Rune recommended books

Rune Book List
Arcarti, Kristyna, A Beginners Guide to Runes, 1994 (little)
Aswyn, Freya, Leaves of Yggdrasil, 1992 (feminist)
Aswyn, Freya, Northern Mysteries and Magick, 2002 (basically a reprint when feminism stopped selling)
Blum, Ralph, The Book of Runes, 1982 (the one that came with the rune tiles and invented in the black rune)
Blum, Ralph, The Healing Runes, 1995 (I had to)
Dee, Jonathan, An Illustrated Guide to Runes, 2001
Elliott, Ralph, Runes, 1989/1959
Flowers, Stephen, The Secret of the Runes, 1988
Flowers, Stephen, The Secret King, Karl Maria Wiligut, Himmler’s Lord of the Runes, Real Documents of Nazi Occultism, 2001
Fries, Jan, Helrunar, 1993
Kemble, J M, Anglo-Saxon Runes, 1991 (reprint)
Knight, Sirona, The Little Giant Encyclopedia of Runes, 2000 (lots of info, but many people dislike her lack of attribution)
Kodratoff, Yves, Nordic Magic Healing: Healing Galdr, Healing Runes, 2003
Lilly, Simon, Practical Guide to Runes, 2002
MacLeod, & Mees Runic amulets & Magic Objects
Meadows, Kenneth, Rune Power, 2002
Mountfort, Paul Rhys, Nordic Runes, 2003
Osborn and Longland, Rune Games, 1982
Page, R. I., Introduction to English Runes, 2006 (reprint)
Page, R. I., Runes Reading the Past
Paxson, Diana, Taking up the Runes, 2005
Pennick, Nigel, Complete Illustrated Guide to the Runes, 2002 (a fairly good overview)
Pennick, Nigel, Rune Magic, 1992
Pennick, Nigel, Secrets of the Runes, 1992
Plowright, Sweyn, The Rune Primer: Down to Earth Guide to the Runes, 2006
Pollington, Stephen, Rudiments of Runelore, 1995
Seschel, Lisa, A Practical Guide to the Runes 2002
Stine, Jean Marie, Empowering your Life with Runes, 2004
Thorsson, Edred, Runelore, 1987
Thorsson, Edred, Futhark, a Handbook of Rune Magic, 1984
Thorsson, Edred, Runemight, 1989
Thorsson, Edred, At the Well of Wyrd: A Handbook of Runic Divination, 1989 (most of Thorsson is quite skipable)
Thorsson, Edred, Northern Magic, 1992
Thorsson, Edred, Green Runa, 1996
Wild, Leon, the Runes Workbook, 2004

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