2012 New Normal Shows

2012 shows:

(we started out every other week)

3-7-12 Jane Sibley – introducing myself and the New Normal  Arwen

All things Metaphysical

3-21-12  Raven Kaldera- Talking to Plant spirits

Herbs, Plant Spirits and Magick,

4-4-12 Cathy Kane-Spiritual side of cleaning

Spiritual Cleaning,

4-18-12 Carol Gader – Dowsing0022 Edit

the World of Dowsing,

5-2-12 skye stefenson

the Spirit of Jade

5-16-12 Ellen Evert Hopman- Herbalism

Master Herbalist, Druid, author,

5-30-12 dennis science & magickWindsinger

Science and Spooky-Foo Stuff,

6-13-12 Lyrion ap Tower an honest discussion of death and dying


6-27-12 Coyote Skywoman

Animal Spirits, Totems and Animal Ghosts,

7-4-12 Starwolf, paranormal soldier of fortuneStarwolf

Techno-magick, magickal tools, warding, and curse lifting,

7-11-12 Katherine Samuelson/Tanya Tarail HealingKathryn_Samuelsontanya-Tarail

Kathryn & Tanya,  intuitive life coaches and healers.

7-18-12 Laura HanlonLaura Wildman Hanlon

Laura talks about the history and practice of Tarot. Using Tarot to help learn more than you can learn through more mundane means, and what to do to make this system work for you. listen here

7-25-12 Deb Miller- Medium

What is Spirit Communication about? Who is a Medium? Is this something we can all learn? Do Spirits get stuck? listen here

8-15-12 Mary Alyce Merrit- many forms of  Complementary and Alternative Medicine & Healing modalities  listen here

8-22-12 Michelle HansonShelly Hanson– the Ocean Oracle


8-29-12 Cathy Kane  PalmistryArwen listen here

9-5-12  Jane Sibley, Cathy Kane, Raven Kaldera, SewMagical, Starwolf, Maryalyce Merrit, Preview of Changing Times, Changing Worlds Conference listen here

9-12-12 Morgan DaimlerMorgan Daimler(2) on Fairies – listen here “I do believe in Fairies!”  Join me, Tchipakkan, and my guest Morgan Daimler as we talk about the Fair Folk, Good Neighbors, the Fae, Sidhe, pixies, brownies, or by many other names. We’ll be talking about their history, stories about them, as well as our interactions with them. (“Where are my keys?!”) You can listen on your computer at Liveparanormal.com/ and call into the show at 619-639-4606 with questions, or to share your own experiences with the fae. The show with Morgan will be live:

9-19-12 Kirk Whitekirkwhitejpg-1– working with Ancestors and land spirits  listen here

9-26-12 Alexis Doyle  Psychic Children Alexis Doyle listen here

10-3-12 Raven Kaldera Ethical Psychic VampiresRaven white fur

listen here

10-10-12 Chris LaFond- Old School AstrologerChris LaFond

Listen here

10-17-12 Jane- mighty dead

10-24-12 Auntie Shema- A Sacred Placesue wiess

10-31-12 Starwolf & Morgan Halloween show


11-7-12 catherine Kane-  manifestating Something Better

11-14-12 Willow bad news readingsIt's a book

11-21-12 Lois Sewmagical tarot

11-28-12 Sue McIntosh – Crop Circles

12-5-12 Larry Obern  OtherkinDSCF8312d

12-12-12 Kathy fictional magick

12-19-12 Linda on NLP


12-26-12 Rob Nolan-Prophesy