Laura Wildman-Hanlon, Tarot

July 18, 2012     Listen here

Laura is an author, teacher, Morris Dancer, and diviner. Among her other talents, she reads Tarot cards, and Laura and I will be talking about the history and practice of this method of divination. We’ll discuss using Tarot to help learn a bit more than you can learn through more mundane means, and what to do to make this system work for you.


Laura Wildman-Hanlon is the author of What’s Your Wicca I.Q.? (Citadel 2002), Wiccan Meditations (Citadel 2003) and Celebrating the Pagan Soul: Our own stories of transformation and community (Citadel 2005).  She is one of the creators of Cherry Hill Seminary, a virtual Pagan Seminary offering distance education for Pagan ministry. Along with organizing and participating in hundreds of rituals and workshops , Laura has lectured and taught classes on Wicca and the Tarot for over 20 years. She is a recognized Wiccan clergy in her home state of Massachusetts. and offers wedding/handfasting and other rites of passage ceremonies.

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