Dennis Windsinger Seavy Science vs. Magick

May 30, 2012   listen here  

The relationship between science and magick, between Rational and Intuitive thought is very tentative. Dennis Windsinger Seavy is both a trained scientist and a shaman, and we talk about how these two perspectives can work together.

October 14, 2014 listen here

Renaissance Man Dennis Seavey-Windsinger talks about everything from

Akichita Wakan’ (pronounced Eh-kee-chi-te wa-ghan)a martial science, to body building DWSbodybuild“It’s a personal journey, it’s not going to solve any world crises” As been in the Mr. America contest (Nationals) has come in second more often than anyone else.

Refers to Huna Polynesian shamanism: there are no limits.

Being an omnivore: Native Americans say everything in the universe is conscious and has a sense of self. We need to learn to be a part of the eco-system, to choose the one is least likely to help the herd.

Science: The Universal Equation will be able to predict the whole world.

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