(I’ve already used Happy Chocolate Icecream Day.)
 The weather has been rainy and cold most of the week, to the point where everyone else is making jokes about it. I remember a June where there were only 5 days when it didn’t rain, and I’m afraid we’re looking at another one. Between the rain and being sick, I haven’t gone out much. The lilacs are gone, and violets, and the bleeding hearts- except for the new red (rather than pink) one I put in last year. (Did I mention that we got one white blossom on the new bush we put in a couple of years ago?) There are still a few lily of the valley- although they are hidden under their leaves. We have a few bicolored iris. I’m always surprised by late bulbs. The knotweed is enthusiastic, although Willow pulled most of what was in the garden last week. I haven’t yet put anything in the raised beds, although I plan to get some lettuce and tomatoes as soon as I have the energy.
If you anre interested in holidays, upcoming ones include the second week of June is Knit and Crochet in Public Week. Thursday:  Jelly Doughnut Day, Friday: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day, Saturday: Iced Tea Day & Black Cow Day, Sunday is Cotton Candy Day, Corn on the Cob Day and German Chocolate Cake Day, Monday will be Peanut Butter Cookie Day, Jerky Day, and Tuesday is Strawberry Shortcake Day, and National Bourbon Day, and next Wednesday is Lobster Day.
I spent the whole week last week being sick; so not much to talk about. Monday I woke with a sore throat and sniffles, embraced it, and started the vitamins. Tuesday I was pretty non-functional, but accepted that that’s the way things go. Wednesday I managed to write a brief letter, and god bless him, Jason was willing and able to talk through the podcast, so I didn’t have to do much except muffle my coughing in a handkercheif. I felt a little better on Thursday, and then Friday, recognizing the peroulous point where you feel so much better that you think you can start with the catching up. Sadly, I’ve been sort of stuck in that position ever since. I DO feel better, but at the same time, I tire easily, and am still coughing and blowing my nose too much to proclaim that I am well.
An added complication was that John and Willow had clearly come down with the cold by Saturday, and Kat on Sunday. So I am the person in best health of all of us. John’s style of bring sick is to simply sleep a lot- mostly on the couch. Kat is really pathetic. She wanders downstairs sometimes just for company. I make them soup and offer juice. Willow just soldiers on. She goes over to help Avi with the kids- they figure the kids have already been exposed. It doesn’t seem fair that the most contagious period of an illness is often before the symptoms come out, so you can’t really tell if you are exposing someone. It’s like in the Red Cross question “Have you been exposed to anyone who’s had malaria (or have you been with someone who’s had unsafe sex)?” How woul you freaking know?! If you know you know, but if you don’t, why would they act like you should? I am doing my best to do what I can, and stop and rest when I feel I should, but it’s a hard call. (I fear my style of being sick is to try different natural remedies and to gripe when I don’t get instant results. I’d LIKE to think I’m as practical and stoic as Willow, but honestly, I don’t think I am.)
Willow has also started making the herbal medications for Auntie Arwen’s. The plantain seems to love the rain, bless it! She had to go out and buy more olive oil- the last of last year’s supply was too old. She’s talked to the ladies who are now running Jane’s business, and will try to have most of the stuff for them by Great Northeastern. She’s been digging around in the attics to inventory bottles and jars to see if she needs to order any. Boy! do the attics need cleaning! She also cut out more blankets as Kids Con (a commic book convention for kids) is getting disturbingly close- this weekend, in fact. I hope she and Kat heal faster than I have done! Luckily it’s only in Nashua.
I think I caused myself unneeded discomfort as I didn’t think of cough drops until after I’d ripped my throat up pretty badly, and hurt my stomach muscles with coughing. There’s a time to avoid sugar, and a time not to do so, and I am now smarter than I was last week. Although that’s not hard since whatever this is made it hard to concentrate, remember things, and generally work anything out. This is why we need to take care of each other.
Another wonderful think Willow did, although sick, was catch the cats and annoint them with their anti-flea drops. They are supposed to last a month, but in the last week or so, I don’t think they work very well. I found a couple of ticks (the big ones, not the tiny deer ticks that carry Lyme and a dozen other terrible diseases) on me, inside my clothing, even though I hadn’t left the house. Personally, I think they come in on the cats. Given how wet Zoloft has come in, I assume she likes to walk under and through wet bushes, and I’m guessing the ticks jump on her, then off when she comes inside. Eeugh!
I’ve done my best to do useful things- I sent the letter to the Crown proposing a Kingdom level award for Merchants, I’m trying to re-energize the East Kingdom Soothsayers Guild, (I think we need a fb page), I have been sending out letters to the other people who are deciding which workshops we’re going to do this year at CTCW. I am actually not sure who’s making the final call. Perhaps we haven’t settled that, and that’s why the process is dragging. I’m sure it’s a good idea to pass the conference to renewable committees, but it’s sure more efficient to run things autocratically, where you know that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done. But some things can’t be done that way, and if we are to grow, we need to spread the effort out. But we do need to make sure there’s a process with deadlines. I’m also trying to organize the panels. Fascinating, but I still need to get more thinking ability, and simple strength back. I think, maybe, I need to come to terms with being 65, and that I won’t heal as quickly, am not as strong as I used to be. I hate that! At this point mostly I’m trying to make sure the kids are getting good nutrition (at least one healthy meal a day), and keep up with the dishes. When I look at what Willow’s doing, I feel guilty. She says that she’s sitting down most of the time, but still, I don’t feel like I should need to sit down after washing dishes for a half hour!
We remembered yesterday that Kat had a visit to her primary physician. As the girls pointed out- wearing those masks may protect other patients, but they’re not fun when you cough in them. It occurred to them that perhaps an allergist might help with all Kat’s sensitivities, and hoped that the doctor could recommend one. Sadly, all she could do was suggest trying another endoscopy to see whether frequent regurgitation has scarred Kat’s throat. Because that was so successful last time (Kat vomitted the drink, and they couldn’t do it.) I still think the question always needs to be asked: what difference will the results of this test make in treatment? (along with the ever popular, what are the risks and how much does it cost?) If it’s not going to make a difference in treatment, why do it?  So now we get to beat the bushes looking for an allergist who recognizes sensitivities, not just histamine responses. Fun, fun, fun!
I’ve started working on my Pennsic/ GNEW classes as well. I am combing the library for books on Werewolves, and borrowed every title with werewolf in it from the library. Sadly, I got a stack of juvinile books that make me want to yak at the idea that thihs is the tripe they are feeding the young people. You might as well just watch a bunch of movies. The important text still seems to be S Baring-Gould s from 1865 (I think). Victorian, arm-chair scholars may not have had access to modern material, but they really knew how to check the old sources. They do have the annoying habit of assuming that their readers all know Latin and Greek, as well as French and German, and so do not supply translations, but at least they went to the old sources. If you want to know what they thought in the ancient and medieval periods, you really need the Latin, Old English and other dead languages. How lovely that so many of those sources are now available through Project Gutenberg! With low energy, I have read through several of them (not worth noting the titles, sad to say) so I can send them back to the libraries to be released onto innocent Junior High students.
I also indulged in some “brain candy” (OK, I’ll admit it, it’s fairly close to light porn- or maybe  sex scenes are considered necessary these days in romances.) It’s a “supernatural romance” series where a California psychic moves to a small town in Missouri, where everyone is a shape-shifter. In You’ve got Tail, she is looking for her missing friend, and falls in love with her little brother. The second book, My Furry Valentine, is about their wedding, and I think the next one is mainly about her friend. If you’re doing romance, you can’t always have the same protagonists, I guess. They are totally lightweight, but fun. (I am still appalled by the huge number of werewolf romance books out there!) I found this in the Book Bub free ebooks mailing. It’s good marketing (“the first one is free, little girl” or $.99), then you want to see what happens next and lay out the $3.99. I have taken great advantage of this, and have over a thousand titles, mostly classics and old favorites.
I’d been hoping that I could sort out my e-books between my old kindle and my new one. (Last year I got the kindle fire which lights up so you can read/watch it in bed.) Yes, watch, I can watch Netflix on the kindle fire. Sadly, I cannot sort it because the technologies are not sufficiently compatible. I can buy another fire and sort between those. I wanted to have one for fiction and one for non-fiction, but it looks like that’s not happening. Sadly, it took me almost an hour on with the Amazon help desk. I’m sure she thinks I’m one of those people too stupid to own any technology, but she kept trying to tell me how to sort books into categories and it took her so long to figure out that I didn’t want instructions on how to make categories- I already do that, but to put some of my old purchases on the new device and some of the new ones on my old. When I finally got that through to her, she admitting it wasn’t possible. Argh! Dueling miscomprehension!
One movie I tripped over on the Netflix was a 2014 version of Beauty and the Beast done in France, very reminiscent of the Cocteau version, GORGEOUS costumes, and sets and special effects. Lot’s of symbolism. I also finished the last of the Sharpes videos I had at home- ordered the rest of them when I’d finished Grimm Season Four. On Facebook someone mentioned the remake of Murder on the Orient Express, and I went back to look at the Poirot series- watched the Murder of Roger Ackroyd. I like that series. Someone else suggested a Disney marathon, and asked which we hadn’t seen. I have seen almost all of them, but requested the ones I hadn’t from the library. I’ve now seen the sequel to the Atlantis movie and Tomorrowland.  which was clearly spliced together TV short stories, and Tomorrowland. Sadly, while amusing, neither was much to write home about. Given how well the movies they made from the rides Pirates of the Caribbean and even Haunted Mansion were, I have to say Tomorrowland was a bit of a disappointment. I did like the scene where he’s made high tech booby-traps against the killer robots all over his house. That was fun. I liked the way they used the “what you think creates your reality” concept, and who wouldn’t want a jet pack?
  Interestingly, the list of Disney films on Wikipedia  didn’t include a couple that I own: the Black Arrow, and the Prince and the Pauper, so maybe there are others missing that I don’t know about. I rewatched the old Parent Trap, (Maureen O’hara was wonderful). Frankly, I don’t know if they should count some of them, just because Disney corps is taking over the industry. The live action Disney movies were never as good as the animated ones anyway, or maybe it’s just that I never cared for slapstick comedy (The Absent Minded Professor, Darby O’gill and the Little People) as much as I liked adventure (Zorro, Scarecrow, Davy Crockett). I’d love to see some of the Scarecrow again!
I guess that’s another short letter. I don’t feel up to talking politics this week (I don’t feel up to THINKING about it this week!), and am going to go make supper. Tonight the New Normal is about Paranormal Aftercare, (something that when not done in movies, leads to sequels) with my guest Sarah Livermore.
I’ll try to do more interesting things next week!