Lyrion ap Tower on Death, Dying and Burial Customs

June 13, 2012  Listen Here

Lyrion and I will be exploring Death the Great Mystery. Though a huge topic for an hour discussion, we’ll be examining Death as the Great Mystery, creatively dealing with what happens after life ends; the Soul as the Great Poker Chip; paranormal experiences; how the Boomers are creating their own funeral traditions;  marketing death.

Lyrion is a High Priestess, and performs rituals of passing and tradition, and teaches seminars on death and dying in New England.



Death as Great Mystery – all religions were created to grapple with this.


The Soul as the Great Bargaining Poker Chip – do as I say & your soul will be saved – you’ll get to heaven – Bargaining with Deity


Looking into the Abyss – The Real Dark Glass

What is the meaning of life?  Famed biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky’s Biology of Ultimate Concern = YOU determining what is most important in your own life.  As valid as any other.


Soul Release


After death:

        Plan now:

        At Home? Vs Funeral Parlour

        Organ Donation –

        Green Cemetery


        Traditional Burial

        Body Farm

        Above Ground

        Tibetan = Body Cut & Fed To Nourish Scavengers

        Outdoor Cremation

        Burial At Sea

        Donation To Medical School


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