9-3-2015 Beheading Day

Oh dear I got distracted working on the CTCW website, and most of the day is gone.
I suppose that’s sort of the story of the week, I have been working on the website most of the time, and it’s looking better. I’ve gotten all the “Test” messages out that I could find, I’ve got bios and head shots of 15 CTCW Basicsspeakers up. I’ve transferred some pages over from the old site, and the registration form is working (I think). I am trying to balance my feelings that I’m starting late (and the inevitable “I’ve almost got this done….” which minute by minute leads to going to bed at two a.m.) with trying to not to spend too much time and energy on the con and push myself back into depression.

The girls caught a cold (I hear there’s a nasty one going around) and were pretty pathetic with nose blowing and coughing and no energy or appetite.  I plied them with OJ and toast points and soup, and as all colds do, they finally passed. We now know the drill, when you are feeling better you will suddenly lose energy just as you get started on something you need to catch up on, so don’t do it.
We dropped off Willows car last week for the repairs it needed to pass inspection, but although it was done Friday, she didn’t have the energy to go out and pick it up until yesterday. Robert bought my old car, and what he paid me more than covered Willow’s repairs, and they think that if she undercoats it against rust before winter, she may be able to get another couple of years out of it, so that’s good news. I will miss my old car. Apparently Robert’s just bought a new house and could use a van to move with- sadly, his new place is near where they’re trying to put in one of those blasted pipelines, so he’s worried about the possibilities of imminent domain and (however slight) the disaster of a leak. (I’m not sure how a pipeline can use imminent domain- it’s totally a money making mechanism for a private corporation, so it shouldn’t qualify for the ability to take private property for public use.) Also this week Jane/Arwen is busy doing her final move from her ancestral home to her new place a couple towns away. If she weren’t three states away I’d probably be helping her- but at my age I might not be much use carrying boxes. Filling them or emptying them maybe. I expect Jane will be emptying boxes for some weeks to come! Still, she showed me some on-line pictures of her new place, and it looks nice.

This weekend Steve came up and got the fun of watching me fill our vitamin boxes. Other than Kat we aren’t on any medications, and that makes us rare in this day and age. But we do take a lot of vitamins. I realize that as most of them are water soluble, we probably pee most of them away- but on the other hand, that’s how meds work too- our whole water supply is full of meds that get pee’d away. When Penicillin was new, they used to collect the pee and extract it to reuse. They understood that the amount the body takes and uses is only a small fraction of what goes in, and yet no one suggested not bothering because it ended up in the urine. Let the body have access to what it needs and you’ll be healthier. That’s the theory anyway.
The other benefit of taking a fistful of vitamins is that you really have to eat something with them to pad the stomach or you’ll feel queazy, So it does remind us to eat. Often not until one of us has a drop in blood sugar and starts feeling cranky, but it’s better than nothing.
My big accomplishment this week was emptying the chest freezer at the bottom of the stairs. In truth, we hadn’t gone into it for food in way too long. If I’m going to be honest, I have been letting John take food down to the freezer and bring it up, so I hadn’t really dug around in there in months- maybe years. Anyway, the last electric bill was up again, and I was annoyed because we don’t have air conditioning, so why would it go up? Then I remembered the freezer. I’ve been meaning to go through it for months. Sunday I finally did. While they put dates on canned goods, they rarely put the year on frozen or fresh stuff- so I knew that a turkey was “best if eaten by May 3”, but what year? Sadly there was a lot of stuff in there that I’d lost track of. We thawed a couple of things and sniffed them, and they smelled freezer burned, so I bit the bullet and took a couple of garbage bags full to the dump where the magic phrase “freezer fail” allowed us to put them straight into the incinerator. But halfway down we hit solid frost and had to wait for it to thaw more to get anything more out. The recycling center is closed Monday, so we aimed for Tuesday morning.
Before we got out, I got a call from Deb Miller inviting me to a party- and while chatting I mentioned my project. She told me that a mutual friend George, would love to have the meat to feed his dog. I called George and he came right over and collected the last 6 turkeys and other meats. Gabriel seemed like he was a sweet dog, and apparently he gets sick if he doesn’t get real meat- and doesn’t mind the freezer burned taste. I only wish we’d known on Sunday! Ah well, at least that’s some waste prevented. I actually took a really ugly picture of the “iceberg in a chest” with old roasts poking out like bits of ancient mammoths, but it won’t load. (lucky you)
Today the girls went up to Vermont to see Kirk for acupuncture again, and got back just in time for Willow’s gaming. Sadly, around 8:30 our modem crapped out- bad for her game and for my podcast. My guest tonight was Maryalyce (another eclectic healer, student and teacher of all things psychic) and I think she kept it going while we were waiting for the computer to reconnect. Luckily, she just kept talking (about Crystal Skulls) and we only had about thirty seconds of dead air. On our end it felt like 15 minutes, first I had to try to figure out if I dared recycle the modem (we were pretty sure it was the modem), when I finally couldn’t hear anything any more we gave up and did it, and had to wait for it to reboot, which always seems like it’s taking forever. I have no idea why there’s a problem but it’s probably because there’s a greater demand for the internet both within our house and everywhere else.

Sadly, that’s about it for this week. I did (during cooking, mostly) watch a few movies. Dragonfly was a lovely film with Kevin Cosner wondering whether his dead (doctor) wife is trying to get in touch with him through her patients who were having near death experiences. It dealt with it in a lovely balance of skepticism and possibility. I started to watch an action movie Jumper about a teleporter, but it fell into the relatively small category of movies that by the middle I just didn’t feel any need to finish. The most appealing character was the alcoholic father the protagonist ran away from. On the other hand, the juvenile romance 17 Again turned out to be really touching. It’s about a guy who during mid-life crisis wishes he could be young again and realized that no matter what was going wrong, his love for his kids and wife was greater than everything else. The jokes, which I think were what was the point of the movie, were pretty lame, but the love story had me weeping. On the other hand- maybe my blood sugar was just low. The movie Rainmaker was about a young lawyer, getting too involved in his clients. It was centered on a suit against an insurance company with policies aimed at making money not providing service, and how the lawyers pulling dirty tricks did better than the ones who were straight. The ending was satisfying, but the movie was more sad than uplifting. I’m not sure, as good as it was, that I could encourage anyone to run out and see it.
Having gotten Corpus Conundrum (the Roman mystery with Pliny the Younger as the “detective”) on e-books, and read than in a couple of days, I then got the Eyes of Aurora – the fifth books in the series because one gets to care about the characters and ongoing meta story. Bell actually sets up the situation that precipitated this book in the second and third book, which is a cool thing.
I am, of course, reading several non-fiction books (a chapter here a chapter there) as well. Still working on the Witchcraft, Intimacy, and Trust: Africa in Comparison and have gotten a couple of others on the same topic. Started Pagan Magic of the Northern Tradition, and the (Very Short Introduction) to Magic from that series. But mostly, I’ve just been working on the website. Parts of me are proud of things I’ve figured out- parts of me are resentful that I have to struggle with something that other people probably find easy, I am continually amazed at how long things take- but I think that I have to ascribe a lot of that to getting distracted by interesting things on the internet.
Ah well, Harpers is this weekend, so I should have something interesting in the next letter.

“The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.”

Bertrand Russell