Morgan Daimler on Real Fairies

September 12, 2012      listen here

Morgan Daimler is a folklorist and also a Druid & gythia.

Morgan has published several books By Land Sea and Sky, and upcoming Childs Eye View of the Fairy Faith.

She studies and teaches traditional magic and divination at Pandora’s Box in Norwich CT as well as performing public oracular seidhr sessions in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Tonight on we talk about Fairies- real fairies.

Robert Chambers wrote:

Gin ye ca’ me imp or elf,

I rede ye look weel to yourself;

Gin ye ca’ me fairy,

I’ll work ye muckle tarrie;

Gin guid neibour ye ca’ me,

Then guid neibour I will be;

But gin ye ca’ me seelie wicht,

I’ll be your freend baith day and nicht.

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