RúnValdr is a energy working system developed by Rod Cox back in 2004. Feel free to go straight to his site for information on it. It’s his baby, although I have kind of adopted it, and do what I can to promote it.

Rod is a Druid, Shaman, a Rune Master, and a Reiki Master (and more, but I’m not going into all that here). When he discovered that he was integrating the Runes when he was doing Reiki healing, he decided to make something more appropriate than mixing Scandinavian and Japanese systems.

To keep the story short, he visited Asgard in a trance (or rather, several over time), and was given the RúnValdr symbols to use with the runes as an alternative to Reiki. At first he called it Runic Reiki. That’s when I learned it in 2005. Unlike Reiki, it had no levels, but like Reiki, it had a “attunement”. This is where the practitioner inserts the symbols into the recipient’s energy field so that they can become a part of it and are very easily accessed when you need them.  Since then he has actually developed a second level for RúnValdr, but you don’t need to know that when you start.

What you will need to know is the Runes- which is a series of characters arranged in the “futhorc” (like the alphabet). Mostly used for writing, each rune also had a secret meaning, an energy to which you connect when you do so intentionally by visualizing, carving or writing the rune, or energizing it.

There are many magickal systems out there including Astrology, the I Ching, and the Kabala, as well as the Runes. Each of these include symbols that help describe different parts of the universe, much the way the table of the elements describes matter. The position in the chart explains the traits and similarities of one element to another. Similarly, the Runes in the Futharc or the Sepheroth in the Tree of Life help us understand the information in them. Man is a pattern finder, and creates these systems to understand the universe.

(I’m going to take a moment to point out that just because many of these systems have symbols in common, this does not mean you can force them to all correspond to each other- that leads to bad understanding, and is quite annoying to me! End of digression.)

To reduce any transcription errors, or thoughts of inappropriate borrowing of his material, I suggested you go to Rod’s page to download the pages he made available there. Sadly, that page is down, I will try to find out where he posts them now.

RunValdr_thumbnail.phpRod has created a book on Rún Valdr and is available on Lulu.

There’s also now a Facebook Rún Valdr  page.

The following will need to be editted:

On Rod’s RúnValdr page you can get

a PDF file of the entire system: Rún Valdr

 a PDF file of a quick reference sheet: Rún Valdr Quicksheet

a PDF file of extra symbols that are not on the Quicksheet: Rún Valdr Extra Symbols

An essay on magic that is appropriate for Rún Valdr:

Conversations with Odin and Freyja

and a place you can make a donation via paypal to help with the Rún Valdr effort, which I heartily endorse. You can also contact Rod and get a distance attunement which he does, but I don’t. (I don’t want to poach on his preserve, even though he doesn’t mind us all spreading this as far as we can.) Last I look it cost $50.

It’s my opinion that the more people out there who can do this sort of healing (I mainly use it for healing, Rod is using it to explore how the universe works), the better off we all are. Rod wants us to share it. I teach it as often as I get the opportunity, and will be happy to pass it on to you.

A note of caution however. Unlike Reiki, in which the practitioner adds energy (ki) that the body needs to heal itself, Runes (as a magickal system) were not developed for healing, but rather to manipulate the physical universe. You can mess up royally if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just as you don’t go out into the woods and randomly eat mushrooms, or light the fuse sticking out of any cylinder hoping for a Roman Candle, you should not do magick of any sort without knowing what you’re doing. There’s a reason they tell you not to share your prescription medications, they affect your body. In theory your doctor knows what you are talking that might interact with what he’s given you, and how it will affect you based on your age, weight, gender, family history, etc. Someone who hasn’t studied medicine, or magick may miss some important (as is illustrated in the story in the Egil Skallagrimsson’s Saga -chapter 75) and this will result in unintended consquences.

So start by studying. First learn to write the runes, learn the sounds they make. Start learning what they stand for. Your first rune book (or trip to an internet site about the runes) will be exciting, but if you buy or visit several, you’ll begin to see how people disagree on what they mean. Not a lot, but each of us has our own filters. I suggest you do read several books so you can begin to see how this works.

You can start using Rún Valdr before you use the runes. I once attuned a woman who didn’t know them all, but she was a dowser, and she used her pendulum to pick the runes to use to put a protection spell on her house. (She was on vacation and a hurricane was coming right at her Florida home.) It worked beautifully. Did I mention you can use this system to do work at a distance? You can use if for protection, healing, all sorts of things. As you learn the runes you can add them to your tool kit. If there’s one you never learn and don’t use it, it won’t stop the ones you do use from working, you just won’t have as many options. So learn each one well, and be sure you know what you’re doing before you use it.

On the other hand, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve attuned who told me a year later they’d never used it. Why would you get a tool and not use it? Use it to heal yourself and your friends, to put up protection, to find lost objects, to make magickal objects, to enhance your abilities. For goodness sakes use the system.

I rather think that it would work without an attunement, but it would require more effort. I see the attunement much as setting your favorite stations in the quick buttons on your car radio- a fast way to get to the frequency you want. You could fiddle with the dial, but why bother when you can set it?

The symbols that Rod has gotten (and by the way, he keeps adding new ones), can some of them also work on their own. Naglor, for example, works for migraines. Having had two sisters who got migraines, if the system did nothing else, turning migraines off would justify its existence. But it does so much more. Come take a class, get an attunement, and start learning what the runes and symbols will do.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


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