Niniann LaCasse PLANT SPIRITS 5-28-14

5-28-14 Niniann LaCasse Nature Spirits and PLANT SPIRITS

Tchipakkan talks with Niniane LaCasse about Plant and Nature Spirits. If you love gardening, grow or use herbs for health, or wonder how you can communicate with plant spirits, and why you would want to, then be sure to tune in.

Niniann is a member of Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF the largest American Druid order in the U.S. founded by Isaac Bonewits 30 years ago), she’s affiliated with 2 groups in NH, A Sacred Place in Canaan (I’m on the council) and I am a member of the Core Working Group of the White Mountain Pagan Alliance (we are an informal group working to offer opportunities to participate in rituals for Pagans of diverse traditions).

Niniann explains what plant spirits and nature spirits are, mentioning the devas, shares some of her experiences growing up and how she got interested in working with plant spirits, explains how to contact and communicate with a plant spirit She talks about reasons why they want to communicate with us and why it is important for us to communicate with them.

She is also an herbalist and Gardener extraordinaire, who speaks at many events in the NH area, while maintaining her own impressive fairy garden.

notes from the show:

Niniann’s grandmother told her “Look at each individual plant not as a row.”

Creating a plant ally: investigate one plant at a time.

Druids work with ancestors, spirits and shining ones

Houseplants have spirits too

Plants come where they are needed- Dock fights anemia

Invasive species Invasive plant medicine

She has a plant sanctuary for native plants

United Plant Savers

Angelica protects the garden

Poisonous plants- Grandmother said “we‘re friends with the plants” so they don’t bother us








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