Sharon Morrison Animal totems and Animal spirit medicine


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Tchipakkan talks with NH Witch and Shaman Sharon Morrison about Animal Totems, and Animal Spirit Medicine, Wednesday, September 3, 2014, 8-9 p.m. edt.

Sharon Morrison is a gifted psychic, a medium for the Animal Spirit Guides to speak through.  She opens up the door to the Spirit world, inviting in your Angels, Animal Totems and Spirit Guides.  Sharon is a witch who has studied at the Temple of Witchcraft. She’s studying Peruvian shamanism, and has the ability to scan the body and pull out unwanted energies.
She also helps people find their Animal Totems.

What is an Animal Totem?  It is an animal with whom you have a strong connection. It may frequently appear in your life, dreams, or meditation from a young age. After taking this journey you will find out which animal spirit guides are with you for a short period or which ones mean to stay.

Wednesday we’ll be talking about Animal Totems (passing through, and staying varieties), and Animal Spirit Medicine. Animals have a lot to teach us if we are open to it.
“Ever since I was a small child I have had a strong affinity with animals.  I have always spoken to them as they to me.   The Animals of the Spirit Realm have much to say if we just quiet our minds and allow ourselves to hear their messages.”

Check out her website: Tiger Lily  Intuitive Readings ~ Animal Spirit Guide Journeying~ Energy and Light Worker

To listen live: open a window on your computer to, sign in, and click on Shows, then click  the New Normal to listen.
To listen later at your convenience, shows are archived by date (only) on here, but they’re organized by date, topic and guest on .
We’d love you to call in 619-639-4606, with any questions for Sharon, stories about your experiences with totems, or you can leave questions here, or share them in the Liveparanormal chat room and I’ll pass them along.

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