This section covers all sorts of metaphysical/ occult/ psychic subjects. I start from the premise that people are psychic. I believe there has been ample evidence of this, and it’s high time we stopped wasting energy trying to prove it to those who don’t want to believe it, and just get on with making it a useful part of our lives. Whether using it to get information not available through “normal” means, healing, finding things, or otherwise interacting with the world around us, this is a set of abilities humans have. A good way to describe them is “talents” because as with artistic or physical talents, people seem to start with different levels, and can, with practice, develop these talents into skills. I explore these phenomena both in the conference Changing Times-Changing Worlds, and in my podcast show The New Normal, and you can follow those links for a lot more information.

As I see the world as being imbued in spirit in every aspect, I describe my beliefs (depending upon the audience) as pagan, heathen, rustic, animist, polytheist…. I think religion is simply the way people describe how the world works. I find we can communicate with the spirit that is in everything, and have found that often these spirits have personalities that are best taken into account when dealing with them. Do you want to call them gods? ghosts? ancestors? divas? elementals? pixies? avatars? Throughout history and across the world there are hundreds of words to describe spirits. The words come to us from our culture, and help create the filters that effect the way we perceive them. Forensics have shown us that we see what we expect to see, so we can’t even really trust our own eyes and ears. The words our culture has taught us help shape the way we experience the “unseen” world. The Pagan world view, as it accepts the world as inhabited by other spirits with whom we can interact naturally respects the rights of those others to live, and by extension: Nature. I’m not sure I would call it “worship” as much as “appreciate” the other beings and their manifestations.

I did not so much decide to be pagan as realize that I was, that my beliefs or perceptions were much closer to those described in what I read about pagan cultures. There will, therefore, be articles in this section from my writings about these subjects. One lovely thing about modern “Neo-pagans” is that most, accepting that there are many ways to interact with the spiritual world, are not as concerned with convincing others that one way is the “right” way. (This is not to say that many don’t spend a lot of time sharing “better ways to” do this, that, or the other thing, including communicating with the Divine.) I find this means a large component of humor that I hadn’t often found in the mono-theistic sphere (but I’ll admit I may just have missed it). For example, there’s a Wiccan writing The Charge of the Goddess, that has been re-written dozens if not hundreds of times into humorous spin-offs. Mine, The Yankee Charge of the Goddess, is included. I also include more serious essays. None of this is meant to proselytize or convince, but only to share.

Soothsaying and teaching divination

I have been “telling fortunes” for more than four decades, using Tarot cards, Rune casting, Palmistry, Numerology, and many other forms of divination. I do private readings as well as the best psychic party around!

I’d rather teach divination systems than do a reading for someone- although I do enjoy doing that. It’s like “teaching a man to fish”, I’d rather empower people to know that they know that they can access the same information that I can, and have it available at any time.

Unified Theory of Divination

There are several forms of “divination”. The most available are simply noticing patterns, and learning signs that indicate the direction in which things are going. We see this every day in medical diagnosis or predicting the weather, and realize that it’s not metaphysical at all. A bit less accepted are practices like graphology (handwriting analysis). Like tracking an animal through the forest by it’s spoor, if you learn how to interpret the signs, you can read them usefully. If your quarry is trying to avoid leaving signs, the trail will be harder to follow. Humans have “signs” in their bodies and behaviors that are the result of previous experience and can be predictors of what they are going to experience in the future. Psychology and anthropology- the “soft sciences” are like this as well, systems such as “birth order” are full of patterns that can “predict” characteristics. This is not to say that both the environment- culture, and our personal choices don’t also change these patterns. One thing that helps a lot is learning the cultural markers- the vocabulary of culture. We collect information, and interpret it, find patterns, and still the systems are so complex that it’s impossible to be more than generally accurate. But in general, you can tell a lot about a person from where they were raised, in what culture, how many people were in their families, etc. Also, as seen in my two first examples, medical diagnosis and meterology are arts as much as sciences- the really good ones have instincts.

This brings us to the next variety of divination: psychic abilities. Humans have psychic abilities; I much prefer the term talents to powers. As with artistic or physical talents, each person seems to be born with different natural levels, but training and practice has a huge impact on their final ability to use that talent- whether it’s psychic or musical. Also, as with other talents, they can take a variety of forms. Just because someone can speak or write well, that is no predictor, much less guarantee, that he’s also going to be good at math. Just because someone is musical, doesn’t mean she can draw, or sculpt. It’s all very individual. Some seem to have a plethora of talents, others may have just one. It’s like that with psychic abilities as well. Telepathy is different from clairvoyance which is different from telekinisis, and some can project while others only receive. Some talents do tend to go together: empathy and healing abilities are often linked. As research continues, we may discover that they use the same pathways. We are currently handicapped by current somewhat narrow definitions of science that excludes some evidence, but many other traditions, such as Asian studies about the energy meridians, or Indian studies of the chakras help illuminate these. Simply put- sometimes we know things that we don’t know how we know. But psychics have learned that the more you practice, the better you get at it.

Psychic Parties

My parties are special because I don’t just come, I bring decorative and informative posters, and fortune telling toys for people to play with. Why invite a psychic who’ll just give each person a reading- when you can have an event where each guest can experience dozen different varieties of fortune telling? While I do a psychic reading for each guest- the others will be able to peek into the future with divination by dice, dominos, dousing, the Mystic Oracle, The spinning wheel, drawing runes, using numerology to find their Number, and record them on booklets I bring for you to use as favors (and to keep track of your readings).

I bring a huge selection of traditional and fun methods to test your ESP and predict the future. Posters on Astrology and Numerology and Chakras decorate your party and open new pathways for psychic entertainment. I can even provide a charm cake (or cheesecake) containing sterling silver charms each of which predicts a special fortune for each guest. If you are having a larger crowd, I can bring my daughters- talented psychics in their own right (if not quite as many years experience).

These parties are great for any occasion when people are thinking about the future: graduations, showers, birthdays, or even retirement (and of course New Years or Halloween). They are also great for corporate events or lunches. I also speak and give workshops on how to develop psychic abilities, and teach fortune telling and healing techniques (I’m a Reiki Master in the Usui and RunValdr traditions, and work with crystals, herbal essences, and other healing systems)- privately or for groups. I have a six week series on psychic development.

Kids are currently especially excited about magic, and would love a “Hogwarts” type party, where they can get their fortunes told, and also be taught a little “Herbology, Potions, and Arithromancy” (simple herbal lore about back yard weeds good for bug bites or curing poison ivy, making herbal teas from mint or chamomile, and numerology). The charm cakes are popular, and wands are unique party favors. At your preference, I can come dressed up as a witch, a new-age “psychic”, or gypsy, in medieval or renaissance garb, or conservatively.

In the past, I’ve  worked at King Richards Faire, and the CT Renn Faire.

Aside from providing the best “Psychic Party” around, I also do individual readings- even over the phone. Call 603-654-2601 for more information.

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