Jane Sibley Weather Magick

listen here: http://tobtr.com/s/6703937

Jane Sibley, author of the Divine Thunderbolt,  talks to Tchipakkan about Weather Magick.Divine thunderbolt

The discussion includes discussion on storm, positive and negative rain and wind, thunder, fog busting, weather gods, and fire protection.

Note- this episode is somewhat disrupted by a bunch of annoying children constantly calling in.

Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D., is a traditional Norse practitioner and a specialist in Norse folklore and  runes.  She has taught at many Pagan events for decades, MithraCon, a conference on Mithraism and other cults in the Roman Empire. Her books, “Norse Mythology…According to Uncle Einar”, “The Hammer of the Smith”, “The Divine Thunderbolt: Missile of the Gods”,  and “A Different Dragon

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