Jason Nadeau Rituals for Transformation

5-31-2017 Jason Nadeau Rituals for Transformation

Please join Tchipakkan and her guest Jason Nadeau on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 8-9 p.m. edt.

Jason is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and Certified Firewalk Instructor. He’s been on a spiritual path for over 20 years and has been a full-time Massage Therapist/Bodyworker/Spiritworker for over 12 years.

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We’ll be talking about rituals for transformation – everything from the simple food and water offerings to firewalks. If you are out of your teens, you know that you aren’t as you used to be. But wouldn’t you like to direct the way you change so that you become more the person you want to be than just the result of whatever life throws at you? Some sorts of transformation are in small increments, developed as habits, as a vine climbs a trellis with the sun directing its growth, some transformations are dramatic, in response to dramatic influences- as a blade is tempered in fire and under the hammer of the smith. But always, there must be direction.

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Cultural Appropriation in Pagan Practice

Please join Tchipakkan and her guests on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 8-9 p.m. edt.  If you missed the live show the archive is here.

I recently read an ebook, Talking About the Elephant, a collection of essays about different aspects of cultural appropriation and how it occurs in Neo-pagan culture. Ii can highly recommend the book, and it’s a discussion that really should not be avoided, especially as so may of our traditions do draw inspiration from the spiritual practices of other cultures.

None of us wants to be guilty of “plastic shamanism” or to participate in cultural appropriation- disrespecting the spiritual and intellectual rights of other cultures, yet when all humans are psychic and working with the same basic spiritual abilities, can we be told that we are not allowed to do what others do when working with spirits? Anyone (with training) can visit the Akashic Records, but should only those with a background in Sanscrit call them that? Anthopologists have popularized the term Shaman (used by Tungusic Spirit Workers); since most cultures have someone who does this work, so should we reserve the term for only the handful of those in that culture? Let’s face it, as extensive as English is, it has very few terms for spiritual concepts, so, as usual, it borrows terms from other cultures- and we often go to other cultures for a deeper understanding of how anything from chakras to other levels of consciousness work.

Magickal practitioners, (like Samuel MacGregor Mathers & Moina Mathers illustrated in Golden Dawn robes) also have a tradition of borrowing concepts and props from other cultures, as did early 19th c. Druids, and many others. At what point does imitation stop being flattery and become appropriation? Any of us who truly respect our teachers and models need to look at these issues and try to find the lines we don’t want to cross before we find ourselves defending actions about which we aren’t really comfortable. We cannot keep “ignoring the elephant in the room”.

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Sophia Kelly Shultz and the Stone Circle Oracle on New Normal

The-Stone-Circle-OraclePlease join me on the New Normal on Wednesday, 9-10-14,  when I get to talk with Sophia about art, spiritual practice, Four Quarters Farm and her new Oracle cards: The Stone Circle Oracle.

Born and raised in suburban Philadelphia, Sophia Kelly Shultz has been working professionally as an artist for 29 years, at first specializing in “fantasy” portraits in which customers could order portraits as, for example, centaurs or fairies, etc.–and more recently in the spiritual and mythological paintings for which she is now widely known.

Formally trained in Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania, she spent some years in museum work, primarily working in the University Museumʼs basement with objects that rarely saw the light of day. Unfortunately, the ephemeral nature of museum funding clashed wildly with her need to eat and pay rent, so she struck out into the world to “get a life”–which eventually came to include a husband, a daughter, moves to Minnesota and Chicago and back to Pennsylvania, and a variety of retail jobs. Through it all she continued developing her artwork. (She’ll be doing classes on Egyptian Magic, the Four Quarters Sanctuary, and the Oracle Deck at Changing Times-Changing Worlds.)
sophia Kelly Shultz
In 2005 she took up watercolor painting and produced “Hollieʼs Green Man”, arguably her most recognizable work. Sophia currently lives with her family in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, though during the summers she can likely be found at Four Quarters Farm , where she is now a junior member of the Board of Directors. She collects minerals and rocks, is a sef-described fabric fiend, and has done award-winning needlework. She has been published in NewWitch and Pangaia magazines; most recently her paintings, I Rise Up, Not Without Help, and Badger Knows Everything That Goes On in the Earth; Hawk Knows Everything That Goes On in the Air, have been featured in the WeʼMoon Pagan Womenʼs Calendar.

I would love to share her art here, but yahoo’s not good with images. You can find more of her art on her Deviantart page: and her deck at Amazon.

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I found some pictures of Stones Rising, and had to share.

1572147736_c1ac2adb1a P8315291 Orren_leading_pull group_rolling_stone