Asexual Awareness Week

I think it’s Indian Summer, the weather is gorgeous today, but has been cold.  I last wrote on the 10th as it’s been a busy couple of weeks, so this will be a long one.  John has taken down the screen door; most of the bugs are gone, and it is unlikely that we’d want to leave the door open to let the warm air in until next spring,  This has made it easier to let the cats in and out. They still like to go out, and have even found a few ticks. We had not bothered with a dose for October thinking it was too cold, but I’m thinking that the ticks may be in “heat seeking” mode- trying to find a warm place for the winter. “Oh, here comes a cat!”
It’s peak color, although you may not be able to tell from this picture. We put up the Asexual flag, this week. I am afraid the climbing rose has viciously attacked the previous flag and needs to be tied back more. So far we have no large pumpkins- just 4 little ones on the newel posts. No flowers blooming that I’ve noticed, and anything frost sensitive is gone. This last couple of weeks we’ve had a background of the sound of acorns falling on the metal roof of the trailer, which seems much louder in the middle of the night. Wherever there are oak trees (as by our house) along with the leaf litter there is an accumulation of crushed acorns where they fall and the cars run over them. I wonder if anything takes advantage of that?
The windowsills are lined with tomatoes. Avi, in the excitement of having her own house and yard, but in a small garden this year, and the tomatoes produced well. Sadly for her, no one in her house likes tomatoes- so we got the joy of her produce. They are delicious! I miss fresh tomatoes all winter. We also have a couple dozen from the Twilight Covening leftovers. Since they were commercially grown, I am not sure that they will EVER ripen enough to taste like I want them to taste. It’s been two weeks now and they are still really hard. I will have to can them up soon if ever. (Avi’s made some really excellent sauce!)
The girls have been diligent in completing the Inktober drawings- and they put them up on the pocket calendar every evening. There are prompts (I’d never noticed that before, perhaps they never bothered trying to follow them before), and Willow was stumped by one, and got a week behind trying to come up with something to follow the prompt. If you’d like to see what they’ve done, here are the links to where they post the scans on tumbler:  Kat calls her page Words with Kittywitch, and Willow calls hers The Best Worst Idea. Every year I’ve thought I should do it too- practice is the only way one can get and stay good at anything, but I am just not interested in doing a pen and ink every day.
Let’s see, what else have we been up to? This past weekend we went to the last of the New England Pagan Pride Days. Vermont has started theirs up again, calling it the Green Mountain PPD. We had to get up at five thirty, (while it was still dark!) to be there by nine. We managed to get there (the UVM college ecumenical center) before the organizer arrived. There were only two vendors there this year as the college had sprung a requirement on the PPD organizers that vendors needed a million dollar insurance rider. We had one because we go to Pennsic, and the Coopers require it. Sadly, VT is still small enough that two were just about what they needed. The other vendors were also SCA, and packed up quickly at five to get over to the feast at Coldwood after! Luckily, there was no overlap in our merchandize- they had statues, incense, wind chimes, mortars and pestles, tarot cards, and we have the jewelry and stockings, so I guess we got every dime the participants had to spend- and covered the trip up, in money if not in energy expended. I think the only one I recognized there was Kirk White. He spoke on Liminality. My workshop on Tarot was well attended too even though ours over-lapped a bit. Since about half the people who were there already read Tarot I talked about theory and tips rather than doing a simple “how to”.
We ‘crashed’ as soon as we got in because we had to be up and out again at 8:30 to get to Nashua for Celebrate Samhain. That event changed hotels this year; they are in the DoubleTree (not far from the Mariott where they’ve been before. Mike and Beth still like having the entertainment/stage at one end of the vending area, which makes it very loud: chatting and information exchange between vendors and customers has to be in raised voices over the music, and so that is amplified too. We were next to Phoenix and Lotus, and I was able to get a deck of Tarot cards Steve didn’t have yet (to hold for Yule). Kat also picked up some hair ornaments with feathers from Kate, Antiqua Nueva, and with one on each side she looked a lot like a gryphon. Very cute! 
 As it was tight behind the table, I spent the day going to the workshops which were one right after the other. I had a lovely time, and felt a bit guilty leaving the girls to do all the work and me to have all the fun. Luckily, they like selling and I like going to workshops. Both days I forgot to get a picture of our set-up, but luckily Ed Huot got one of me chatting with his sister Carol, and Willow remembered on of our tables.
Jeff Cerneson’s workshop on Sigil Magick made me want to do more; we may have talked him into doing a weekend-long version where we could get more than an overview. His wife Susan talked about familiars. Philis Curott talked about how witches need to save the earth in the current crisis. (Well, duh!) I chatted briefly with lots of friends. However, it reminded me why I dislike parties. I really like to say more that “hi, how are you doing? Nice to see you, haven’t seen you in so long…” before going on to the next person. We got home by seven, which was great, but still spent most of Monday just recovering from the effort and stress. The sound level was battering.
Willow had gone out Friday while I was getting the car packed, for a small run of silver from Blake Brothers’. The rings especially were looking rather picked over. Sadly we also need to replenish the stockings and silks. Willow games on Fridays, and spent the afternoon pricing the new stuff.  Luckily they finished early, since she was driving at 6 am.
The day before, she’d gotten Avi to give her the day off from going to Keene, and we’d driven up to Vermont and picked up a replacement wood range. All four of us went, because we weren’t sure how heavy it was going to be. Luckily the gentleman selling it (It was an old couple who’d moved out of a large house into a tiny one and were trying to get enough room in their storage unit to fit the motorcycle inside). It looks very like our old one, and I hope it is going to fit. Robert is checking with his strong friend about coming over and helping install it for us. There have been days this month when we’ve really wished we could light a fire.
The day before THAT (sort of going backwards this time, aren’t I?) Willow and I had spent the day at Tufts Dental. Willow had two sessions, I only had one, because although my gums are better than they were, they want them even better before they start working on me. This seems a bit odd as what they’d like to schedule is having five of my upper teeth extracted, and fit me for a partial denture. This apparently is a two step process, they make a temporary to protect the gums while they heel, then make the long term one a few months later. I am still not convinced that all the ones they want to pull are that bad. Yes, some are. I’ve had many root canals, and a dead tooth doesn’t last well. Just night before last a huge filling came out- I think the last corner of tooth that was holding it in must have cracked off. I am doing deep thinking- is it just that I don’t feel old enough to have dentures? I really prefer the idea of implants. I get the impression that they want to yank any that are weak, since the dentures put extra pressure on the remaining teeth. I asked Facebook friends to tell me about their experiences, and most of the folks who have dentures like them. That’s reassuring. But they admit that they do reduce your ability to taste (blocking as it does, the avenue for scents to come down from the nose into the mouth). Tasting food is important to me.
Also I FINALLY got them to hear me when I mentioned the swelling in my gums. They (student and teacher) decided it was a fistula draining, so another tooth was added to the list of ones they wanted to pull. Swell. It bothers me that I’d told them several times and they ignored it until now. While I think the work is well done, and the price is better, I am suspicious that they don’t decide to do what the student dentist needs to complete for his training. Not that they do anything wrong, but that they are working for the benefit of the training, as well as the patients. Before agreeing to it, I think I am going to get another opinion and quote from other dentists. I’m going to have to live with this decision for the rest of my life, and if it means spending more, well, I have an application with the bank for a home equity loan (to cover the car and my credit card debt, I could pay for the dental work with that too. We still need to find someone to extract John’s tooth.
So that was a week with a lot of stress and driving/riding: Two events, dentist, buying the stove, and silver. I had only a day to recover from the previous week. Part of me thought I should write the letter, but mainly I sat and read stories on Facebook. There was a good deal of “vague-booking”, apparently something is going on with the King of the East, but it’s apparently so serious that the story is being kept down at the level of rumors (like that’s going to improve anything!) And then, of course, there was News- for a blessed long weekend I’d been able to forget that Trump was allowing the Turks to massacre the Kurds in Syria, and turning US bases over to Russia, etc. no wonder the impeachment is going forward. He really has no idea that this isn’t just a board game or financial scam he’s playing, and that our country isn’t just a resource for him to strip mine for the benefit of his friends and leave devastated. So much of what he’s doing cannot be healed even once he’s out. This is going to be dramatic in the history books, but it’s appalling to live through!
Twilight Covening was the long weekend. It’s a weekend at a kids camp up in the mountains at the corner of Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. People are divided into “clans”, groups studying a specific thing from sacred hospitality to aging to music, all in a spiritual perspective. I prefer more practical topics like herbalism, or runes. This year I was doing the Snowy Owl Clan again- on divination. Leaders like to gather on Thursday to settle in, I meant to, but missed the ‘leave by one’ deadline so I wouldn’t be driving after dark, so I managed to contact someone who had a shorter drive, and left Friday morning instead. It was a great stress reliever. I was baking the Mabon bread I traditionally bring to the leaders pot-luck, (and one for the family), but I’d been packing divination tools, and printing out scads of handouts. I crammed a LOT of divination into the “clan times” allotted between the many rituals that make up the weekend.
Joanna assisted me this year, and she was really helpful and organized. She’d started setting up the table before I got there. Our clan only had 7 of us, whereas most clans have a dozen to fifteen. I’m note entirely certain Deirdre wasn’t humoring me, but it sure made it easier to get deeply into the topics I covered.
Leaders, being generally older, get to get dibs on the beds in the heated buildings. I, with my medieval camping background (and fresh air fetish), told them I was fine sleeping in the clan working cabin. Most of the cabins are what you’d expect in a 4-H camp, bunks with rather thin mattresses, in unheated cabins. I grabbed the bunk in the outer room and dressed it in featherbed and furs, and was quite comfortable. Part of that was sheer luck, the long range weather report had predicted nights in the 30ºs and rain, but we didn’t get the rain and the weather stayed mostly in the 60ºs, and 40ºs at night. The assistants all were bunked together, but the other 5 ladies all opted to also sleep in the clan cabin. There was Katie, Amnesia (yes, that was the name she uses), Dawn, Lynette, and Sara. There were enough bunks that each got a lower bunk, so the experienced ones hung curtains around them and that holds the heat in nicely, as well as giving privacy. (Also, you take the unused mattress from the top and double it up!). Joanna had brought twinkle lights, and lots of us had decorative hanging, so the cabin looked nicely exotic (and drafts were reduced). It was just across the parking lot from the dining hall, so it was very convenient. Sadly, that was also the closest toilet, but all in all, not that bad. The closeness allowed us to keep doing our divination right up until just before meals (and the attunements- short rituals before them).
Joanna and I had hung a Fortune telling banner up over our table, but didn’t manage to hang the other things we’d brought, so took them over to decorate the clan cabin. We had two Snowy Owl statues, and a stuffed one, plus some divination tools and candles, so that was enough. We only had one picnic table for the 7 of us, and I knew enough to bring one of my SCA folding chairs for the end of the table, so I didn’t have to try to climb in!  It was the first Twilight for four of the seven, so I was careful to let them experience the various rituals that go on all weekend.
The first one was the opening ceremony, where we all shared our names and where we came from and placed a vegetable in the center (these were later made into a communal soup shared on Sunday). After some clan time there was the ‘releasing fire’ on the beach. I let Joanna lead them down there, and stayed in the cabin. You can write down what you want to release from your life on a paper, or a leaf and toss it in, there’s also some dancing to drumming. Some people like it, but I don’t.  I covered the nature of soothsaying, the role of the soothsayer in the community, ethics and that sort of thing Friday night.
Saturday morning after breakfast, Chris Lafond came over and covered some Astrology basics, after that I covered numerology. I think a lot of the basic language of Western magick is based on those two disciplines. I then covered palmistry (my basic “I can teach you to read palms in an hour” workshop). At four we had ’tea’- read tea leaves, which shows how you find and interpret symbols (I think we also covered casting and cards.) The Saturday evening rituals included Trance Dance (again, on the beach) and Dream Circle, where everyone drinks tea and chants and looks at the fire. Sigh. After doing a half an hour of greeting, I went to bed ‘early’. (Somehow after doing my journal, most everyone was coming in anyway.) 
Sunday we covered the more psychic stuff, like dowsing, psychometry, trance-work, and scrying. Learning to be open to the images and whatever comes in, and pass it on without changing it. After lunch the leaders all went down to talk about the big ritual. I set it up so that the clan offered readings to the rest of the people (who had free time). I think that’s very important, since most of them have never read for anyone other than close friends before. There is something amazing about using whatever system you choose and tell a total stranger what the runes, or cards, or seeds, or palm tells you and have them tell you that what you’ve told them helped them understand what was going on in their lives and how to deal with it better. I’m not entirely sure that the clan experience would be successful if we didn’t have that ’serving the community’ part at the end of it. You need to learn to trust the tools and techniques and have faith that they will provide good information. (Sure, occasionally you get a bad reading, but mostly it works.) One of the most important points was that our role is to empower the person who’s come for a reading, so they can deal better.  Four of the ladies read, one served as a hostess, letting people play with the divination toys we had moved out to the ‘lobby’ (councilors area). I didn’t have a big role in the ritual, so I got to go in and read palms for some people for awhile before heading down to the ritual area. I brought one of my chairs, so I didn’t have to stand for hours, and my own cloak, which kept me warm enough.
There were other leader meetings beside that one during the weekend that I had to sit through. Bless my grey hairs, I always got a chair, although there was only seating for about half of us. I can’t say much about the ritual, it’s kept secret- like the Eleusinian mysteries. They create a symbolic environment where people are able to have spiritual experiences. My observation, over the years, is that people have some powerful experiences. If you like, you can simply couch it in terms of theatre. A well made movie or play can bring you to tears or laughter (or make you afraid), even though you know that you have come to the theatre to watch a show, and it’s “not real”. The emotions, or in this case, the revelations, are real. I respect that, so that’s all I will say about it. Except that I wish I could share with you the gorgeous stuff they did and made to create the ritual.
At one point mid-ritual I had to flag one of the people running things to put on my cape and veil for a bit while I ran to empty my bladder. (So spiritual!) One person in a cloak and veil is much the same as another, I was just glad we were able to pull that switch off! At the end I realized that I hadn’t brought a different coat to switch to, and one isn’t to wear the ritual garb where someone can see it, so I ducked out of the closing and headed back up to the dining hall, where Jane (who lost her night vision before I did) was lighting the candles on the clan tables.
For some reason the soup was better this year than other years- luck of the draw I suppose. It tends to be a lot of squash. I used to bring onions and garlic in hopes that it would have some flavor, but found out the cooks (“flamingo clan”) are careful to make sure that it doesn’t set off allergies, and divert things that might to other meals. The food is of excellent quality, and each clan takes a shift in the kitchen. Ours was Monday morning which meant we were cleaning up after the ‘feast’. I wouldn’t have called it a feast (spoiled by the SCA I guess). After lunch on Sunday we don’t eat until we share the soup- and I’m talking about a quarter of a cup of bland veggie soup- and no eating after that until the ritual is over around midnight. I think it was more like 11 this year, although some years it’s 3 am. On the way back to the dining hall everyone is given a tarot card, and those who can interpret them read them for those who can’t. (Some people take it as a sign of the upcoming year, and throw it into the releasing fire the next year.) I actually don’t remember what the food was, but as they had opted not to turn the lights on (just the table candles) people were having a hard time seeing what the food was in the self serve lines. I suggested that next year they at least hang some twinkle lights over the food. I understand not wanting to come from a deep spiritual experience into a bright loud dining hall, but one wants to be able to see one’s food!
Monday we did our kitchen shift and some final clan work, packed everything up again, and the closing ceremony was at 1, the final leaders meeting at two, and I would have gotten out at three, except I stopped to pick up some of the free leftovers. Then since I was having trouble getting the GPS working (there’s no cell towers on the Massachusetts Mount Washington), I took a wrong turn. I didn’t realize it until I saw the “Welcome to Connecticut” sign. Oops, turned around, got the GPS locked in, and got back on the road. Sadly, that cost me an hour, and I’d cut it really close, so my last hour’s drive was after dark. Luckily it was Keene to Lyndeboro, so no need to catch any signs, just follow a well know path. I still don’t think I should drive after dark any more. Since somehow I’d been getting only around six or seven hours of sleep (vs. my usual 9), I accepted some of the chocolate covered espresso beans Dawn had brought to share. I got SO buzzed. Remember, I don’t drink coffee.
While I was doing that, the girls all went to an amusement park. Canobie did something called Screeemfest, which had five haunted houses, and they did four of them. (Skipped the Chainsaw massacre one, did the Military one, Haunted Hotel, the Carnival one (clowns!), and Pirate one (with skeletal mermaids- unless that was last year). Avi’s kids were with Trevor that weekend, so Avi got to go and have fun.
An employee stopped them at the gate and told Kat that she wasn’t allowed to wear a costume in. Sadly, she had put a LOT of planning into not looking like she was wearing a costume- but I don’t think she has any “normal” clothing. Willow guesses the tipping point was the parasol. Willow read them the riot act and they let her pass.  Kat said they had an awesome two story carousel with cool stuff on them like pandas. There were obnoxious teenagers. At one point Kat was holding still (for a photo op) and was taken for a mannequin. People she didn’t know started taking pictures. Someone said “oh, I thought she was real.” And Kat got to say “I am” and they jumped when she moved. She’s going to do it on purpose and help distribute candy over at Avi’s on Halloween.
So two big weekends with a busy week between. I’m pretty wiped. In theory I am resting, but at the same time, we’re trying to catch up with the cleaning, John and I went over and had lunch with Mark Wednesday, I applied for the loan from the credit union, I’ve made tomato sauce with the last of Avi’s tomatoes (the ones from Twilight are still sadly hard), and made monkey bread, biscuits, and a coffee cake, and several batches of popovers with varying success. I fear that the thermostat on the gas stove has died again (I think we replaced it four or five years ago). For the last couple of years we’ve just learned that to get the oven to 350º you set it to 408º. That’s been going up, now it’s 450º, and since one needs to have the first part of the baking of popovers at 450º, and the computer won’t let you set it at over 550º, it doesn’t get high enough to make them pop. Phoeey! I hope replacing the thermostat will be good enough, I don’t want to buy a whole new stove.
I do like hearing from friends via Facebook. Linda and Dennis seem to be having a marvelous time in Venice, and she looks like she’s healing!  On the other hand, tonight Brian seems to have ended up at the bottom of a pig pile at an Armored Combat League practice with his leg bent the wrong way, and now is waiting for surgery to set the broken tibia and fibula!  Trish got her broken foot repaired, but will be having to take a couple months off while it heals. I expect that will drive her nuts- or maybe they’ll let her work from home.
Since I often mention what I read and watch, I’ll say that I’ve been listening to the Halloween films John’s been watching this month: Evil DeadSleepy HollowHocus Pocusthe Haunting, Rose Red,…  Goosebumps is fun, so is House with the Clock in it’s Wall, & Coco. I’ve been putting in, (watching also reading) more Poirot mysteries- with various actors.
I read a Stephen King collection of short stories called Bazaar of Bad Dreams. I keep forgetting what a good writer he is! Perhaps he seems even better because other than that I’ve been reading more ‘cozy mystery’. The Witch Squad series is about a bunch of college girls in witch college. I started it because I tried a linked series the Coffee Coven series about a bunch of older (my age) witches, and wanted to see how some of the characters were introduced. I know it’s appropriate for teens to make poor choices, but sometimes they can’t find something and I feel like yelling at them “have you tried dowsing?” Or any of the other types of magick we use frequently around here. It’s mind candy, I know. No intellectual nutritional value, but it’s relaxing and fun.
As an (I hope) interesting bit of trivia, I started thinking about penny candy recently. I mentioned it on Facebook and the nostalgia flowed freely (like a geyser)!  I remembered malted milk balls (three for a penny, and not wrapped), tootsie rolls, boxes of pumpkin seeds, bazooka bubble gum, pepper mint in sticks and puffs  chocolate babies, Maryjanes and Squirrels (we cut them up as doll brownies), Caramel bulls eyes, (I suppose there were caramels as well, but as with jelly candies: orange slices, and mint leaves, I think of them as what adults got and had in tins at home, not at Mickeys), flying saucers, peppermint sticks, licorice whips (proper black ones, but also pipes, mustaches and dogs, and a thin string of licorice wound into a flat disk with a white candy dot in the center, meant to look like a record and you could unwind it) also occasionally “ ed licorice”, candy cigarettes (and gum ones), wax bottles of sugar water, wax lips and teeth, pixie sticks, candy bracelets and rings, root beer barrels, fireballs, color balls (which required taking out of your mouth to see if the color had changed- I’m sure our parents loved that! You could also stick out your tongue and see what color it had become), jawbreakers were bigger versions, those strips of paper with colored dots (we used to call them arsenic, strychnine, and )  Banana flavored peanut shaped things. Lick’m-aide. Mexican Hats. the stale mini cones with marshmallow “ice cream”. Lemon drops. I remember something no one else seems to- a maple candy stick that must have been pulled because it had long “bubbles” in it, that would get sharp as you sucked them, and sometimes you could suck the ends off and they’d go all the way through. Grammie got those somewhere- not often. I suppose that reminds me of flavor straws. They also colored the milk if you sucked the milk past the candy in the straw and spit it back. Some thought it gross, (like parents), but I don’t know anyone who didn’t do it. And there were little fizzy tabs- like kid alka seltzer that didn’t produce much flavor at all, but were fun to watch dissolve.
One memory leads to another…. Necco wafers weren’t penny candy, but we used them for play ‘coins’. One memory leads to another. One memory leads to another. One memory leads to another. Leaving penny candy, but following the memory trail, in Maine most chocolate bars were 5 cents, but there were some from Canada for 3 cents- not as good, but cheaper.  My favorites were Nestles Crunch bars. I always liked bars that were divided so they became mini-candy bars for dolls. Hershey bars were divided into very flat squares which melted well for S’mores, but changed to thicker rectangles that didn’t. I didn’t even investigate Peanut Butter Cups until I was 8 or so, since they looked smaller. A few bars were 10 cents. Sky bars with 4 fillings, and I think Mounds and Almond Joy, My mother told me how when she was a kid 3 Musketeers were sharable because they had 3 bars in them! (Not just big enough to cut into three) It didn’t take me long to figure out that they were mostly bigger because they were full of air. Sugar Daddies lasted for freaking ever, but could wreck braces, sugar babies were good. Bit o Honey, Clark bars, There used to be a Charleston chew with nuts: Chewey Louies. They disappeared in the early sixties. There was Bonomo Turkish taffy, in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, and another sort that was chocolate covered and looked huge because it was loops of thin lines of toffee. There were Jujubes- which as far as I know were only ever bought in theaters for the boys to throw or shoot at each other. I suppose they were like Swedish fish, but they were much harder. Red hots, Boston Baked Beans, gum drops- in boxes.
Campfire marshmallows came in boxes 3 small boxes 2x8x2 in a package- paper of course. Very classy.
Sorry I’ve taken so long to get this out. I prioritize one thing, and let another go. One thing I want to prioritize is health, so I try to sleep as much as my body likes. I do think it’s part of the reason I’m healthier than many people my age. That and better food and supplements. On the other hand, from what I’ve seen I shouldn’t be smug. One can be ‘perfectly healthy’ one day, and the next there’s a cough, or a swelling or some other bizarre symptom, and the next you know, you’re in the hospital with a serious health condition you didn’t see coming. Not that I will stop trying to eat organic as much as possible, sleep a lot, stay hydrated, and the other things I think help. I keep meaning to get more exercise into my life, I have to make it fit in somehow. Less screen time too.
Meanwhile, bed now.
Oh, and I found the picture of Kat’s vintage nurse’s cape we got at the war this year.
Stay in touch,
Upcoming Holidays (for the the Halloween season)
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In the future, it [will be] deemed a great oddity that 20th-century scientists had discovered elementary physical particles but had failed even to consider the possibility of elementary psychic factors. – KURT GÖDEL