Palmistry handouts

These are the handouts from my palmistry workshop. Feel Free to download them if you want.


Jizz in Palmistry © Tchipakkan 2013

Jizz is a term I’m borrowing from birders to describe the overall impression or appearance of a bird garnered from such features as shape, posture, size and coloration (we don’t use voice, habitat and style of flying). In birding it’s associated with the acronym GISS for General Impression, Size, and Shapem likely from the word gist.

Size – a large hand signals someone who deals better with details, and small hands signal one who prefers to look at the big picture. Remember this is in relationship to the body size.

Shape -Traditionally Cheiro divided hands into useful (square); nervous/active (spatulate); philosophic (knotty); artistic (conical); and psychic/idealistic hands. Along with this he included “elementary” and mixed hands. Psychic is just a more attenuated version of the artistic hand. Moreover, most hands are mixed,

Elemental traditions:

Earth: square palm, short fingers  Practical, calm, need action, busy

Air: square palm, long fingers  intellectual, curious, nervous, tenacious

Fire: long palm, short fingers  Change people, energetic, impatient, need variety, individualistic

Water: long palm, long fingers Adaptable, connect people, emotional, sensitive, need peace

Also look for high or low, hard or soft mounts and where they shift

Don’t neglect finger-tip shapes: square (practical), round (emotional), spatulate (active)

Check general shape of nails and fingers.

Waist on thumb indicates tact (no waist- plain speaking).

Rounded bottom phalanges indicate love of food.

Color: red, pink, white, yellowish,

Dry or moist.

Texture:  deep ridges, fewer but well marked lines: simpler, more concentration.  Many fine lines: sensitive

Position- Thumb held close vs. wide

Observe general direction in which fingers lean

 2 Element hand shapes

The Earth hand- square with short square tipped fingers is solid, practical and reliable.

The Air hand, square, with long rounded fingers, is cerebral, logical and changes his or her mind easily.

The Fire hand, rectangular, with short often spatulate fingers, is energetic, and likes to change things.

The Water hand, rectangular palm, with long pointed fingers, indicates a people person who can combine disparate elements and put things together.


The vocabulary of Western Palmistry is, like ceremonial magic, the vocabluary of Astrology, and the classical world.4-Palmistry Terms

The major lines are the Life line, around the thumb, the head line across the hand in the center, the heart line, across at the top, and the Fate line, vertically.  The health lines only show up when there are problems, so it is better not to have them. Psychic line is VERY rare.

5-Lines and mounts

Lines should be clearly marked and unbroken, they represent the flow of energy. Crosses, spots, and islands are indication of problems.

6-general marks

7-special marks

8-Time on Lines


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