Linda Demissy on Neuro Linguistic Programming

Linda DeMissy  listen here broadcast December 19, 2012

We will be talking about Overcoming Social Fears and demonstrating how to do it for yourself. With all the holiday parties happening, there’s always the awkwardness of meeting new people, flirting, putting yourself out there, and being able to have a good time. Linda Demissy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, will share with us the quick method she’s developed to help her clients overcome social fears, called the Closet Key. No matter how confident, we all sometimes fear being judged and rejected, but there’s a trick to defuse that which really confident people naturally use.

The teaching of this mental process was developed for helping queers “come out of the closet” to their parents, friends, co-workers and loved ones. Considering it works for that, when social consequences can be quite dire, you can imagine it’s a breeze to fix lesser problems like confidence in asking someone out on a date or mingling at parties. If you’d like to have any social fear issue fixed for you during the show (we don’t need to know the details!), just call in at 619-639-4606 during the show.

Linda is a Northern Tradition spirit worker and priestess of Lokabrenna Kindred with 12 years of professional experience as a certified NLP therapist and hypnotherapist and over 20 years as priestess. You can learn more about her practice on

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a cognitive-behavioral system of brief therapy for quickly creating long-lasting changes and overcoming issues. When your car has an issue, you don’t spend months analyzing how it got sick and why it got sick. You just fix what’s broken and move on. NLP is like that.

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