Jane Sibley Rune Magick

April 9, 2014  listen here


This week my guest is Jane Sibley (Ph.D., traditional Norse practitioner, specialist in Norse folklore and runes).  She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, including at Rites of Spring, Feast of Lights, Twilight Covening, Beltane, Ecumenicon … the list goes on … and created MithraCon, a conference on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire- coming up in New Haven, CT this weekend.

But tonight we’ll be talking about Runes and Magick. There are only a couple references to using runes for divination in the sagas and eddas, but lots of references to using them for magick. Jane Sibley is one of the foremost scholars of runes in the country, and she’ll be talking about how runes were used for magick historically- and maybe cover some modern applications.




Suggested Reading:

R.I. Page Runes: Reading the Past

Molke Runes and their Origins

Sven Jansson The Runes of Sweden

Tineke Looijenga Texts and Contexts of the Oldest Runic

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