Happy Alice Day!

It’s spring, we know because the cat’s have left us the first mole corpse of the year. I am happy with mole corpses since I suspect moles of eating the bulbs that make the flowers I enjoy so much. Sadly, clouds came in over the weekend and it’s been cold and cloudy (often rainy) since. It’s hard to get up in the morning when there’s no sun saying “get up!”.
There was sun last week. The clothesline went off the pulley again, and we had to put the ladder back under to fix it. John is always the one who ends up doing it for us, and this time he had to wrestle the ladder from the roof of the house over to the back, where he suggests that the ground has changed during the winter- it’s soft, it’s uneven. There is no good place to stand the ladder to make it stable. Sigh. I would have taken a picture, but I was afraid to go get the camera. What I’d do if he fell I do not know, because the reason it’s not me up there is because the area back there is not good for walking. The pulley clothes line SEEMED like a good idea at the time. As he climbed I could hear him say “I hate this, I hate this, I hate this” to himself. And doing it anyway. Mark of an adult. I am SO glad it wasn’t me, because if he wasn’t here, I’d have had to do it myself.

Thursday Willow went over to Avi’s to watch Bianca and Ceilin, and Bianca was “having a day”, and passed it on. Frankly, I’d love to tell you the story, but I wouldn’t do it justice. Why is it that the wretched days make great stories? Probably because we’ve all had them and feel for the others going through them. Willow tells a great story!  I don’t mean to tease- if you get a chance, ask her to tell you.
Kat finished the lacy bonnet and sent it off, then plunged right into the next lacy dress. She’s also working on an article/post about accuracy of the historical garb in the Dr. Who episodes. She has observed that often the garb of the tardis folk is not quite as authentic. Could this be on purpose because they are simply doing their best, and may have odd ideas about what was appropriate. Other times there are serious problems like the horned viking helmets. The Doctor asks “What did you think it was, a space helmet for a cow?” But Kat has “head canoned” it (come up with an excuse why it isn’t really a mistake), as a plant by another time traveler who also didn’t know any better. She was doing one for a Battle of Hastings era show, and we are frustrated because I can’t locate my best AS costume book. I MUST get the library organized!
Friday John and I went over to help Mark organize his apartment. He didn’t feel well, so we came home early. It occurs to me that he may have something I picked up- not serious, but annoying.  Willow cut out the new commission she got for a blanket with three wolves and it looks amazing. I hope to get a picture between when she finishes it and sends it off. This week I am in admiration of my children.

Saturday I drove over to a Psychic Fair in Keene, where I saw Lyrion (she was reading almost solidly), I talked to Niffer (who was so incredibly helpful at CTCW last year), and passed out a bunch of cards which is why I went. The best moment I had was in the ladies room. I’d left some cards there, and while I was in a stall I heard someone ask “what’s this?” and read it to her friend who responded “Road trip!” which is exactly what I was hoping to inspire with the card scattering. I am a bit concerned, I was thinking of stopping at Muse, Kevin’s bookstore, as I passed, but it looked closed. I hate to see a bookstore go away- or a friend’s business. I am asking to see if anyone knows more, I guess I’m afraid to call.
While I was doing that, Willow and Kat went to the dump and did errands. While at JoAnn’s there was a lady who’d brought in her sewing machine because she couldn’t figure out how to use the pleater foot. Since all the employees were busy and Kat wasn’t, she showed her how it worked. Willow was amazed at how patient Kat was (something I knew because she often helps me with the computer). She certainly has a lot of experience with her pleater foot. That lady was lucky!
Bit of trivia for you, between the “first Sunday in May” and actual “May 1st” holidays, there were nearly 30 holidays on Sunday. I have such a problem deciding not to mention any because when I look to see if they’re real and see what they’re about, I tend to think they are all worthy of sharing. I am not very good at thinking of anything as unimportant.
Sunday was the last chance to submit classes to the Pennsic University and get them in the booklet, so that’s what I did, except for briefly when Steve came up and we went out to see Zootopia. The girls had enjoyed it last year, and Kat liked it enough to come see it again. We were a bit late because I had stopped to make a Beltaine cake before we headed out. The theatre (Cinemagic in Merrimack) has refitted the seats (I think they’re doing it half at a time, because half the hallway was blocked off), and all the seats are big, overstuffed armchairs now. I’m sure they can’t fit as many people, but they are SO comfortable! I love it!

Monday we had to drop off the kittens at the vet and I woke up feeling very under the weather, but dear Willow offered to take them and I went back to bed and slept most of the day (which is why I think I might have caught something). I am a great believer in sleep being one of the best remedies for almost anything. Sleep, hydration, nutrition, and a appropriate application of medical help when needed. Or maybe I just stayed up too late reading and that’s why I needed more sleep. I know that being low on sleep feels sick to me!
Anyway, Willow dropped Ambian and Pyewacket off in the morning, and picked them up again in the afternoon. They were not happy about it, but they seem to have forgiven us. I wanted to get a picture of them and got several of their tails leaving the camera frame, but finally caught one where they both stayed in.

So now the kittens have been “fixed” (implying they were broken), but by the time the weather gets warm again, they should be well enough that we can let them out of the house, and I’m betting they’re going to love it. I was a bit sorry for them, and surprised that they didn’t have anything but the temporary local anesthetic, but then I remembered that we used to castrate the male kids ourselves, with no anesthesia, so I shall try to convince myself it doesn’t hurt too much.
Yesterday was both “raspberry popover Day” which has never made sense to me. A popover is hollow if you do it right- where are any raspberries you put in the batter going to go? But last year at some point I had more batter than would fit in my popover pans and used my cast iron biscuit pan, figuring it would generate individual sized Yorkshire puddings. What we have discovered- and works consistently, is that for some reason the wide pan just makes the batter leap up and make a “bubble” or inverted bowl of the batter (this is great for holding gravy). Ah ha! I think! I can put raspberry pie filling in these “pudding bowls”, and made some. Rather than pie filling, we just put jam on the table. And while the beef cooked, I made some chocolate custard, since it was also Chocolate Custard Day, and Willow is fond of it, and I am fond of her. So we put both jam and custard on the table for people to apply as they chose. I think this is a good thing. (A one cup of flour, one cup of milk and 2 egg batch of batter is still more than fits in the biscuit pan. So I divided the leftovers into a popover pan, and since it was so shallow, I got mini bowls. (bite size shells) This is good to know.

I love cast iron.

The kittens seem quite recovered. (and did I mention that my uncle Charlie got better and went home? How quickly we forget when everything is going well, what worried us so much while we are waiting for the good or bad news!) I felt fine after a day of sleep. (The kittens like to sleep on me. Actually they like to sleep beside me, which is better than my cat who likes to find which is the highest point on me- be it hip, shoulder or chest and perch on that.) I looked into going to the Dowsers conference, but don’t think I can afford it, but have consoled myself by deciding to take the Cunningfolk internet course. I was, I think, still moving and perhaps thinking, a bit slowly. I had a wonderful surprise. Someone posted some pictures from Pennsic 36 (I think) including one of Ælfwine. I guess that was 20 years ago.

Aside from Zootopia, which was nice, and like many modern movies, worth seeing several times to catch the clever things they slipped in, knowing people would be able to do so, I saw a couple of other movies. I finally caught the Minions movie on Netflix. (No one else in the family was interested.) It was sort of a prequel to Despicable Me, which I didn’t really care for, but I like the minions. I think they represent the people who’d like to think of themselves as big bad because they really aren’t, but they want it so much we don’t have the heart to tell them they are just cute and ineffectual. It was staged in the 60s, and frankly, I think it was more successful than Man from Uncle remake at catching the period. I loved the young queen Elizabeth, and they had great music. Uncle had what could best be described as what someone who grew up in the 80s thought 60s music sounded like, but they didn’t like it, so had never listened to much. Same with the fashion. Since Minions was going for “in jokes” they had a lot of good bits about the 60s, and some great tunes from the Beatles, the Turtles, the Kinks and even Mellow Yellow (of course).
This week I read the Hillerman Navajo mysteries Skeleton Man, The Shape Shifter, Hunting Badger, Sinister pig, & Wailing wind. I’ve got two left, and I think Willow may have caught up with me because she reads faster than I do. I also read a children’s book he wrote based on a Zuni myth, The boy who made dragonfly. More westerns arrived from the library that I sent for back when these turned my attention in that direction. The one I saw this week was Valdez is Coming with Bert Lancaster. I’m beginning to think that there was more to westerns than I’d assumed. They aren’t just “action” films. This one was about courage, and I was amazed at the way they dealt with the inherent prejudices of the culture. Watching the Mexicans mocking the Texicans really showed that they understood. I also re-watched the Magnificent Seven but in my mind, I was re-imagining it as Anglo-Saxon warriors and peasants and the bandits were Vikings. I think it would work.
We’ve gotten a few presents for Kat in the mail, but the celebration is going to be a visit to the Gardner Museum. Not enough of her friends were able to get together for Karaoke this year- maybe next year. As usual, her birthday’s proximity to Mothers Day makes scheduling problematic.
Tonight I had a lovely chat on the New Normal with MaryAlyce about attracting prosperity when one is selling. I’m not sure how many people that will appeal to, but I enjoyed it.

Fond regards, I find that I am too tired to ruminate longer.
“Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.” Thomas Jefferson