December 1, 2005 Back from Kuai’i

December 1st, 2005

Got in after 8 last night, passed out souvenirs and went to bed. Still playing catch up- laundry, checking e-mail, cleaning, also the usual errands and chiropractor. Kat got in the day before- so she was with Willow at the airport- good to see her. I’m trying to get back to working on the book, but I just got a reminder to mail out the cookie cutters I made right after the war… The creative part is easy, the business part I really need to get better at!
The huna healing conference was great- but not as much technique as I would have liked. I want more specifics and less theory. I already know that we create the world by our thoughts, time is an illusion, and energy flows where attention goes. Tell me how to take advantage of it! There’s the Dynamind technique- it’s very specific, but I don’t really see the connection between it’s structure and how it works. Still trying to work that out.
On the plane I read Triumph of the moon, and Researching Paganisms. Very scholarly. Amazing how using too many pretentious phrases can make something that’s fascinating boring! They work so hard to impress each other. I figure you use precise language to enhance communication. I now think that scholars use it as a weapon against the arguments of other scholars, I don’t think it’s deliberate obfuscation so much as trying to defend themselves against the arguments of others by saying as little and as specifically as they can. Sheesh! 

For anyone who remembers and cares about my bathing suit woes. Willow found three suits in my collection- one of which was the style I’d been trying to buy on line. I apparently hadn’t worn it yet, because when I put it on in Kauai the fabric started stretching- or maybe it was formulated for chlorinated pools, not seawater, because the legs which started discreetly at mid thigh, hiding the worst of my cellulite, started getting longer and longer as I swam. It was down to my knees by the time I was all the way in. And it got longer and longer, down to my shins, my ankles- after 20 minutes, it was flapping a foot beyond my toes- it was like the “mermaid” costumes I’d designed when I was a kid! Sadly, the body was stretching as much as the legs- the crotch was probably at my knees by the end. We all laughed and I never wore it again, but I have no idea what happened. I’d bought it at the swimsuit manufacturing place in the next town that usually sold suits for people who swim competitively- hence the secure design on the shoulders. No idea what happened.
As for the skimpier suits I was “reduced” to wearing, I decided after one day that apologizing for my shape was more unattractive than looking at it, so I decided to stop, and when I did that, I seemed to not care about it as much. I wonder if I can apply that to other parts of my life- seems worth experimenting with at least.

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