Long ago, when I was in college, I tried to get an independent major in Parapsychology. Years later I discovered that there was actually a specialty that described what I was most interested in- the mind healing the body. It’s called Psycho-neuro-immunology. When you have a lovely $64 thousand dollar word to describe a process, it stops being folk magick and starts being science. It’s not any more effective, but it sure sounds cool.

In nearly every culture there have been healers who used energy to help heal wounds faster, help people recover from disease more effectively. They might call them herb women, cunning men, witch doctors, medicine women, shaman, kahuna, maven, curandera, or they may just have been the neighbor people went to see when they needed help. Now we have the ability to test and see that thinking insulting thoughts about someone makes their white blood count suffer, while blessing them improves it. Our ancestors learned this by observation, without microscopes or testing.

The first rule in Western Medicine is “First do no harm”. With energy healing it is just about impossible to do harm, and it works beautifully with other forms of treatment in what is now called Complimentary Medicine.  As they teach in Hawaii “If it works, it’s real.”

The more we can heal ourselves, the less side effects we’ll have to deal with, and the less harm we will do. There are many forms of healing I’ve studied, and I’ll try to share them here- always with the understanding that I am not a medical professional, and none of this should be taken as medical advice.


RúnValdr was developed in late 2004 by Rodney Cox as an alternative to mixing rune work with Reiki. He passed it on to me at ConVocation in 2005, and I’ve been passing it along to others ever since. This is an incredibly effective way of healing, which is what I do with it, and how I think of it. However Runes are basically symbols and they are capable of being used for a huge range of actions.

Energy healing/Reiki/Quantum Healing/Theraputic Touch

Huna Healing


Herbalism  I’m really dubious about including this under the metaphysics section. It’s totally natural- but then again, I also think most of the forms of divination and energy healing are also natural, but what can I do about the way people think of it?


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