10-12-2016 Freethought Day

(Freethought day is the anniversary of a letter from Governor Phips of Massachusetts complaining about “spectral evidence” (witnesses telling you what weird stuff they think they saw) and pretty much putting an end to the Salem witch trials. There were a few more cases brought after that, but the spectral evidence was discounted, and the Governor pardoned the accused. As I recall this happened after one “publicity hound” among the girls who were the main instigators accused the Governor’s wife. I’m not sure what this has to do with “free thought”, but it’s a great story for a holiday.)

I think it may be peak color just now. Looking out the picture window at the back yard could blow your eyes out with the reds and golds and blue sky! I might as well enjoy the gorgeous color of the invading sumac, because I really hate it taking over! I really wish I knew where I’d left my camera- or how to get the pictures off my phone. We have an occasional nasturtium blooming in the garden, and asters in the back yard- but the mint seems to have displaced most of it. I have the urge to clear the dead stalks from the garden, but today a post in fb said you should leave them for the bees and butterflies, and other wild life- so who am I not to take advantage of an excuse like that?

Health-wise, I continue to get stronger. Not fast enough to satisfy me, but always “better than last week”. This week I’m up to been cooking dinner each night (and, sigh, have gained back 8 pounds), and washing dishes. My eyes are giving me more trouble- I’ve been waiting for the Bells to pass at which point I plan to go get them checked. My eyes are watering a lot, and the contacts aren’t comfortable. Is it associated with the Bell’s Palsy, or is it something else? I do want to have it checked, but want the situation to stabilize first.
While cooking, I spend as much time sitting at the table chopping onions and other stuff, so I’ve watched a lot while cooking. Last year when I got season ten and eleven of NCIS I started watching from the start, and trailed off in season 9. I’ve now caught up and am in season 11. OK, there is good TV out there, but on balance it’s probably good that we don’t get over-the air signals. I’d probably watch too much.
This week I’ve been taking some traditional Chinese herbs, trying a higher dose this week. They’re for rebuilding strength. Next week if the Bells still hasn’t resolved I’m planning on trying some herbs for that. And hypnotherapy. This is really dragging on too long.

After the rain last week, we figured that we’d be able to turn the water back on, and had the plumber in yesterday. We did prime the pump and get it going, but turned it off again as the cistern is still not full. He said that the water table is 8 inches below normal. Richard suggested that the toilet was losing water- which may have contributed to draining the cistern, and that it or the cistern may be leaking. I also go up to look in the spring-head myself and Willow was right, there are roots invading. I hope Wally Holt can or knows someone who can clean it out and repair it. But for now, we are still carrying laundry out, and  water in from Monadnock. Sigh. I dream about baths and showers!

We picked up my car at Winkles, breaks and bearings- $800. I am beginning to think that the frequent repairs may exceed car payments, but one wants to justify having made the repairs by continuing to drive the car for a while. On the way to pick it up Willow’s car stalled out again- when we’d stopped for gas. She’d bought a portable charger just for this problem- but it didn’t work. A more powerful portable charger by a friendly passer-by says that the alternator isn’t charging properly. Anyway, we made the switch and want it back by this weekend since we are going to two shows in different cities. Steven’s diagnosed it as far as it starts fine cold, but not when it’s hot, so rather than, as the AAA guy said, her needing to drive it for at least a half hour each trip, what she needs to do is to let it sit for a half hour- or however long it takes to cool- each trip. That would make going for gas a problem. Let’s see what Steven comes up with.

hugo-illo train-your-dragon    I finished reading the last of the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood. They were wonderful and I should drop a note to the author to thank her for helping me through my immobile period. I love the complexity of the plots, and that’s probably why I dislike the oversimplification of the TV episodes (which other than that aren’t bad). In some of the later ones she includes recipes, which I’m tempted to try. I’m also going to try a reading some Agatha Christie- Greenwood mentions them, and I know my mother loved them.

hugo-illo    I have started reading the Hallowed Isle series by Diana Paxson. While I wait for the next book to arrive, I’m reading the book Mariah Mundi on which the movie The Midas Box was based. We’ll see if the book is as good as or better than the movie. I enjoyed the first couple books in miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children, but the Hollow City (sequel) wasn’t as good, and while the effects look good in the trailer, I fear the movie may ntrain-your-dragonot live up to it. Since I liked the Guardians of Childhood movie, I read the books, but while charming, they weren’t as good as the movie. Hugo, the book and the movie were both excellent- and the one didn’t deviate from the other. The book on which they based the great movie How to Train your Dragon was a complete disappointment. (Perhaps this is because I really dislike the intentionally crude art style.)
I also watched made-for-TV versions of Murder on the Orient Express and The Importance of Being Ernest this week. The other day was Handbag Day. I have resumed posting holidays on Holidays that Might be Overlooked, and while looking for an image to post, found a new version. This one included several lines that are often left out, and I was enjoying that, when Kat came in and started laughing. Apparently Ernest was played by Paul McGann- the 8th Doctor (Dr. Who). I am very fond of Oscar Wilde, and also find the whole idea of English Tea is great fun, and would love to try it- if I could only get someone to come and partake with me. Apparently it must include bread and butter, (and perhaps other sandwiches), scones, and tea cake of some sort. I’ve never understood the appeal of scones, which seemed to me essentially like American biscuits ruined with the addition of raisins. I always found them dry and boring, although I tried to like them because of their being traditional.  On the other hand, on the baking show they seem to indicate that the jam and cream was to be part of the preparation (no doubt immediately before serving), and that might mitigate the dryness I so disliked. When I get a bit more energy, I am certainly going to try some with sufficient cream and jam of course.

It being October, there are a lot of “spooky” movies being watched- Willow talked about how much she’d enjoyed Haunted Mansion when she went to Disneyworld, so I watched a short on the Haunted Mansion on youtube, then watched the movie again, catching various things they’d put into the movie to reflect the ride. I also watched the one on Pirates of the Caribbean, and having recently re-watched realized that several bits they put into those movies were from the ride. I am also with the makers of the short that the ride isn’t improved by making the pirates “nicer’. Pirates are supposed to be bad.

I am SO done with this election. I’m pleased that some Republicans are recognizing what a loser Trump is, but I have nearly given up on fb because everyone is posting their favorite thing they want their friends to be aware of. Several of us have complained that there’s no filter available for eliminating the political stuff. We’re still getting the “polling” calls (I guess that’s what happens when you accept them, they tell other polling groups that you’re at home.)

We have been jumping at every knock on the door this week.kailins-cape While I’m taking our silver and stockings to Nashua for Celebrate Samhain, the girls are taking Kat’s accessories and Willow’s fleece to Manchester for Another Anime Con. They’ll be with their friends, and the four of them are doing a group cosplay of the new ghostbusters. Kat’s been sewing reflective tape on Jump suits, and we have be04-ghostbusters-w529-h352en increasingly anxiously awaiting the arrival of a wig for pokecape-conceptsWillow. I hope it gets here this afternoon because I think they’re leaving tomorrow.  Willow has a new product line as well. She decided to make capelets for Avi’s kids on Pokemon themes, and is thinking of making them for sale, I personally love her fleece capes. She’s made me one each year recently to wear to Twilight Covening- which I skipped this year. I also finished the rainbow knit shawl- I’d been trying to make a fringed edge, and she finally just bought a black one..

That’s all I can remember happening this week. Our week sounds pretty dull. An SCA friend, Rachel, has had a more interesting week- she had twins. Thanks to fb we were able to follow the adventure. They’re little, as twins often care, and will be staying a while in the hospital, but she’s out now (cesarians are not considered major surgery). Frankly, if it weren’t for that, I might not have bothered with fb this week.
I only got in touch with the producer of LiveParanormal yesterday, so I didn’t dare line up a guest for tonight. I will be on my own, if you want to call in and chat between 8 and 9 the number is 619-639-4606.

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” – Albert Schweitzer