Raven Kaldera and Psychic Vampires 10-08-14

10-08-14    listen here:    http://tobtr.com/s/6883247

Please join Tchipakkan and her guest Raven Kaldera on the New Normal 8 pm Wednesday, October 8, live from 8-9 p.m. edt.

Halloween is coming and men in opera capes are filling store windows! But depending upon your definition of vampires, they are real. Many of us have encountered people who seem to suck the energy out of us- and it is NOT your imagination.

If you’ve ever felt that your energy or life force was being continually drained by someone – especially if it was someone that you loved – then you probably should give them this book. This is the definitive guide to psychic vampires, with exercises and advice to help them learn control and compassion, and get their needs met in ethical ways. From coping with vampire children to dealing with your vampire lover, this book covers it all in straightforward style.

Raven Kaldera is a Northern Tradition shaman, homesteader, diviner, psychic vampire, herbalist, intersex/ transgender activist, Ordeal Master, Speaker for the Transgendered Dead, polyamorous parent, and author of many, many books, articles, and short stories. Raven is a builder of bridges between worlds, a crosser of boundaries between communities, a Reweaver of the Web. He is the Dreamer Whose Dreams Come True.

“‘Tis an ill wind that blows no minds.”

At Changing Times-Changing Worlds Raven will be doing workshops on Psychic Vampires, Shamanic Astrology, Voices and Runes in Northern Healing Magic, and the Eightfold Path of Altered States, as well as appearing on panels.




To listen live: open a window on your computer to www.Liveparanormal.com, sign in, and click on Shows, and the New Normal to listen. To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date on LiveParanormal.com here, and they’re organized by date, topic and guest on Tchipakkan.com .

We’d love you to call in 619-639-4606, with any questions for Raven or you can share them in the Liveparanormal chat room and I’ll pass them along.

What is a psychic vampire? (when Raven’s talking)

Not a revenant

Not an annoying and exhausting person

Psychic Vampires are people who actually take energy from other people’s energy bodies.

It’s in my family, in a Wiccan coven I “ate the cone of power”.

It can be a gift, energy vampires have slightly different energy bodies than normal people

Primaries: Prefer anger, fear and pain, take it in, and are able to process it.

Primary (born that way), or Secondary (learned it) often learned to take energy because they need extra because of abuse in childhood, or learn to manage energy through magic/spiritual training.

PV can regulate energy exchange (good for sex magick)

Can take off Panic, fear, and Anger. Raven takes out the panic, while another healer puts in the gentle good energy.

A good PV knows how and when to stop.

Raven believes in Informed Consent.

I use other sources (like at a rock concert or a sports game)

The first chapter of Neolithic Shamanism includes Grounding and Sheltering. Spiritual Protection by Sophie Reicher, the Psychic Vampire Codex: a manual of magick and Energy Work Michelle Belanger

A PV needs to learn how to feed in a controlled way

Eating live food helps, yogurt,

Psychic Vampirism can drive you to bad behavior

Clingy needy- desperate for attention, or provocative behavior- desperate edge.

Develop a meal plan- get people who are willing to donate energy.

Depression is a neurochemistry problem.

Sometimes it’s not someone else, use common

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