Katheryn Smith on Fiction and Magickal practice

December 13, 2012 (the 12-12-12 craziness bumped us to the next day)   listen here  note, there was also muzak being pumped in. For your sanity, you should probably start listening at about 8 minutes in.

Kathryn Smith will be talking about how the fiction we read creeps into our magickal practices. How do you feel about this? Does this help and inform you, or do you think it causes more problems than it helps?

There are people out there doing ritual based on Tolkien, or Lovecraft, and by now probably Harry Potter. Is this good? Does it work? If you know an author also has a spiritual or magical practice in real life, does that mean they’re hiding occult lessons in their fiction? There are purists whose heads explode at the very thought of using Tolkien’s mythology as a basis for serious ritual, but I think it’s got enough of a hold on the popular imagination that there are starting to be energy forms out there which you can work with based on Tolkien, and probably some other popular created mythologies. I’m not sure it’s a really great idea to do that, but it can be done, and it can produce results. Other authors whose work informs modern practitioners include Jim Butcher, Katherine Kurtz, Robert Asprin, and there are many more.

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