901 4/19/2012 Woodworking Welding and …

Partial gleaned from letter exchange with Dana the Witless:

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 6:17 PM, Tchipakkan <tchipakkan@tds.net> wrote:

Dear SCA friends: April 19, 2012

We’ve had a couple of warm days this week, nights cool enough to sleep with covers.


I have come to the conclusion that I’ve either got to get rid of the goats or


This weekend was the East Kingdom Coronation. I’d been forewarned that this set of royalty are Saxons and the ceremony was basically the one from Æðylred Unrede’s coronation.


I was really looking forward to sitting with El at the feast, but then Kat, who’d been looking grey all day, started getting greenish and shaking.

El has always been a neato rogue.  This alergy business is troublesome.  Time for something akin to the anti-smoking


We told the autocrat to give our seats to someone on the waiting list, and packed up and went out just as the feast was starting. It was actually a little scary. My legs were a little wobbly because of the repeating kneeling and getting up at court, and all the stairs (the vending hall, court hall, and feast hall were stacked one over the other), and in truth, by the end of the day I was taking the elevator without embarrassment.

Dana: You were lucky to have one available, I went to a BMDL hosted arts event which was heavy on music, it ended with a couple hours of live dance, but the dance hall was third floor walk-up.  Luckily my instruments and music were one load.  I doubt I could repeat that today, my heart has gotten rather weaker since.

But Kat was quivering, l…

…. But within lurked a can of Fabreeze air freshener.

Dana: Someone should start a class-action lawsuit.  Really.  FDA is simply not getting its job done.

Remember how bread was done in centuries past?  You didn’t buy yeast, but instead depended on what was in the air and in particular rooms.