Michelle Hanson, The Ocean Oracle

August 22, 2012

Michelle Hanson developed the Ocean Oracle which is a system of divination using Sea Shells. Listen here.

Conchomancy is an amazing form of divination using sea shells, that Shelly developed. She now does readings and teaches the system on line. This is Shelly’s website: http://www.oceanoracle.com/shells.html

Following a lifetime of study with her seashell partners, Michelle has learned to translate the language of the shells.  The enlightenment she has received has transformed her life as well as many clients.  In her desire to share this wonder with you, Michelle created the Ocean Oracle divination system. She is the international author of Ocean Oracle; What Seashells Reveal About Our True Nature, and Ocean Wisdom; Lessons From The Seashell Kingdom. Her popular on-line seashell divination classes have reached a world-wide audience. She is presently working on a third book, SEE SHELLS; Visionary Messages from the Seashell Kingdom, as the shells continue their revelations. http://www.oceanoracle.com/

Office Address: 34 Lynnhaven Road
Leominster, MA 01453 

Office Email: Michelle@OceanOracle.com

     Office Phone: 978-840-4357

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