There are several terms for describing palmistry. Chier is the greek root meaning “hand”. Chierognomy is the study of the appearance of the hand (shape, size, color, and texture) which tells about the character. Chironomy refers to reading the lines on the hand, and usually deals with the formation of lines and marks, and what their placement, length, or depth indicates. Dermographics is reading the ridges on the skin of the hand such as the fingerprints and similar ridges on the palm.  These ridges are stable- they don’t change, hence fingerprint identification. The lines or creases, however, change constantly to reflect current conditions, just as your lips will get bluish when you get cold or suffocate, the lines change- become longer or shorter, or move Chiromancy is the term for telling fortunes, or reading the future from the palm. Yes, you can tell fortunes with palm reading, but this is not much different than predicting the weather by looking at charts, or diagnosing an illness from presenting symptoms. Many parts of your character show on your palm and this will give an experienced reader clues to the directions your life can go. When someone changes the way they think or feel, they change their future and the lines on the palm change. People who’ve done a lot of readings have seen this happen- even in the middle of a reading. (It’s kind of weird to watch.)

For this reason, I recommend taking palm prints every year or so, so that you can see how you are changing your life as you go! You can also compare the two palms. The lines on your dominant hand change a lot more than on the other hand. Generally speaking, a small child’s hands match (although some say that the left, or non-dominant hand indicates previous lifetimes, or deeply held subconscious traits).

Palmistry is one of my most popular workshops, and I especially enjoy doing a series with one class each day on a specific subject. By focusing on a specific topic, we can get deeper into the useful aspects of the art.

Palmistry and Character or Palmistry for Love (Relationships)

The most useful aspect of palmistry is learning about yourself, which gives you better control for building your future. It can help you pick what sort of career you should look for, and how you will deal with people. This includes Dermatoglyphics (fingerprints), as the whorls, arches on your fingertips show where your strengths lie.

We show what your palm says about your marriage and children, but more importantly how your palm reveals how you deal with other people, what comes easily and what you need to work on to make things go the way you wish more easily.

Palmistry and Health

This workshop is specifically about the things palmistry can tell healers about their clients. Not only is there what you can learn from the health line, but also the nails, and health signs in the head, heart and life lines, as well as color, spots, and other marks. Will also cover Palm Therapy, a technique for touching the palms to encourage changes in the lines- and your life.

Palmistry for Fortune Telling

I like to do this last- it is the “how many children” “how often you will marry” “how long you will live” part of palmistry. I also cover aspects of ethics of reading, and interaction between the palmist and client, as well as different (Runic, Vedic) systems, because people have palms all over the world, and have observed the relationship of the marks on our hands and what they mean. Every culture has its own way of looking at, describing, and interpreting the shape and marks of the palm, but they are amazingly consistent across the board. The technique that works best for each reader is probably the one that is most consistent with his or her way of understanding the world.

Palmistry Book List

William G. Benham The Benham Book of Palmistry: A Practical Treatise on the Laws of Scientific Hand Reading (Newcastle Metaphysical Classic)1989/1900

Destiny in the Palm of Your Hand: Creating Your Future through Vedic Palmistry (Paperback)

by Ghanshyam Singh Birla (Author), David Frawley 2000

Love in the Palm of Your Hand: How to Use Palmistry for Successful Relationships (Paperback)

by Ghanshyam Singh Birla 1998

Johnny Fincham Palmistry: Apprentice to Pro in 24 Hours; The Easiest Palmistry Course Ever Written, 2007

The Secret Code on Your Hands: An Illustrated Guide to Palmistry (Paperback)

by Vernon Mahabal (Author), Kamala Dolphin-Kingsley (Illustrator) 2007

Palmistry Encyclopedia (Paperback)

by Rhoda 1996

Squire, Elizabeth, Palmistry Made Practical 1969

Webster, Richard, Palm Reading For Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand (For Beginners (Llewellyn’s), 2000

The Complete Book of Palmistry (Mass Market Paperback)

by Joyce Wilson 1983

The Palmistry Bible: The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading (Paperback)

by Jane Struthers 2005

Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates, & Karma (Paperback)

by Jon Saint-Germain 2003

Runic Palmistry (Paperback)

by Jon Saint-Germain 2001

The Everything Palmistry Book: Discover What the Future Holds–Life, Love, and Wealth–All in the Palm of Your Hand (Everything: Philosophy and Spirituality) (Paperback)

by Katina Z. Jones (Author) 2003

Lifeprints: Deciphering Your Life Purpose from Your Fingerprints (Paperback)

by Richard Unger (Author) 2007

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