Herbal remedies

Herbal remedies work. (Most of the basics are covered in my Kids Herbal handout). I have to admit that as often as I used them, I’m still often blown away by how well they work. I remember how much the nurses on the Oncology floor of Brighams and Womens were thrilled that Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea actually was MORE effective at reducing nausea than the prescription anti-nauseants that they’d have to call the on-call doctor to prescribe, and wait for it to be sent up from the pharmacy. They could just make a cup of herbal tea without special permission. And it did work better than the prescription med.

While I hoped it would help, I mostly gave my mother the Essiac because I knew I’d feel guilty if I didn’t at least offer. Three years later her oncologist told her that people with liver cancer don’t survive for 3 and a half years, and he had no explaination. When she suggested the Essiac, he scoffed, but lacking any other explanation, he asked to borrow the book on it.

A friend was appalled to see me composting the shepherds purse I was weeding out of my garden because it had saved the life of a friend who’d been hemorrhaging. Midwives warn against using comfrey on peritoneal tears because it speeds healing so much that it might heal two bits that shouldn’t be fused. I caution people to make sure that wounds are clean before using it, because you don’t want to have the skin heal, sealing up germs inside leaving no where for an infection to drain. I remember when I discovered how well Coltsfoot Tea worked- better than Sudafed, and no drowsiness.plantain major

Plantain is “nature’s bandaid”- just rub a plantain leaf on a cut, or a bug bite or bee sting. It’s really fun to watch people discover how quickly it makes the sting go away for the first time. Yarrow is a fantastic Styptic (it stops bleeding). It seems a bit redundant to put herbal remedies on the internet, you can find so many here, but I figure I should share some of my favorite recipes. I’ll add more over time, if you want to request one- feel free to contact me.

Cough Syrup

Green Goo (anti-poison ivy ointment)
Oops Ointment


Drawing poultice