Starwolf, Runes 101 June 5, 2013

listen hereStarwolf

We will be talking about the Runes. Tolkien reminded people that runes were a writing system. Blum popularized runes as a divination system. But before any of that Runes were, and still are for magick. Starwolf and Tchipakkan will talk about the modern use of runes, to heal and to harm, to control the weather, to get more control over your world. Runes are the “Base Code of Reality”. We’ll talk about making runic talismans.

Starwolf is a Metaphysicist, shaman, Witch, professional psychic, Reiki Master, Rune Master, metaphysical engineer, and Paranormal Soldier of Fortune. His approach is to adapt traditional metaphysical elements to modern lifestyles and pull magick into the twenty-first century.

From the show: Carry red sharpie, red acrylic paint, diabetic lancet and a knife.

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