Oops ointment

In the grand old tradition of herbalism as home grown first aid, I taught my kids herbalism, and they built on it. I started making and distributing Green Goo, and cough syrup and we figured if there was a demand we’d make it. But one year I didn’t have time and Willow started making the medicines, and she’s kept doing it. She has an amazing talent for creating useful combinations of herbs.

Willow’s Oops Ointment:

Olive oil infuse with

Comfrey             for skin repair

Calendula            for skin health

Plantain            for healing

Clove oil (high quality essential oil) for numbing

You can infuse the herbs into the oil by heating them in the oil over a VERY gentle heat for a few hours, or more safely and easily, by putting them in jars in the sun for a few weeks. Then strain out the plant material. Make sure that the plant material is covered by the oil, otherwise it will rot, and THAT will get into the oil- not what you want.

We use a handful of each of the herbs that we harvest- then strain them, the essential oil you can just add- a few drops until it smells right. Since she makes several ointments, (and thus has several jars of greenish oil around at once, and sometimes we forget which is which, Willow likes to have each of them smell differently- so we can tell them apart if they lose their labels.

When you’ve strained the plant material out, melt in beeswax to make it as firm as you prefer, and put it in jars or cans.  (For more discussion on ointment technique, see the green goo recipe.)