Rún Valdr Symbols

This is the current collection of Rún Valdr symbols, but you can download them easily as pdf files from Rod Cox’s page: here  

That’s where to get them if you lose them, or if you pass the system on to someone else, and need to give them the handouts.New list of Run Valdr canon symbols

pg 2 Run Valdr canon symbols

pg 3 Run Valdr canon symbols

5 thoughts on “Rún Valdr Symbols

  1. Yes, I’ve had some pretty spectacular successes with RunValdr- the most dramatic are probably the migraines, but there’s a huge range of things they are good for. And I’ve seen them work a LOT. But my experience with migraines is that this “magick” system worked for one person four or five times, then stopped working. I think that’s because the underlying problem hadn’t been resolved and needed to be, but initially it made the symptoms go away. That happens with a lot of systems.

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  4. hi
    I see new symbols that I had not seen previously in this system , these are new and were added later to the system? In this case, who channel this new symbol and added to the previous system?

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