2013 New Normal Shows

2013 Shows

1-2-13 Lon Milolon Duquette Author musician exorcist Ceremonial Magician listen here

1-9-13 Deb miller Psychic Medium trainer listen here

1-16-13 Rose wiessman- shaman  environmental consultant /archeologist laying ghosts stuck at battlegrounds rmw headshot

listen here

1-23-13 Cathy Energizing intentionsCatherine Kane (New Year’s Resolutions)

1-30-13 Brad Johnson Conscious Matrix Communication

2-6-13 Show did not record, darn!

2-13-13 Linda DeMissy Love spellsLinda Demissy

2-20-13 Tom Moore Angel manTom HS 2-27-10 JPEG

Most Benevolent Outcome technique

2-27-13 Lisa Tarves- healer  “just believe”

3-6-13 CONSTANCE BRIGGS unseen worldBriggs_ConstanceVictoria

3-13-13 Sean Things in Hyperspace

 The Dark Side of the Spirit World 

3-20-13 Vincent Genna GratitudeVincent Genna

removing blocks “Stop Stopping Yourself!”

3-27-13 Claire Fitzpatrick Claire Fitzpatrick for web Tantra


4-3-13  Cathy Kane palmistry for relationshipsCathyEmpress

4-10-13 Daniel Johnson –mormondaniel johnson author of books on MesoAmerica Latter Day Saints listen here

4-17-13 Chad Meek channeling Movie Giant Rock (ufos) Alien abduction


4-24-13 Arial SirrocoShakti Shiva Hermeticism (the philosophical/spiritual side of Alchemy)    listen here

5-1-13 Serge Kahili King Changing RealitysskAB2003

5-8-13  Daniel  Metraux Pre-life and Energy Management

Dan the healerDanielTheHealerpic

5-15-13 Orion Root Doctor and ConjureOrion

5-22-13 Kathryn Samulson Opening the Heart 

5-29-13 Colleen and skwerlcolleen Essential Oils

6-5-13 Starwolf runes basecodes of Reality Runic Talismans


6-12-13 Nikki Shields Cat communicationstarcatblacklion13

6-19-13 Phil Farber how magick works in the brain

6-26-13 Lois Fitzpatrick Tarot and divination

7-3-13 Raven Kaldera- shaman

7-10-13 starwolf magickal properties of Crystals- from Agate to Zoisite

7-17-13 Elspeth Odbert- the Crone on the Roadelspeth_image_1

Green Song Festival

7-24-13 Oberon Zell – Song of Gaea.Oberon Zell

Grey School of Wizardry.

7-31-13  tech problems

8-7-13 Rob Nolan Men’s GroupNolan Jarvis headshot

Need for Rites of Passage

8-14-13 Jane Traditional Folk herbal magic medicineArwen

8-21-13 Deb Jarvis /Coyote Skywoman ChannelingNolan Jarvis headshot_2

8-28-13 Ellen Evert Hopman  herbalismEllen portrait

9-4-13  Ghost call in show listen here

9-11-13 Catherine Kane on signs of money in your palm

9-18-13 SeanaraSeanara-LilyImage Coyote The Role of the Reader as a counsilor 

9-25-13 Morgan Daimler – the world of faery

10-2-13 Sha aura photography & tarotds_aura_2006-100x144

10-9-13 Maryalyce Reiki & healingCody and MaryAlyce

10-16-13 Changing Times, Changing Worlds Convention preview

with  Lois Fitzpatrick  and Catherine Kane

10-23-13 Starwolf Crystals (quartz)shamanstarwolf



10-30-13  Kirk Whitekirkwhitejpg-1– Traditional Oriental Medicines


11-6-13 Cathy and Dreamwork http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liveparanormal/2013/11/07/the-new-normal-radio-show-on-liveparanormalcom

11-13-13 Rom Weber Amplify Your IntuitionROMWEBER


11-20-13 Rachel Ginther and Brian Premarlane Ormus & Elixirs Rachel Sedona

link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liveparanormal/2013/11/21/the-new-normal-radio-on-liveparanormalcom

11-27-13 Cathy Kane

Boundaries listening to your body and self care http://www.blogtalkradio.com/liveparanormal/2013/11/28/the-new-normal-on-liveparanormalcom Catherine Kane

12-4-13 Linda Grace On Dying


12-11-13 Starr Traveler Numerology


12-18-13 Tchipakkan on Runes Tchipakkanheadshot