Food Day

Hello again! October 24, 2018
In case you were wondering about the Script- I read that reading script slows reading down. In theory you get to relax and enjoy it more. I daresay that that depends on how comfortable you are with reading script. I hope that if it drives you nuts, you can change fonts in your own computer. If not, tell me and I’ll send you one in plain print.
I have hardly gone out all week. The frost has come- the morning glories have died- with lots of unopened buds on the vines, and that makes me sad. On the other hand, Willow discovered that Miles (her rose-bush) had put out a new rose-and it smells SO good! I’d missed Miles- worried that he’d died. At this point I wish I’d recorded what the actual name of that variety of rose is. Names are so people can talk about each other and things and know who or what they are talking about, and maybe if I knew the real name, someone else would know what a great rose it is! There are still a few blossoms on the phlox- go them! When they are done I hope to get out and chop down the drying stalks in the garden so that they will not be sticking out when the snow finally comes. (Friends shared images of about a 4 inch fall in the north of the state.)
yellow sky Rhuad.jpg Even more impressive were pictures friends got of the sky yesterday just before it rained. Yes, it really looked that color! I kept thinking of the song from South Pacific “Cockeyed Optimist” which starts “when the sky is a bright canary yellow…” I don’t know about in Arkansas or the Pacific, but when I see a sky that color, I think it’s time to look for a storm shelter! Ed’s was even more yellow, but had clouds, and one might think it was just a sunset. 
I saw Ed and Carol Sunday at Celebrate Samhain- and about two or three dozen other friends. Sadly, while I did find some gifts at the vendors, and enjoyed a workshop on poppet making (even though I got in late); I found the event had much in common with parties that I don’t enjoy- I got a chance to just say “hi” to people I really like, but then we both had to move on. It’s like those “timed dating” things- it serves more as a reminder that I should exert myself to actually get to see each of them more often in a venue where we can really stit and chat (not stand, hug and move along). I didn’t get an application in on time this year, so I wasn’t selling. I was actually greeted by one person as “it’s the stocking lady!” Well, yes, sorry I’m not here today. I was very happy to see Auntie Shema, since last I’d heard on Facebook her dog was Very Sick. Luckily,the vet was able to operate and take out a hunk of plastic he’d eaten (as dogs do- we love them, but they really aren’t bright about how and what they eat), and the Rufus Foundation took care of the huge bill, bless them! (I donated some money because…) 
If you remember my saying I had a toothache last week, it’s better. I did call the dentist and took antibiotic, and it cleared up, but when I got into the office, the X Ray shows that it really seems to need a root canal, so I’ve scheduled one. I am Not thrilled about it, but it occurred to me that when I was six and my grandmother was sixty, she had false teeth, so clearly things are going better for me than for her in the dentistry area. 
Willow is fairly miserable with the cold, which makes her ache. She’s really too young to be that old. This weekend is Raye’s Halloween party, and the girls are trying to come up with costumes. I’m trying to think of one for the Tea and Desserts Social at Changing Times, but may just wear my tiara. I’m trying to figure out what desserts will pack and store well to take along. It’s weekend after next, and I’m thinking of taking an idea from Goody and make up some cakes ahead of time. (She bakes gradually in the months before Yule and freezes them, so there’s no last minute crush.) 
Other than that I am mostly doing comfort food- Mac and cheese, Spaghetti, pot roast, chicken and potatoes, Cornish pasties. And apple pie. I got a bag of Cortlands and made one with those, and it tasted “right”, as the one with the baking apples didn’t. I guess I’ll gradually use those up. I’ve tried an apple, raisin, walnut tart, and a apple upside down cake. It’s amazing how your mind insists on the familiar, especially in food.
Liz called me last night, the man to whom she’s renting saw a ghost just before he got in. I told him to ask her to tell him about the Ghost in Kitty’s car. I’ve been reading about “hauntings” as well as everyone watching SO Many horror movies this month. Really, if people simply accepted the existence of ghosts, there would be almost no problem (except with the 1% that are hostile). 

In today’s “inadvertent experiment” (used to be we’d call those mistakes), I discovered that if you pour cold water over your teabag, not much flavor is released. This allowed me to grab it out, turn the kettle on (I’d heard Kat making tea and thought I’d take advantage of the hot water, but missed when she refilled the pot.), and still use the teabag without noticeable loss. Yes, I checked the water- no flavor there. I was curious, and also have been trying to drink more water, so I figured I’d check. I guess it’s the heat that releases the volatile oils.

I admit with some embarrassment that this week I watched the second season of Ash VS the Evil Dead. Put it down as a guilty pleasure, he’s crude and it’s very broad humor, but it’s such a joy to see someone approached by a demon pretending to be a cute little kid, and have the hero immediately recognize the ruse and calmly blow them away when in most movies, it almost gets them killed. In theory they are going into it knowing to expect this sort of thing, but they usually don’t seem to. I suppose it would be horrible if he made a bad call and blew away an innocent kid, but since this is a horror comedy, we can be confident that that’s not going to happen.
I also watched The Conjuring 2, which is another movie based on the work of Ed and Lorraine Warren. The girls are watching a miniseries about it on Netflix (I think), a poltergeist case in London. 
I’m on the last book of the Annie Fellows Johnson books, and  got some e-books of the other stories that Mother didn’t have, like Old Mammy’s Torment, and Mary Ware’s Promiced Land wasn’t in the “complete” Little Colonel collection. She places a lot of focus on character, and I like that.
I am still reading White TrashL the 400-Year Untold history of Class in America, and  Fantasyland: How America went Haywire (which I started right after Occult America). We have always put spin on the way we look at our history, and we do choose to ignore a lot of it. I suppose it’s hard enough for teachers to get the basics in, and we don’t want to teach the kids that we were a bunch of opportunistic jerks, but at the same time, a lot of folks in the past were, and we can’t whitewash lynchings and Jim Crow laws, and anti-semitism, and the way Some people were OK with taking the First Nations land as longs they got some of it. We do seem very able to convince ourselves of really stupid stuff when it’s self-serving. Fantasyland seems to mostly be about the fairy tales we tell ourselves about ourselves (and our ancestors), White Trash, is more topical, (at least the introduction contains a lot of parallels to what’s going on now with times similar things happened in the past)but basically is exploring how we have embraced classism while telling ourselves that we allow social mobility. I can certainly see that in the attitudes expressed in the Little Colonel books, and also in many of my own attitudes. I think we see it in people who care about spelling and grammar, and table manners, and how we dress, and what kind of car you drive. As he points out, we like to think of the 50s asOzzie and Harriet, but for more people the Honeymooners were a closer match. We are more comfortable with people who think the way we do. I suppose this is why we keep so many things to ourselves.
I’m still reading House of Darkness House of Light, it’s very long and loosely written, but it does cover a decade of daily experiences. One of them was that the family was visiting another family and one of the daughters was playing the piano, and the page of music flipped at the right time- twice, so that and the timing prompted her to ask “Do you have a ghost?” , and the other family did. Both families had haunted houses, but neither had mentioned it, because you don’t. As demonstrated in the Enfield Poltergeist, when the school kids started harassing the kids being haunted, and the school principle kicked the victim of the taunting and assaults out of school “until you can stop being a disruptive influence!”  When the adults respond to stories of ghosts and psychic phenomena with scorn and mocking, we can’t be surprised when kids do the same, but crank it up a notch because they haven’t yet figured out how not to be bastards. Given that just about everyone I know has had some such experience, but they don’t want to talk about it because they don’t want their reputation damaged, I think it’s shame that we force people tome these mental and spiritual convolutions to try to figure out some way to make what they saw and experienced fit the Procrustian explanation that “it isn’t true because it can’t be true”. Occam’s razor argues that it is and we should just admit  it and get on with our lives. If we didn’t have the mental anguish of having something “impossible” presented to us, ghosts wouldn’t be scary, and neither would a lot of the stuff we get so excited about. 
Ah well, in ten days I’ll be with a bunch of people who are willing to admit it. What a relief that is!


Until next week- 
Tchipakkan or Virginia, whichever you like
“It is not necessary to understand things to argue about them.”  

~Pierre Beaumarchais

This week’s holidays- coming up on Halloween I can see a theme……
Sunday      28 Pumpkin Day/Jackolanturn Day,  Chocolate DayVisit a Cemetery Day
Tuesday     30 National Candy Corn DayMischief Night/ Devils Night, Create a Great Funeral DayHaunted Refrigerator NightPumpkin Bread Day, Disgusting Little Pumpkin Shaped Candy Day