5-12-14 Catherine Kane Bad Luck/ Good Luck Podcast

Catherine Kane

listen here


Had a bad day? A bad week? A bad year? A bad lifetime?

Does it feel like a dark cloud follows you around wherever you go?

Sometimes “bad luck” is just random challenges happening at the wrong time. Sometimes it is caused by external forces, or ill wishing. But sometimes ill fortune is a “do it yourself” project, drawn to us by the things we focus on and do.

Come learn how misuse of your unconscious mind, the Mind- Body connection, and stinking thinking can screw up your life- and how you can turn that “bad luck” around into good vibrations.

Like attracts Like

Emotions have a major affect on your energetic field

What you put your focus on gains energy


Be aware Pay attention to signals from your body, in your emotions, in your environment

Be intentional, have a positive focus, turn it around, be grateful for the good things

When you’re feeling good, make a list of the things that make you feel good

Choose beliefs that make your life better and easier.





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