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Numerology is based on the idea that each number has a certain type of energy, and that large numbers can be condensed down to one of the basic numbers

Names (and other words) can be rendered into numbers by giving each letter a numerical equivalent. Most modern systems take the modern alphabet and count along the letters to nine, then starting over. I have found the “Chaldean” system (above) to be more accurate. Each type of name, legal name, family name, nickname may result in a different number, describing a different aspect of one’s personality. Of course, one can change the energy by changing names. Names of Cities or towns or buildings also have their resonance.

When you’ve added all the digits take the sum and add the numbers together until you’ve reduced it to a single digit. For example: Tchipakkan gives the numbers: 4+3+5+1+8+1+2+2+1+5=32 add the 3 and 2 from 32 to get 5. On the othe r had Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor comes out to: 6+1+2+3+1+5+1+1+8+1+1+2+2+1+3+5+1+2+4+3+4+1+1+3+1+2=65>6+6=11>1+1=2
So Tchipakkan is more active than Virginia Fair Richards-Taylor, which is more complimentary.

The name on your birth certificate is your basic number that describes the world sees you, whereas the number that results from adding the digits in the name you think of yourself (the one most people know you by) will probably result in a number closer to the way you see yourself.
(Father for example, will be 8+1+4+5+5+2=25=7 Daddy 4+1+4+4+1=15=6)
If you add up the vowels in your name, this gives your “soul number”.
Add all the consonants and you get your “Karmic number”
Add the numbers in your birthdate and you get your “life number”
Any date can be added up to get a number to interpret, just as any word can be added together- for instance the name of your street or town.

Each number has basic characteristics, and if you think about them, you can see where they come from. One is the initiator, the creator, the first number. Two is complementary, it creates balance. Three, as the combination of the first two, becomes a symbol for harmony and completion. Four convey’s stability, etc.
Here are some very basic “key words” for each number, but it is only the beginning.

1 Creativity, independence, originality, ego, self, mind
2 Empathy, cooperation, sensitivity, dependence, body
3 artistic expression, social ability, superficiality, emotion
4 practicality, application, loyalty, stability, rigidity
5 Freedom, adaptability, travel, change, the senses
6 Love, harmony, understanding, interaction, balance
7 Spirituality, wisdom, intellect, attention to detail
8 power, excess, materialism or asceticism, extremes, talent
9 Genius, humanitarianism, romance, emotionalism, physically fragile
11 Intuition, psychic ability, idealism, invention, fanaticism
22 Mastery, practical idealism,

If you look around the library and the internet, you’ll find two basic systems of numerology. The one I find most often is called the pythagorean system, in which you take the standard alphabet, and plug each letter in sequence under the numbers one through nine, and repeat until you’ve used them all. This gives a number for each letter.
In the “Chaldean” system, you use a similar chart with the numbers one through eight. I find this one works better. You can try your name on each of these and see which you prefer, and if you get very excited about Numerology, you can get into discussions with others about why one is better than the other. I prefer the Chaldean because I’ve gotten better results, and I think that has a lot to do with most people’s preferences.


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