Drive through Day!

Hi again!     July 24, 2019

Just a quick so that I won’t have to try and remember this week when I get back from Pennsic.

We managed to get through the heat wave last week- the air conditioner did flip a breaker once, but we figured that out, and fans are still my preferred cooling mechanism. The garden is looking rather faded- the mallows are mostly past, and the yellow lilies. The bronze ones are blooming, but they are at the back behind the mallows. I must say that the Queen Anne’s Lace is gorgeous right now. And Miles has given us a new rose.

Pennsic Prep is in full swing. I even put up one week’s worth of the traditional calendar, but I kept forgetting to check it. This afternoon I got to spike a half dozen of the stickies showing jobs that needed doing. That should have happened as I finished them.

After the heat broke (and the rain stopped, John took the tent  and stuff we’re not taking to PA out of the trailer. Willow is now going to have to repack it with the stuff we take to Pennsic. (She does it because she wants to make sure the weight is balanced.) We’re going to have to remember that during the heat wave I put the camping stove on the back porch so I wouldn’t heat up the kitchen. Mostly we didn’t feel like eating anyway. I made the rolled flatbread and deli sandwiches, and tuna salad… that sort of thing.  I meant to make potato salad, but didn’t want to cook the potatoes. One night the lowest it got was 89. It was not difficult for me to “stay out of the sun” (because I’m on doxycycline). I was NOT going out if I didn’t have to.

I actually have lost about eight pounds- since I saw the doctor for the Lyme. And even better news, as Dr. Q predicted, my blood pressure has gone down with it. I am on the third week of the Doxycycline, and the first week of the Chinese medicine. I am feeling better- probably a combination of all the treatments. I wonder if part of it isn’t that I often read until it’s too late (9 am, 2 hours before the doxy) to eat breakfast, and then am not supposed to eat until 2 hours after, so I often am breaking my fast at 1 pm, then I have to be done eating by 9 pm for the next dose. I’ve given up sugar (exception to come), and mostly have been drinking ice water with lemon juice and a pinch of salt (sort of like an unsweetened Gatorade) all day. I suspected a UTI,  so have been pushing water and lemon and cranberry juice. Today the NP tested and said it’s probably a yeast infection. (It seemed so unfair to get an infection while ON an antibiotic. Yes, I know that each different bacteria needs a specific antibiotic, but still!) I have now taken the antifungal, it’s apparently a one pill treatment. I hope there are no beneficial fungus getting killed off. Ah, the holes in my education!

I was in because this was John’s follow up from the Emergency visit, and meeting his new primary. She’s a Nurse Practitioner with Doctor Quirbach, and she was quite nice, and gave me my prescription at the same time, so I wouldn’t have to come back tomorrow! John’s toe is still a little sore a week later, which it shouldn’t be. Personally, I’m guessing it was because he was walking around with his toe held up for a few days so it wouldn’t touch the floor, and he pulled a muscle or it’s just sore. Still, not to take chances, he’s taking another week of antibiotics just in case it’s still leftover cellulitis.

On the way home we picked up a dozen TV dinners for him to eat while we’re gone, along with cereal. I’m hoping maybe Mark and Dennis will come over and help him pick up some milk and produce mid war.

On the way there I dropped a blueberry pie at Winkles to thank Gary for loaning me a car while he looked for a new one for me. He has found it, and will be getting it ready while we’re at war. As he says, ‘if we don’t help each other, who will?’  Lovely man!

I’ve been spending most of my time on the computer (as opposed to sewing or packing). I scheduled a few holidays for each day of the two weeks we’ll be gone for the Holidays that might get Overlooked Facebook page , I scheduled two weeks of blog posts for, and I went through the back Speaker Spotlights to find bios for the teachers (at least the ones we have), so now we have a Presenters page (about time!). I’ve gotten the handouts ready for two of my classes- Anglo-Saxon Cooking and Medieval Ghosts. I only remembered the other class I put in for this last week, and I don’t know if I can cram enough to get it done this week. It’s too late to cancel- it’s in the book, so people will show up anyway. I will probably read what I can and fake it. No booklet this year, but it seems like just about everyone has Lyme or knows someone with it, so people should understand.

Other than scheduling the holidays I haven’t been on fb much this week- trying to get everything else done. But I’ve been checking in on several people- a good friend Sue Arthen, has gone into hospice care. I feel so warm and loving when I think of her, it’s good to see someone dying well with support and love around her. Another friend posted a few days ago about doing pre-pennsic sewing, then 9 hours later, her husband posted that she was going into surgery. Sudden gall bladder removal- and watched her proceed from getting to eat, to go home, and be disappointed that she’s not going to get to go to Pennsic this year. My sister Liz went into the hospital, and expects to be getting out Friday. Her team finally seems serious about getting her medications balanced so that they work. We’re really hoping her thyroid can be put into working order. I don’t think most people get how important the endocrine system is and how much it controls in our body/mind system. The most amusing anecdote out of that trip was that they confiscated her underwear to make sure there wasn’t some contraband (what, drugs impregnated in it?). I suppose once you see it happen, you try to make sure it’s not going to happen again.

I have gotten caught by small cleaning jobs- today for instance to fit in John’s war food, we did a bunch of rearranging in the freezer, and cleaned out the vegetable bins. I don’t think I’d gotten to that since the Lyme hit in the beginning of June. Eeeuck! So much sad melted food!

At Avi’s Willow’s been helping Kalen make model cars and ships of cardboard. Yesterday Willow broke a tooth- or rather a reconstructed bit broke off. In frustration she glued it back on with superglue, and so far it’s held. She’s avoiding biting things until we get back from Pennsic and see the dentist. We still don’t know how she’s going to get back to the wedding. She’s been looking at renting a car (costs as much for a one-way as renting it for a week), or a truck that could pull a trailer (which we’d prefer so she could take her own car back). But she’s also checked buses, and put out requests for rides on social media. I’m not sure she’s checked flying. She did fix the shoulders of the bridesmaid dress so it fits better now, and Jamie will be helping with breakdown. At least I won’t be extra sunburn-able during breakdown.

Must sign off now. We have to have everything packed by tomorrow night. I have to admit that I’m a little bummed because we’ll be missing the family tradition of fruit and blueberry bread for breakfast on the 27th. Worse than that Sunday is Willow’s 40th birthday and we’ll be doing all the set up. There will be no celebration. We’d better do something really good for her 50th (or 45th). John referred to himself as “pushing middle aged” today (which at 35, I guess he is). I get that I’m an old woman, but how did the KIDS get so old?

John will be holding down the fort at home, feel free to call or visit.

I’ll write again after Pennsic!  I expect I’ll have pictures then.

Stay cool, safe, and healthy,


If fifty million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing.  — Anatole France


“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.” – C.G.Jung