activity among his retired freinds and himself is checking up on each other. Seems like a good way to live to me.
Got back and spent the weekend at the CT Renn Faire. Actually the girls went down Friday night because Saturday I was booked at the NH Pagan Pride Day. Friday Alva and Sue dropped by on their way back from visiting a friend upstate, then Steve came by for the afternoon and watched me pack.
NH had rain all morning, and the organizers of the PPD just gave up on the workshops, and are going to try again in October, so I was able to leave at 4, and get there in the light. Sadly, we did have to both drive home Sunday night. Since then I’ve been making more little statues to sell.
Brian came by Monday and is helping us make a website- Stormgard.org, which Cabochons will be off of. That’s the short form- I have to get back to making little goddesses.
I hope to be able to write a more full letter when the computer gets back- but who knows how long that will be.

I am still getting used to the whole LJ thing. It was kind of neat to think about people reading my stuff. Hope I’m generally interesting, although I don’t think so. Especially not recently.

This week I’ve been making some more sculptures, and since we are finally getting help, we may finally have a working website, (as soon as my computer gets back from the shop, sigh) so I’ll have a place to put pictures. (writing on Willow’s)

Some of you might be interested in the books I’ve been reading lately. I’m reading Runic Amulets and Magical Objects, which is really cool. I also recently read Galina’s book, Exploring the Northern Tradition, and it was kind of cool to find inscriptions about Gerd after reading about her in a book on modern heathenry. Also my copy of Pollington’s Leechcraft came in. I have no idea how I missed it, it’s been out for nearly five years, and it’s just the kind of thing I read, but I only heard about it at the war this year. I’m thinking the title is close enough to other titles I own so I didn’t notice. And I’ve been so psyched about that I haven’t gotten back to the book on Anglo-Saxon Slavery that I started a couple weeks ago. I have to admit that at least part of my motivation on getting that one was looking for academic support for my arguments that the Neo-Heathen groups who call their new members “thralls” are being incredibly inaccurate.
I can get behind their having a system where while a newbie is learning the ropes he (or she) doesn’t have to provide his own gear, and doesn’t participate in the running of the group, and more experienced people are responsible for providing material for him to study- but that’s not a thrall, and having spent 30 years suffering under some of the “traditions” that have enforced inaccuracy in the SCA, it’s even harder for me to take with groups that are even younger, and constantly going on about how everything they do is based on the “lore”. Come ON! They cast circles, they celebrate the solstices, equinoxes and quarter holidays just like the neo-pagans. And like that horrible Saxon-wicca Buckland came up with (the difference between a normal athame and a Saxon Seax was that the seax had two sharp edges- yeow!) it is full of silliness that is really hard to take. I just keep remembering when I read about the handmaidens of Frigga back when I was in college and thought about how each of the twelve of them had a role, jotting down a system for creating a Coven structure based on the Handmaidens. If I’d had just a few more friends who I could have talked into it, there might be a Frigga-wicca Tradition all over the country right now. What a scary idea! Thank the gods for small favors!