Starwolf The Real Halloween

October 31, 2012     Listen Here

Costumed kids collecting egregious amounts of candy, and people decorating their yards with gravestones, ghosts and zombies are what Halloween seems to be about these days, but for a certain portion of the population, Samhain (the Celtic name for the holiday) is one of the most sacred days of the year. It marks the beginning of winter, and a time where the veil between the worlds is thin- thus it’s easier for ghosts to cross over and for us to encounter them. Our guest Starwolf (a modern shaman)  talks about the paranormal aspects of the holiday, why a major holiday is planted here in the darkening, cooling time of year, and what you can expect to find if you know where to look.

Starwolf is a Metaphysicist, and Paranormal Soldier of Fortune. “Sometimes weird stuff happens, and Who’re you gonna call?” Well, you can call Starwolf. He has lifted hexes, put up wards and dealt with entities most people don’t want to admit exist. Tune in to hear his stories, and call in with questions about things that have bumped in your night. Starwolf can be found at Foresight your Psychic.

(Morgan Daimler wasn’t able to join us because she didn’t have power back after Hurricane Sandy)

Morgan Daimler is a folklorist and also a Druid & gythia. Morgan has published several books By Land Sea and Sky, and upcoming Childs Eye View of the Fairy Faith. She studies and teaches traditional magic and divination at Pandora’s Box in Norwich CT as well as performing public oracular seidhr sessions in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

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