Forest Cat Clan Letter


Greetings from Tchipakkan, I’m the leader of the Forest Cat Clan. I was given your email to contact you, but no names to go with them, although I have your names on a different list, and might be able to guess a few.

If you have any questions before heading out, please ask! As at Twilight Covening, if you don’t ask, you may end up faking it. Sometimes that’s profitable, but usually it leads to a waste of time and effort. I will start out by asking you to write me back so I know that these addresses work, and let me know which names go with which addresses. Also, let me know if you are willing to let the other clan members know your email addresses, and I’ll use cc instead of blind cc. in the future.

By now you should have gotten your confirmation and Clan letters. I’d like to remind you again to bring an object (more than one if you want) to turn into a magickal object.
I’d love to know how much you know about runes already, and which sets you use if you have worked with them before. I mostly use the Anglo-Saxon, and have a tendency to slip back and forth between the AS and Norse names without warning. Feel free to let me know if this is confusing. If you have a set of runes you use, please bring them. If we have time we’ll try to cover a little divination too, but I’ve got about 15 hours of work to cram into our clan times (and yes, I know we don’t have that many hours), so I’ll probably talk very fast, and need you to tell me to slow down if I covered something too fast. I get excited.

I’d love to know how old you are, and what clan’s you’ve been in before. I’m not sure I need to know that, but I’m curious. I am 61, and have done Moose (herbs), Snowy Owl (divination), Dolphin (tarot), as well as Forest Cat (RúnValdr). Feel free to ask me anything you like about myself.

I’m having a bit of trouble walking this month, so may not be going to some of the rituals that require a hike, but do encourage all of you, especially those for whom this is your first Twilight Covening, to try them all. I’ll be happy to help anyone who stays behind practice RúnValdr and talk runes. I do want you to know coming in, I think of this as a working weekend, and will be disappointed if anyone prefers to go wandering the beautiful fall woods instead of showing up to clan time to learn. It’s your choice, but I may give you the “grandmother look”.

Bring anything you like to decorate the table with rune or forest cat themes. Candles are nice too. Bring snacks and drinks if you need them- I will be bringing some because I’m on a low carb diet (to benefit my poor knees), so will have to pass on some of the lovely food they serve at TC (so don’t tempt me with pastries or chocolate, I’m off them for the duration).

Let me close by reminding you to read the letters you already got about TC, we’re serious about bringing warm clothes and bedding; don’t bring too much by way of vegetables for the soup, one will do; and I hope you’re early risers because we have the breakfast shift for kitchen duty.

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