Runes, basic meanings for the runes



This is a quick overview- and probably biased by my personal experiences.

Please have patience, my original article had the runes shown in it, I apparently need to find a way to make them show up as runes. until then, I’m sure you can google other sites with depictions of the runes.

Elder Futharc order FUÞĄRKGW



Younger Futharc order FUÞĄFKHNIASTBMLR

Futhorc (Old English) FUÞORKGW



Modern Rune users have created a 4th aett of runes from the Anglo-Frisian and other rune sets, and generally refer to them as the Futhorc

Ac, Aesc, Yr, Ior, Ear, Cweorth, Calk, Stan, Gar

Frey’s aett:

F Feoh/Fehu- cattle, wealth (moveable), family, home

U Ur/Uraz- aurochs, Animal strength, health, healing, the wild world

Þ Thorn/Thurisaz- a thorn {a learning experience}, or thurs- spiritual power showing it’s effects in the physical world

Ą Aes/Ansuz- God- the Aesir, specifically Woden, spirit to spirit communication- {celestial clue-by-four}

R Rad/Raido- a wheel, travel, movement, ceremonies, planning, schedules

K Cen/Kenaz- a torch, inspiration, the fire of knowledge, intuitive leaps

G Gifu/Gebo- a gift, reciprocity, mutual support

W Wyn/Wunjo- joy, happiness

Hagal’s Aett:

H Hagal/Hagalaz- Hail, destruction followed by rebuilding, bad weather, chaos

N Nyd/Nauthiz- needfire, represents both need, and getting that which is needed

I Is/Isa- ice, lack of movement- either rest or stagnation

J Ger/Jara- harvest, getting what you’ve worked for- but over a long period is implied {what goes around, comes around}

Eoh/Eihwaz- yew, protection, active- death. {the best defense is a good offense}

P Peorth/Perdo- dice cup?- fate, a more immediate “karmic” payback. memory

Z (or X) Eoh/Elhaz- sedge grass, protection, passive, armor, repels evil

S Sigil/Sowilo- the sun, positive energy. Life, strength, good

Tyr’s Aett:

T  Tyr/Tiwaz- the god Tyr, masculine energy, doing whatever is needed, achievement

B Beorc/Berkana, birch tree, maternal energy, getting things done, creativity

E Eh/Ehwaz- horse, animal kind- cooperation/kinship between men and animals

M Mann/Mannaz- mankind, mind, social order, partnership, how we differ from beasts

L  Lagu/Laguz- water- flowing, sinking, finding your own level, inevitability, life force, {go with the flow}

Ŋ (ng) Ing/Inguz- the god Ing (Frey)- fertility, growing, good combinations, energy

D Dag/Dagaz- day, balance, light, protection, good luck, positive change

O Odal/Othala- sacred land, ancestral wealth, stability, heritage, order

Anglo-Saxon and Northumbrian runes (Hel’s aett)

a   Ac- Oak- sturdiness, durability, plant power

o   Os- mouth, opening, language, communication

y  bow, targeting, focus, concentration, craftsmanship

io   Ior- water beast (serpent or beaver?) dual nature, unavoidable hardships

ea   Ear- grave, dust, death of the body, conclusions

q   Cweorth- swirling fire- pyre, balefire, transformation

ch Calc- ritual container- chalice, cauldron, offering cup, death/rebirth

st Stan- stone, grounding, can be either a good foundation or a stumbling block

g   Gar- a spear, starting over, secrets

5 thoughts on “Runes, basic meanings for the runes

  1. Hello Tchipakkan! I was one of the attendees at your Rune Valdr class at the 2013 ASD Convention. I found that I was immediately drawn to the symbols – or the symbols were drawn to me! I ended up using them quite a bit during the convention and then afterward as well during my drive home to Rochester, New York and subsequently in my Reiki and planetary healing work. So thank you very much! My plan is to continue using them and eventually I would like offer classes and attunements as well.

    You had mentioned Rod’s Yahoo group website as a place I could go to discuss the symbols and to learn more. I tried the link you gave us in class but it isn’t working for me. When you have the opportunity, I would appreciate it if you would email me that link and any other helpful information that I might need.

    Thanks again!

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