Cathy Kane Energizing Intentions

January 23, 2013

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Energizing Intentions: Making your New Years Resolutions Happen!

It’s a new year and many of us have set new years resolutions or otherwise made plans for changes we wanted to make in our lives. We have good intentions but it’s one things to want to make a change and another thing altogether to really make them happen.

We’ll be looking at energetic and mind-body ways to strengthen your resolve to make good things happen, conquer the dragons of Resistance, and otherwise empower your Better World Coming…

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Cathy runs through 15 fairly easy techniques to help make your New Years Resolutions come true: and here they are:

1. Choose a symbol for your goal surround yourself with it

2. Clear the clutter! Clear with intention “as I clear …

*3. Clear dysfunctional beliefs (w/eft

4. Build a trigger- a routine, a physical item associated w/ “it comes easy to you”

5. Prayer- ask for help

6. Set an Intention- think or say or write what it is that you want

7. Vision Board or Vision Book- make a collage (including phrases)

8. Visualize- remember to put yourself in the visualization

9. Nevillizing include emotion in the goal you are visualizing

10. Time travel- image yourself in success and look back to see how you got there.

11. Kaizen- break the goal up to workable size steps

12. Affirmations- positive statements overcoming past programming- Remember picture it already achieved, with no negatives, and easy to say

13. Dream Programming- as you go to sleep think about your affirmations

14. Use Energy working systems like Reiki

15. Feng Shui

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